Reviews for A Rainbow in the Dark
Sleepyhawk502 chapter 29 . 8/9
I was excited to read the next chapter. You did not disappoint. looking forward to the next chapter. Keep it up.
Miriam1 chapter 29 . 8/7
It appears to me that Albus and James aren't dealing well with the fact that they have become irrelevant. Oddly, Amber seems to be of airhead stock, who will fawn on James the way he wishes to be.

It is truly sad that James cannot see that his abusive ways turned Lily and Harry off. It is also sad that Dumbledore can't see that Harry is uniting friends from all four Houses, and they are studying well.

I look forward to reading your next installment.

excessivelyperky chapter 22 . 8/6
Yes, destroying Tom Riddle Sr.'s bones is a very good idea indeed.

It sounds like Lily will enjoy her second wedding more than her first, knowing that her sister will be at her side this time around.

And I love hearing about all the food (but only after supper, as otherwise it would make me too hungry).
Kurama159 chapter 29 . 8/4
Hi. Will lily do tests on the dursleys to find out if they were under a spell from dumbles yo mistreat harry; if they were how did they suddenly become nicer? Will mrs Figg be put on trial for... um I dont know the technical term but she had to have known harry was being mistreated and did nothing so will she get in trouble?
RebeccaRoy chapter 1 . 8/4
Wow, this is well written and good for Severus in taking Harry! Harry needs a good family for sure to live with.
sjrodgers23 chapter 29 . 8/4
Something needs to be done to get Dumberdore out of the hopefully something can be done to you for the update and am waiting for more
Guest chapter 2 . 7/30
kirsty21 chapter 29 . 8/1
Lizzarnia5887 chapter 29 . 7/28
I love this story! I can't wait for the next update
VetTeacher chapter 29 . 7/27
Thank you for hours of enjoyment. I think of your work as a tribute to the character, Severus Snape and to the actor, Alan Rickman. Both are greatly deserving. Glad you stepped well away from cannons.
kamui5 chapter 29 . 7/27
I hope you update soon looking forward to more.
BMS chapter 29 . 7/26
Great to see an update!
Dumbles is seriously messed up in the head. I'm surprised he's not labeling the bike club dark.
Looking forward to more whenever you get to it.
tigerlily124 chapter 29 . 7/25
Oh brother. Here he goes again. Hey, great chapter! PS, Dumbledork is lucky they AREN’T dark or he’d have vanished...mysteriously by now. Thanks!
Kurama159 chapter 10 . 7/22
I like your story but when did harry get his last name changed?
lokyyt chapter 29 . 7/24
more please keep typing and please reply
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