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shugokage chapter 11 . 5/3
Cool chapter nice scenes!
BeanCounter34 chapter 11 . 5/2
Loved the update and all I can say is I want more. I like what you have done with Mousse and can't wait to see his story played out. Ryouga being my favorite, I can't wait to see what happens with him either. Thank you for your hard work and hope you are getting lots of support from fans.
DarkJackel chapter 11 . 5/2
Man what a cliffhanger. Hopefully this plan of Benda's works flawlessly... or at least effectively. After all her plans were crazy before she began hanging around the NWC. Perhaps if Ami gives Konatsu a device to allow Konatsu to signal them from the Dark Knigdom.

With luck Dr. Metzinger is going to the Dark Kingdom to conduct a final study and execution, since bringing him to the tower would be seen as a risk of NWC/Senshi interference. Also since it sounds like they are going to be waging a campaign against Tanizaki instead of a swift final battle getting to question him would be invaluable. Or Ami might get a little payback for the past three years.

Of course it might be just as productive to see if Helios' sister would mind "playing" with the enemy a little. After all the Tanikazi group has done letting a supernatural beast psychicly torture them is hardly unfair.

Dr. Tomoe pulling out some mad scientist on Ryoga was great. Also if he knew how much he had just helped his daughter along... Hopefully this presages good things for the damions. In a sense it could tie in to his discussion with the other parents. After all now he can give his daughter an army to back her up.

The explanations were good on all sides. That said Ranma slipping into the Neko-Ken getting resolved off screen seemed a little odd. Also it might be nice to get Artimes and Luna's reactions to learning the reason for their targeting. One can only imagine that they regret missing a rare chance to materially contribute in a fight.

Might be fun to see some of the other interactions, possibly as asides during the team's assualt on the Dark Kingdom, until/unless Ami calls them in to form a second wave. One thing of interest would be Makoto and Minako's reactions to the whole affair. We really haven't seen too much of them.

Guest chapter 11 . 5/2
The Nerima girls still seem to be primarily defined by whether or not they'll be marrying Ranma. Given how long this series of stories has been, that's kind of a problem. Of course, several of the Senshi are still mostly defined by being Senshi, so it might just be due to the difficulties of keeping track of such a large cast. However, the story's still a lot of fun overall. Thanks for the new chapter.
Pizzigri chapter 11 . 5/2
You have no idea how much have I waited for this update. Hope you will post next chapter sooner!
And... Amazing. I just love this story and AU.
Anonymous Void chapter 11 . 5/2
Nice calm before the storm chapter here. The Sailor Senshi have been given a proper introduction both to the Ranma crew and the chaos that is their daily lives. The Mercury POV was entertaining in that aspect. Probably the only one who really emphasizes with her is Pluto; both of them seemed to be people with a need for order.

I'm starting dread that word: idea. Ranma's got a bunch of them, Beneda's got one, and rarely do they go as planned. For some reason, why am I thinking that Beneda's idea is going to turn out to be comical despite the seriousness of the situation. If her cursed form is involved...well, I do believe I can be surprised with whatever you come up with.

On another note, the name of the Dark Lords is being spread around again. What are the odds that the denizens of the Dark Kingdom offer our two favorite Dark Lords rulership if they succeed? Will Ryouga and Ranma become the Dark Kingdom version of Romulus and Remes if that comes to pass? An entertaining thought but who knows what you plan to do with this. Always makes reading each chapter worth it no matter how long it takes between updates.
S0ulEat3R-333 chapter 11 . 5/2
Hooo Boy, Another excellent chapter bites the dust.
I forgot to mention this earlier, but I really like this Tanizaki's character. Cool, calm and ever composed, a man who's got a clear goal in his mind and the plans to reach there, with the intellect and power to follow-through on his ambitions. The kinda guy that I usually like to cheer for...
Well anyway, I read your latest update with both joy and dread as I get my highly-awaited dose of your great story-telling and lament it's dawning conclusion... but until we get there, let's just enjoy the journey to it's fullest.
Ah, and I have a sense of what's about to come next, and since most of my previous guesses were right, (excepting that no one important died) I both fear and gleefully await it. So I'll hope for your good health the coming days, Claymade, and I hope I'll still be here to enjoy your story to it's conclusion.
Keep up the excellent work! :)
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 11 . 5/2
welp. nice to see you again. and such tricky messes! I still havent REALLY seen either of these shows besides simple osmosis things but... what fun!

serisouly loving the plot even if I do ahve to say the person taht intrests me the msot is a certin Fowl guy.

