Reviews for Bucket of Sin
Bevey99 chapter 1 . 5/24
Good read. THANKS
ChristyWIX chapter 1 . 1/14/2015
How sad that her parents removed her from their lives over something that made her so happy. Then to have that tragedy happen, and no closure of the wound they opened in her heart, so sad. I really liked that Edward has been there for her the whole time. That she has been there for him too. I was glad that Tony apologized to her for being an asshole. She never deserved that. The cleansing session of the tattoo was very well written. Beautiful ending, with the engagement and the mini lemon.
meadow11 chapter 1 . 10/2/2012
loved it :)
honeyimhom chapter 1 . 9/26/2012
Great story.
chartwilightmom chapter 1 . 9/6/2012
nicely done, very vivid
DaniWithGreenEyes chapter 1 . 7/6/2012
i loved it the first time and i love it the second time :)
there were some great gifs to choose from but you may have chosen my favourite one. its so loving and full of emotion, great choice :) and the story went perfectly with it. edward's love and devotion for bella really shines through and i love the idea of them working at a tattoo shop :)
kmfroggi chapter 1 . 7/4/2012
awesome o/s! sad, but glad they finally gave into each other!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/3/2012
I'm hungry for Anchor Bar wings now! And Chippewa is scary at night! Well, for that matter, it's scary near Anchor Bar at night, crazies hanging out in the BuffGen parking lot. Thanks for the read!
TrulyOutrageous chapter 1 . 7/3/2012
Love it!
Twi-Mom12292005 chapter 1 . 7/3/2012
Great one shot
JustSu chapter 1 . 7/3/2012
I really liked this story.
Thanks for sharing it with me.
And thanks to MsEm for rec'd it.
debslmac chapter 1 . 7/3/2012
MsEm chapter 1 . 7/2/2012
You're very welcome! love the ending too:)
Kgunter34 chapter 1 . 7/2/2012
Great story. I enjoyed reading this.
snoopylover60 chapter 1 . 7/2/2012
I liked it. It was good, it doesn't say if it's a one shot or not. I looked.

It got a good start for a story..

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