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Guest chapter 18 . 2/19/2019
Thank you for this wonderful birthday gift. Just one more chapter to go, and this entire saga will be over. It makes me sad to see such a great story end, but I look forward to your future works.
Guest chapter 18 . 2/19/2019
Holy. Fucking. Shit.

I was wondering how you were gonna top yourself after the fight with the Wyrmspawn, but you managed it and then some.

I knew there was no way the girl was actually getting sacrificed, but I wasn’t expected Konatsu to become the Flash doing it.

Most people enter a state of pants shitting catatonic terror when confronted by an Outer God, Mousse and Zhang use it as a goddamn platform for their own fight.

Chibi Usa really is like her mother. I mean there’s being charismatic and there’s turning the metaphysical concept of bad dreams tsundere. Also using the power of Love and Friendship (tm) to nuke an Outer God and it’s entire plane of existence.

You know, I had my suspicions that Tanizaki was actually a Puella Magia, but I guess I should have WISED up earlier than I did.

Local Ryoga Literally Too Angry To Die: Holy Crap He Just Bit That Thing’s Head Off

Why do I suspect Akane’s solution to Shampoo’s problems is a threesome? Well either that or having Ranma fight the entire village 100-man kumite style. After all it’s not dishonorable if nobody in the village can beat him, right?

Speaking of the Amazons, Cologne’s getting one hell of a crazy phone call after all this is over.

Still disappointed Mousse didn’t end the fight with the Lens of Invincibility, but admittedly it would have probably destroyed any gravitas the scene had, so we can relegate that to the realm of silly Omakes.

I figured Usagi would break the Silver Crystal to get a functioning Star Seed, but just because I saw it coming didn’t lessen the power of the moment.

You know, I understand Tanizaki’s motives. The inate desire to stand up to beings so far beyond you you might as well be trying to kill the ocean with a knife, and succeeding through human virtues of resourcefulness, learning, and just plain stubbornness. He was just a massive dick about it.

Beneda finally succeeded in her mission. Maybe now Master Jadeite will take her back.

There’s only one last plot thread to resolve. IT’S TIME TO PARTY!
Delling chapter 18 . 2/19/2019
Ad I've seen the chapter published, I had absolutely the compulsive need to read it. Between all the praises that I could write about you story and storytelling, there is only a thing that comes to my mind, above all others...

Thank you for the wonderful story!
Daxo chapter 18 . 2/19/2019
Review: a formal assessment or examination of something with the possibility or intention of instituting change if necessary.

That is how google defines it. The thing is, I don't have anything, there is no change I would have made, there is no plot I see problem, the only thing is that I see the ending getting near.
the ending of one of longest and favorite series of any media is coming soon.

I'm sure there has been several times you didn't want to continue or didn't see the point, but as someone who goes back and reads your fics when I need to cheer up I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work.

see you next time.
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 18 . 2/19/2019
Holy shit you made an excellent tie in for the Phantom and I loved it! Eager to see how other things go from here on:-)
Catter the Mad chapter 18 . 2/19/2019
Holy. Shit. Words can not express how much I love this story. Everything about this chapter was perfect, the way all the plot lines wove together, the epic battle against a being from beyond human understanding, the lich reveal. I loved every minute of reading this, and I wanted you to know that, even though I can't figure out a way to truly show what this meant to me.
Inverness chapter 18 . 2/19/2019
Utterly magnificent.

I don't know what else to say. It's a hell of a thing to read the climax of a story that started in 2012. And that story of a series that started in 2007.

I enjoyed every bit of it, and I'll never forget it.
Guest chapter 2 . 2/19/2019
another stray Ryogua typo
Jackalope89 chapter 18 . 2/19/2019
And now, Tanizaki is dead. Mousse's past is now resolved. And the Silver Crystal has been divided to spare the clone and save Usagi.

Though, how she explains to her mother she now has a twin sister is a different matter. And now most of the problems plaguing the now unified group has been resolved. The Senshi and insane people of Nerima are friends, Youma worship humans as their great dark lords, and the two lonely people of either team finally found someone.

... But there's still the matter of a birthday party! And, sadly, a funeral.
Jarjaxle chapter 18 . 2/19/2019
DING DING DING! VICTORY! WE HAVE VICTORY! Oh what A great Fights, Really All Enemy Bosses expect Zhang are Dead...& Great Freeze has been stopped?

LOl...Ending...Irory at it's best...Pity that Queen is no longer around to reward Beneda! XD
Maelaeran chapter 18 . 2/19/2019

I often gloss over fight scenes in fanfics but the only time I'm fully engaged is with YOUR stories. The action, dialogue and reveals (a fucking phylactery?! Seriously! You beautiful bastard, that was an awesome reveal!) were so incredible.

Usagi being very much someone who always finds a Third Way to save the day but then the utter conviction she displayed when she fucking atomized Tanizaki was very much par for course.

Chibiusa/Rini not be relegated to the side and having a very tear-jerking moment of reaching for tomorrow in a powerful display as the future Queen was nothing short of inspirational!

The last minute saves by Konatsu and Rei and then the freakin' Cthulu fight right afterwards!

But a very close second to my favourite scene (which was where Usagi saves Zero by splitting the Silver Crystal) had to be the final fight between Zhang and Mousse. It was a perfect climax for these two characters and Mousse's offer of mercy and rejecting the path of an assassin was just awesome.

I seriously wish this entire series of yours could be animated, though you do a wonderful job of painting a very vivid world. It's almost a shame that this series is coming to an end, but I hope you'll continue to write in some form.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to craft this amazing story and share it with the rest of the world!
MangamanZX chapter 18 . 2/19/2019
Everything is circular, bravo, bravo waiting for an epilogue and men this chapter was the peak of your writing as far as I'm concerned... I only have to wait til you pull a Ranma and see you surpass it.
Patrick the observer chapter 18 . 2/19/2019
An epic end to this long running story. this really has been one hell of a ride, look forward to seeing the final stop to wrap everything up. the worlds not going to be the same after this, a lot of broken pieces that need to be picked up, but damn am I looking forward to seeing how they do it. :)
DreadedCandiru2 chapter 18 . 2/19/2019
And here we are with Tanizaki dead and a new, weirder era in the offing. All that's left now is cleaning up the mess and getting Zero a new name...
SeerKing chapter 18 . 2/19/2019
In a word...epic.
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