Reviews for The Spell Has Been Undone
Irene Kagamine chapter 1 . 9/3/2012
Good story. Not your best, but veeeeery good, like the others :)
SessKagome and Shade Shaw chapter 1 . 7/25/2012
Oh, what a wonderful story!

I love everything about the Venomania's story, especially if this includes the Kagamine Twins. When I saw the parody of the song, interpreted by Luka, I was WTF: A harem of women! And when the blonde girl appeared, I shouted excitedly: "It is Len! He came to rescue Rin! *O*"

I loved reading this from the perspective of Len, although there was no Twincest, (As if I did in my story "Servant of Venomania" (is in Spanish, sorry XD) when faced with Luka,he fatally stabs her and he takes Rin to back home. Well written, congratulation

PDA: A Favorites :3

PDA 2: Sorry for my bad English.
momokokoro-chan chapter 1 . 7/9/2012
Yay! Well I really liked your piece, as usual. I actually found it a nice, fresh read. I have seen Luka's Duchess of Vermonia (did I spell that right?) but I didn't really understand it, but now I get it! Woo! Um, other than that, minimal to no errors, as usual. I hate writing one-shots because they can seem too short for the plot, but this was rather nice. Your vocabulary is stunning as always and punctuation was good. But, missy missy, mind your i's. [I thought it was pretty good for something done within a few hours [Yes, it was indeed] but /I/ can't control what you think. Please review, and /I/ hope...]
Anyway, I'm sure my writing isn't ideal either (probably not even close) but constructive criticism is meant to make you better (plus, you told me you valued it - that's why I put it in!)
Overall, very nice indeed!
M x