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Anime and Manga 4ever XD chapter 9 . 11/21
All I will say is, please tell me Harry is beyond pissed and does something to get back at them. Delete all their data, erase their memories of his existence, destroy anything they made from his body. Something aside from 'here's an explanation.' 'Oh I see. I get it now. Since it was used for good, I'll forgive you. Let's be friends!'

Graaah. I want Harry to be friends with the Avengers but never forgive those unethical d***bags of scientists!
Guest chapter 3 . 11/11
First you say aging is cell damage then you say it's all caused by a "death code". Beyond the fact that a death code sounds incredibly ignorant, it completely contradicts what you said previously.
Dew That Is Blue chapter 9 . 11/10
Dammit Fury! ljwehfvwvefh rujfrfh r

Please please please please please please PLEASE PLeAs E! UPDATE SOON!

This story is just so amazing and I've read it so very many times and it never gets old. Please update soon! It's been over 6 months since this was updated and I'm starting to worry this'll never be continued :'(

I really hope I'm just assuming the worst, and you will eventually update, but the thought still lingers in my mind.

I know that there are many people who probably have similar views on this story as I do (I mean, out of the 4,710 followers there has to be someone who desperately wants to see more)

Please please please please for the love of Merlin update again soon! Again, this story is just too damn amazing! The plot and story is just the best! I can only think of one other fic that almost reaches the amount I love this story. This story is like my No.1 go to for a Harry Potter Avengers crossover, possibly even just the Harry Potter category in general.

And with the beach, if this really is just set on an alternate reality to that of Harry's original Earth, that beach that he took Natasha to, I just can't help but think (even if the beach is in Britain) that it's the same beach where Dobby died and was buried. I think that would be cool if it was why he went there.

Anyway, I've probably started to ramble by now... I regret nothing. But, yes, anyway, PLEASE, continue this story soon! It's just too amazing!
Guest chapter 4 . 11/9
I'd just like to point out. Chonny because Open Condom Style. Because kpop. I love your story. It's interesting and unlike most stories it keeps your attention. I had to drag myself away from it during class.
Dragon Rider 2416 chapter 9 . 11/11
I've just read your story in one go and I'm loving it so much! The way you're written Harry, him in the pink apron, knocking people out with a saucepan, ARGH! Brilliant!

Can't wait for more and when Harry wakes up could you have him casually stroll in saying he's destroyed all their files on him, DNA samples they've taken and things they've made from his body, and then also do something to Dr. Hody? I would love to see everyone's reactions to a calm Harry, also loved the interaction between Harry and Natasha (are you planning on them being a couple) and you really copied her fighting moves, inner thoughts and motivations wonderfully.
GrandmasterAtom chapter 9 . 11/7
Please update soon
petites sorcieres chapter 9 . 11/6
That was interesting ! Harry is going to be pissed of, or maybe not. Maybe just used to kids being kids.

This is a good story, I enjoyed every chapter ! Thank you very much.
Albie chapter 9 . 11/3
Yoooo this is awesome! Weirdly enough I just came back from an exam where part of the subject matter was unethical human experimentation. According to the declaration of Helsinki, no human may be experimented on without informed consent and experimentation will not be undergone if the participant will be disabled or killed by the experimentation. However, risk of disability will be allowed if the subject is also the experimenter. See the experiment that led to the discovery that bacteria causes stomach ulsers. So you're. .. right on dude. Lovely piece of work, very much enjoying your writing and characterisation.
Lavonya chapter 3 . 10/26
No! I don't like Fury...
d4rkf0x chapter 9 . 10/18
Goddammit Sythe... We need updates!
Oo.Summers.oO chapter 9 . 10/17
This is amazing. Found it through a community and it is a wonderful piece of fanfiction. I hope that you are able to update soon. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Thanks for all your hard work on this fic so far!
Cionnfhaoladh chapter 9 . 10/17
...Can I kill him?
greyhoundxx chapter 9 . 10/17
Can't wait for an update :D
Olivia Sage chapter 9 . 10/11
Also, thought I'd just point this out but it's "Mr Hyde", with a Y and not and I :)
Ni Lemur chapter 9 . 10/8
This story is really interesting and well written and I really like reading your stuff! I don't agree that this is a grey area morally. "For the greater good" is not an ethically correct motto (althoug Fury and Dumbledore share it). You wouldn't forcibly transplant someone's kidney into a dying child no matter how sad it is that the child will die and the donor would be fine without it. There is a reason human rights are so fiercely protected and I've always felt like Fury gets away with too many amoral decisions without real lasting consequences to his character development or in how his character is viewed by other characters. He sometimes gets righteously upset about people dying but its always sort of distant and doesn't seem to have any actual impact on him or the message in the plot except giving his speeches a bit of extra oomph. To me, his amorality actually makes him a very flat character and it is never actually portrays him as complex.

There might be some way to convince the reader that there is an inner conflict happning regarding Fury's decision (within all involved characters) and that Fury's character IS more complex than the above motto suggests... I'm hoping that this upcoming conflict reflects the build up from when Harry was captured and Natasha reflected over the rightness of it. I'm afraid it will discredit the seriousness of the situation (what with Fury lying to the people who are to some extent meant to trust his judgement enough to view him as a leader/coordinator instead of an enemy. And him also being revealed as a, worse than they thought, amoral character who went against very fundamental values that the other characters have). I also never understood how people can say they did something wrong and still refuse to apologize (like a petulant 6 year old or a politician) because then you're still defending your decisions like you think they were right! Either admit or don't like an adult mr Fury!

I apologize about the rant/heavy thoughts/critique(?) ;; I really do like your writing! At the end of this chapter I worried about all these extremely intelligent characters basically letting Fury off the hook after he gave some sort of obvious and still morally and legally wrong reasons for commiting extreme crimes against an uninvolved non-hostile civilian. Unfortunately I don't have any good suggestions even though I just analyzed this chapter to pieces I do love Natasha's portrayel though!
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