Reviews for Broken Faith
Lorenza453 chapter 18 . 9/25
Please please please please please
Update soon I adore this story like many of your stories and can't wait for the ending :-) one of my favourite merlin reveal fic out there.
QueenNaberrie chapter 18 . 9/24
Ohhhh...what a cliffhanger! I'll keep my eyes open for possible updates. Well done!

Just one thing you might want to check on though. I see Where being used a lot instead of were
QueenNaberrie chapter 10 . 9/24
Aww. Finally Arthur knows Merlin's secret, knows how much Merlin, has done for him and Camelot. But that doesn't change the fact that Arthur still sees Merlin as his best friend and brother. I'm so glad Merlin finally listened and now believes Arthur's heartfelt and truthful declaration of that fact and has accepted his apology for hitting him and for not believing his warning about Mordred. Arthur and Merlin back together again. And Merlin won't need to hide his gifts from Arthur anymore. :,) Reading on...
TheLovableWorm chapter 7 . 9/19
The context is saying that to be the 'bane' of something is to be dangerous to something; to be threatening to something. :)
gibichan chapter 18 . 9/16
I really love this story, l hope u'll finish it soon! U r really good, l like ur writing :)
Maggie chapter 4 . 9/4
I was going to review this when I finished the story, but this chapter was too moving not to. I love this!
An-chan95 chapter 18 . 9/6
You know, I really like your story. I really do. But what gets on my nerves is that youCAN'T DECIDE! If you use one POV (e.g. Third) then STICK WITH IT! And not just switch without any warning for ONE SENTENCE! Of course, the case is different when it comes to the character thinking. For example:

"Hmmm," Merlin thought "I quite like it how the war room looks now"

Second of all, the tenses. You spring from one to other. If you begin writing it in PAST TENSE then STICK TO IT!

Long story short, get a good beta reader! But just to be clear, I do not want to hurt your feelings or anything and I DON'T want to flame you or your story, it just really hurts that such a good story as this is destroyed for lack of care and trying :( Even so, I hope you'll update soon :)
Guest chapter 18 . 8/9
I hope you finish this story, it's really quite lovely.
Guest chapter 18 . 8/6
This is a wonderful and brilliant story. I love its character development. I hope that this wonderful story will be completed. I wish you a lot of inspiration.
Guest chapter 9 . 7/26
i reading this long after season 5 came out and it so sad to see someone excited for season 5 when we all know what happens
Sabrina chapter 10 . 6/7
I know if you still check this but man...good going I'm crying like a baby, you did a great job in Arthur finding Merlin finally being himself ..
mizzymel chapter 18 . 5/20
What I wouldn't give for you to complete this fic and Crystal Trials. Seriously. Your stories are brilliant, it's a cruelty to have been gone for so long, return with a chapter and promise updates and then disappear for a year. That's my pitchfork, and plea for you to return to these. They're too good to go unfinished.
Imtomzizle chapter 18 . 4/20
Guest chapter 18 . 4/10
OMG why is this not complete ahhhhh why torment me so please update soon
Wolf chapter 18 . 4/10
OMG I live this fic can't wait to see what happens please update soon :-)
Please don't abandoned it :-)
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