Reviews for The Duel games
FeministFighter chapter 2 . 5/5/2013
So u actulaly atetmpt to write stories wit humans too? As I expected, being brainwashed by the patriarchy lik all others on this section, u fill ur story wit hmales and the only female here, Shira as u called her, is obvioulsy girlfriend bait for what seems to b the main character of the story, Kojuko or whatevr his name is.

And she kisses him after she loosess as a prize for defeating and humiliating her! Oh yes, I can truly see the fairness and equality in here buddy. Go die.
acumashindorballomu chapter 3 . 9/19/2012
So it was nice that you gave us some detail on the world in which the characters live. So it's an alternate Earth where everyone can duel and their avatars have their own intelligence. Nice :P

Let's see, the first duel is brainless bashing? Why does Tamma VS Alwyn come in my mind now? XD

I still can't believe that I am popular and have a girlfriend XD Back at my school I was a friggen loner for goodness sake

:O What is Waileuk Wu doing there? Guess he likes to be a transfer student :P And his definition: he's a powerful nerdy duelist? Guess so... As for the class, gosh they're so immature -_- picking on poor Wai. Good thing he got their asses handed to them :D Though I find Wai's deck a bit weird...

Finally, we have the better duelists of our group: Blitz, Jun, Kaze, Thomas and Ankit as the bad guys? O_o I wonder what will happen with their evil plan of 'domination'. Oh well, nice 2-parter you're planning, let's see what's going on in part 2 :P
WhiteWaterLily chapter 3 . 9/15/2012
The first thing that my eyes behold is the line: "Yeah. Maths sucks Praty.."
So, in all good will of my understanding, I took it as Maths being a person sucking something called Praty. But Praty is a character, so should be changed to Praty sucks meth? :P

Duel 1: Well, two rush smashing each other...wouldn't the smarter choice be see who smash more shields instead of smashing creatures?
And Max doesn't look like a human .

Duel 2: Hercules is a bomb if played in decks with nice mana pumpers. Of course, Bolbalzak Ex is always there, waiting to kill and untap that mana zone. Now, no one uses seventh tower? :3 And who did u base that on, mr. authorman?

At the end of first two Duels: something said these following lines...where did they come from? Secret observer? Sadistic commentator? :3
" Awesome"
"Both duels were cool"
" They pulled off some great combos."

Duel 3/4
I guess Proxion does do quite a lot against Rushes and Sorge is always evil. Getting Aegis to switch out all my op's creatures are also pretty, u did manage to nail my deck's ideal combo. Now let's see if u can proceed with the others with so much grace.

Hm, viled tongued, glasses, these are nice attributes to have. Though you using the names directly seems a bit odd. Oh well. What else? Lucky Strike...I guess Regent Magna suddenly have a pal. Hm...sounds like Cheer and Magna really, plus Lala's mindset... oh well I ca'tn complain.
Three headmasters of the school? Why would Blitz have the most cards? Probably Kaze have...oh well, I guess the amount of cards how good you are? Could be an interesting point to consider. So a bunch of Duelist/Magicians...sweet.

Though no gay kisses ;-;

As for Supra being boss of jun? Well, that is most thrilling thing i have heard. Who can tame the mighty gd of dm? Perhaps a fat man can :D Though fat and rainbow... *sweat drops*
Supratim chapter 3 . 9/15/2012
Nice chapter loved the duels...and Wai is TOO lucky in the duel...nevertheless awesome duels nice combos and cant wait for Operation DOMINATION...hope to read the 4th chapter soon _
WhiteWaterLily chapter 2 . 8/16/2012
Starting with the ending of the games between Kok and the two apprentice/poor thing as flashback is quite a good choice. Always remind the reader what they have read :D

Shira, coming from the word Shiro for white? So this is White in person? I mean in a girl form? I suppose it does seem so, though Demolisher...well, Shira the reincarnation of White, the Demolisher, and using red black? As acu put it, me gusta.