I mean ALSO really curious about the lost boy and Ramma and hell ALL of them tied in together yet... well.
nicely done! and playing with the BIG PLAYERS that ARNT freaking reckless depossed king from no where...
and put in that term CHAOS not evil is... something that quite frankly was very well done indeed.
i only knew a bit about it here or there in regards to the chaos at the end of dammed if you do dammed if you dont but THAT right there... nicely done.

and hey reunions! I am well aware of the curious sart a plot thread of maby something started and then abrubtly pull out... so nice to see where your going with it.
Maximara chapter 11 . 5/2
There are still holes in the original timeline. Also Sailor Moon's explanation regarding Chaos doesn't really make sense. LIFE it self is chaos. Remember that the Auditors of Terry Pratchett's Diskworld who enforce ORDER really don't like life...especially intelligent life.

They like Wiseman are not above manipulating others into doing their bidding.
They like Wiseman wear robes.

Also there are elements of the Time Trapper in Wiseman:

"All things have ended here, even those that never began. Dreams have crumbled to dust, and lives faded out of memory. In all the universe, it seems there only remaining energy enough to swirl the fragments of the past and abandon hope of the future... They called this the End of Time and pray it will not come in their lifetimes. They have called him by a 1000 names. He is Night, Death, Apocalypse, Eternity, Entropy, Time. To all that live, all that moves, all that hope that tomorrow will dawn, he is the enemy. This is his kingdom and its day has come." - LSH #50 (1988) pg 1-2 repeated 42-4

Note the date, some 3 years before Sailor Moon started as a manga (and it was intended to only run for the Beryl arc)

Also note that the "thing of hunger and corruption, seeking only to devour and defile" fits the way Pharaoh 90 behaved. Also to travel from another star system as it did would required either warping of spacetime...or totally bypassing it because it was NOT part of our universe.

I should mention in the manga the humans of Crystal Tokyo far apart IN THE EXACT WAY youma do when the silver crystal is cut off...indicating the "Cleansing" is really messed up.
DreadedCandiru2 chapter 11 . 5/2
It's sort of awful to have to be Mousse and Shampoo right now, isn't it? Watching their pain, most of the parents' confusion, Soun's crisis of conscience and Naru's issues with Ranma helps to remind us that there are consequences to the craziness.

Also, I kinda worry about how ready Usagi is to just accept the nuttier stuff she sees. It seems that we might see her become another maniac hatching an insane and stupid scheme that only succeeds because no one anticipated that much crazy and dumb.
reality deviant chapter 11 . 5/1
great to see this update!
looking forward for more nerima chaos
Blinded in a bolthole chapter 11 . 5/1
Not much action but promise of a good deal in the near future could be read.

It seems the Chaos that Sailor Moon had freed and shared had found a nexus in Nerima and it actually spreads to those hang around there. I mean Ryo saw his own death, true. But when a crazy plan brews up in one of the Wrecking Crew's head the future would become blurry and uncertain.

Also I wonder if Ami would ever meet the actual and realize how different he is from Genma.

Great job as ever!
SlowMercury chapter 11 . 5/1
I loved this chapter, too! It was well worth the wait. And that's a suspenseful, great ending there - "I've got an idea" are some of the most terrifying words a person can hear, coming from one of the Nerima Wrecking Crew. Although I guess it's only worse if the NWC member is making it up as they go.

I thought the scenes with Ranma and Ukyou and Shampoo and Akane were both very well done. It was a bad situation, and it went as well as it possibly could have. The strength of their friendships was touching.
Guest chapter 11 . 5/1
It seems that Beneda has been learning from the master.
Nano0429 chapter 11 . 5/1
Brace yourselves. The second battle of the Dark Kingdom is about to commence. I'm so excited to see the outcome. Also, thanks for the mention. Hopefully I can stop being so busy, and finally continue with it.
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