Reviews for A Study in Friendship
Goddess Seshat chapter 23 . 6/11
Great story.
serenityselena chapter 23 . 6/5
a very interesting story...
loved reading it :)
StarlightGilgalad chapter 23 . 5/21
I LOVED IT! Especially the ending! Normally I'd demand a sequel or something, but this ending is totally perfect for them! And baby Noom! Ugh! Cute! . Thanks so much for writing this! You are an amazing person!
StarlightGilgalad chapter 11 . 5/20
Ok so I don't normally review in the middle of a story if there are more chapters (in fact this is the first time, and I've been on this site for forever) but I just couldn't help myself! I LOVE the Dobby bit! You don't understand how much this made me smile! Dobby you little sneak! I love it! I love it I love it I love it! Ok, mini fangirl attack over. Will review again at the newest chappie.
Guest chapter 15 . 5/11
Well that escalated quickly
Guest chapter 3 . 5/11
Oh my god this is hilarious! I love Sherlock, he's such an intelligent asshole
Almadynis Rayne chapter 11 . 5/3
This has made me laugh so many times! Thanks for all the smiles!
And the picture of Dobby being a 'bad elf' is just as hilarious!
GinHanelle chapter 23 . 4/26
Reading your other story about Tom and Harry and the Flamels reminded me that I never finished this one. Ooops! cough. Anyway, so I excitedly reread this right away and finally finished it. You are so fantastic at writing friendship and fun scenes. You made me laugh so many times even on the chapters I had already read. This fanfic is just so darn hilarious and sweet. And of course I am a total sucker for a happy ending, one filled with crazy adventures even on the last page.

(how like the Twins to totally be nonplussed by seeing Harry in Knockturne Alley dressed as a girl and having been flirting with some suspicious guy)(lOLOL!)(yes, that image is staying with me forever)

(and wow, yes, so embarrassing having to be saved by McGonagall...oh dear, the shame!)(*snicker*)

Thank you for the fun times _
RandomObsessionsOfMine chapter 23 . 4/26
Guest chapter 22 . 4/23
I LOVE the series honestly! I appreciate it so much more because of the nightvale reference #danacarvey
RoseGlass chapter 12 . 4/4
I loved the slow and steady psychological warfare against Umbridge, may her fictional character rot in a colorless purgatory.
Mikaila chapter 22 . 3/16
OMG, I love this fic. Not only does it have good grammar and somehow make what would normally be an impossible, unthinkable pairing cute, but also drops some references here and there! Though I feel I must update you, it's now mayor Dana Cardinal of Nightvale. I know, it's so shocking, to think an intern survived! ;D
abbygal262 chapter 11 . 3/12
Dobby and yorry are just the cutest thing but what about winky
knightessjg chapter 11 . 3/2
House-elf flirting...huh
sierraseay01 chapter 1 . 2/28
I have no idea how you can pull off Sherlocks character but you did it kudos
I really enjoyed this story thank you
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