The great headlines always gives the reason to read why there is an interjection, which is better than the way i would've done it, so good job there. O_O

The duel is quite epic, though Shira's Deck quality is again not as good as Kok's, who always seem to get inferno sign in shields and thunder blade in grave. Oh well, we love free terror pits can can take out 2 shields don't we :P And then Bobox, the most evil creature of them all...well, does deserve the final strike :3

I am especially interested in how things will proceed from this point. It will be rather interesting...hopefully. Let's see if 'I' can pwn the best duelist in the school. :3


P.S. reveiw mine :3
Shuriken16 chapter 1 . 7/30/2012
Finally a window of opportunity to R&R. Well I like the setting that's for sure. Taken bits from my fanfic but of course I got a lot of my ideas from plenty of anime and series to begin with so... Anyway, kokujo dueled exactly the way I imagined he would and its cool that you were able to make that happen. I'll continue on to ser what else is in store
acumashindorballomu chapter 2 . 7/30/2012
That was... plain weird :P

So apparently I'm the 'most popular' guy in school O_o (when actually in real life I'm a loner and I love it :P) and I get to date the most popular girl... that's a new one.

Also, a girl with such an appetite? Me gusta

As for the duel... it was great and you displayed some awesome combos on both sides, though I was hoping for Ko to use more darkness cards in it, instead he went off with the fire and nature ones for a quick win :P Oh well...

And at the very end there's a spy? ...Alright, this is starting to get interesting.
Supratim chapter 2 . 7/30/2012
Rather nice duel but Shira could have done a lot in that duel and nice of her to use fire/dark deck an assault variation hunters/aliens. Kokujo lives up to his repuitation and seems unbeatable nice deck he has and UTOPIA is heaven i would love to be there :D

PS: BEWARE of Supra :3
Guest chapter 1 . 7/4/2012
I finally manage to review this :P Alright so in this story I'm somehow your and Pratyush's idol, awesome :D
Then we get to the duels... I'm glad that my Romanoff Reborn control deck managed to resist that F/N rush somehow. Yes, Hanzou and Inferno Sign are awful hinders in the path of speed attackers :P
Oh well, better luck next time at the duels xD
Can't wait to see what comes next.
WhiteWaterLily chapter 1 . 7/2/2012
A perfect duel, I mean two duels to start off an intense/relaxed series?

Well, Shubham, is he the dark user or the fire one? I always thought Shubham Das uses dark...oh wait, is he the reincarnation of the author himself? Could very well be :D

In the beginning you used 3 'interruptions' and 3 'back to xxx' to show different aspects of the character's involvements, which is quite interesting. Even if it is a bit confusing, I can see the way you constructed the set of information that the readers require to read your story in depth. I also enjoyed the way you placed the two characters as some kinda buddies, each using similar decks.

Of course, I have no idea why Kok is using a very awesome Romanoff Reborn Deck (i mean, finally! After like 8 months of my nice urges he finally actually made a decent dark deck for himself that isn't water/dark), but I like the way he played it.

Looking at the outcome, it would be 0 shields vs 0 shields, which is quite impressive for the two newbies, or is it? You show cased one very important aspect of a very successful duelist and it is luck. All three had ST in their Shields, but the quality of that used by Kok is by far better.

Then, we have two Hanzou, one in each game, pwning poor Praty and Shub in quick merciless successions. Is there anything worse than that? Probably not. Though from their decks, I also think both of their decks are subpar to that of Kok, without the powerful combos to chain off anything.

As for this line:
'And hologramic Romanoff fired a laser beam towards Pratyush thus plummeting him backwards with his cards.'
-This line puzzled me a bit, seeing that it is a magical world, and thus games bringing creatures out, why would Romanoff be a hologram? At best it should be ethereal or ghost-like, or mistified, or even translucent, but never just made of light and nothing else. Just be care later as each adjective you use chance to break or increase submergence, and submergence is key to fictions.

Great work over all, I enjoyed it very much, and let's see how far this takes us!

P.S. Your turn