Reviews for A Study in Friendship
Sharon T chapter 23 . 11/26
Loved it !
knightessjg chapter 23 . 11/5
"It was the third time in the past two weeks that they had found themselves in mortal danger. All was well." ...Indeed
rmiser1994 chapter 23 . 10/27
excellent story! .
Guest chapter 11 . 10/10
Really enjoying this story - both the weird and wonderful friendship between the odd trio and the utterly adorable Dobby/Yorry courtship. Thanks for writing it!
sleepypuppy chapter 23 . 9/27
lol thanks for upl
Guest chapter 11 . 9/27
Aww! Dobby and Yorry! Dorry adory!
Shire Fey chapter 23 . 9/22
I really liked reading this. Thanks for the read
bluecimmers chapter 23 . 9/18
Another good one. Since I found you on AO3, I moved all my bookmarks there. Just don't think I dumped you.
My-name-is-a-drug-legit chapter 4 . 9/11
I haven't finished this chapter yet but I just quickly want to say that I really enjoy Harry and Sherlock's friendship. Not because of its humor but because I can genuinely see why it would work so well.

Though Harry is naive and oblivious, it actually is a handy personality to have around Sherlock because Harry doesn't question Sherlock's motives all the time. He understands that he's a genius and that he needs purpose and that he has good intentions (most of the time), which is something that many people don't do. People usually try to unravel the unraveller, try to understand why he is the way he is, or they assume that something must be terribly wrong with him. Harry doesn't need to do that, however, because he honestly can't really see what's wrong with him (not that there is anything).

Sherlock needs purpose, and he needs someone to bounce ideas off of without them ruining his thought process. Harry gives him that in more ways then one. While Harry honestly doesn't know what he's talking about he is willing to sit there and zone out. He also makes Sherlock honestly feel needed, which he desperately wants.
Sheiky81 chapter 23 . 8/22
Guest chapter 23 . 8/16
Perfection. I started reading from chapter one and didn't stop until I got to the end.
Delta99 chapter 23 . 8/15
This has become one of my favourite fanfics ever :)
yachiru-chan92 chapter 23 . 8/9
I realy enjoyed to readind this story!
Thanks you verry much.
Tom Riddle? A woman? HAhahahaha!
Good bye
Elise chapter 23 . 7/21
Just finished reading your story in one sitting, and all I can say is brilliant.
bleeb90 chapter 23 . 7/17
I loved it!
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