Reviews for The Dark Lords Ascendant
sandcrawlr chapter 9 . 6/22/2014
Great chapter. Keep up the writing! The whole possession thing was a great twist.
Author Roy chapter 9 . 6/22/2014
I definitely enjoyed this. Glad to see you're still going. Keep up the good work!
TrisakAminawn chapter 9 . 6/21/2014
Love this series way more than someone who never watched Sailor Moon and only ever sort of liked Ranma should. There are no words adequate to express my relief about Ami figuring out the trick. Worried about Ranma. Looking forward to the monster uprising.
Trashcat chapter 9 . 6/21/2014
Last two chapters have been great. I know it's kind of the theme of the story, but with the 'random bad luck' bit constantly halting reconciliation and prolonging the conflict, it's very satisfying seeing that applied to the bad guys for a change. No plan is ever guaranteed to survive the confrontation, so no reason why the good guys shouldn't be the beneficiary of this from time to time.
Andrew MacKenzie chapter 9 . 6/21/2014
The best plans of mice, men and evil villains... Well done once again!
Heaven Canceler chapter 9 . 6/21/2014
He went after Ami? The freaking most intelligent of the Sailor Senshi? The tech-genius and tactician who makes all the plans for them? Of course they would go by combat potential, but seriously you don't go an underestimate the smartest member of the Crew. You go for the one that has both the least power and Overall Looks like the she would be easy to trick. Though they likely didn't have the knowledge for it and maybe I am just influenced by stuff like Dungeon Keeper Ami.

That Girl is scary when she gets serious, I can tell you.
DaGunth chapter 9 . 6/20/2014
MARVELOUS. I can safely say I've never looked forward to a story updating as much as I look forward to this one. This chapter filled me with the warm and fuzzies.
J. Palmgren chapter 1 . 6/20/2014
*hums inspector gadget theme*

Go Go Sudden Bullshit Mind Control!
shademaster chapter 1 . 6/20/2014
Loved what you did with hutaro and ryouga. (no not the romance stuff as I don't care that much about pairings)

makeing all ryouga's poves shonnen, being noble, protecting the girl, doing what's right.
And with hutaro it's all shojo, love and forbidden relationship

It's fun to see how one event can work in both genres
Gibelyou chapter 9 . 6/20/2014
I like how you gave Ryoga combat effectiveness with the piglet firm. The giant ki mirage is a good way to go about it. Now I just have to wait until the realization that Hotaru thinks he is in love with her.
Nice and embarrassing, just as it should be.

I really like the idea of the army if the dark kingdom being saved by one of the architects of its fall. Do they remember what Ranma did to their army? How will they react?
For that matter will Ranma be himself. The weakening of the control spell might be enough to let him fight it, after all Ranma Saotome doesn't lose.
Great chapter, as alway you leave me wanting more. See you next time!
Maximara chapter 9 . 6/20/2014
Ok things are getting really confusing as what was Tanizaki doing in the "original" timeline that neither Chubi-Usa nor 30th century Pluto knew of his antics? How was he neutralized so that Sailor Galaxia was the "last" threat?
DarkJackel chapter 9 . 6/20/2014
So how long does Ekim's control over Ranma last? Given their plans to spread distrust they might not have needed a ritual that could be repeated (killing Mrs. Mizuno would kill all goodwill). That said it might well have the option. Also one must wonder if there is any duration limits? Either way now that the Senshi are on to them it is a matter of time before they contact the NWC and hash things out.

That said Ekim might try a desperation ploy, buoyed by the false reports of Ryo causing him to make mistakes. He might try to kill one of the NWC and make it look like the Senshi did it or try and attack the Outers to cause a split in the ranks. Either way his efforts should come to naught, though maybe distract him from the NWC liberating the Dark Kingdom.

So Saturn has fallen. Good.

Personally this seems like a good time to begin dropping hints that Ryoga might not be an extradimensional warlord. This is his family home and it just took a good deal of damage. He's going to want to fix that quickly, which, after he brings Hotaru and Dr. Tomoe up on the Jusenkyo curse (and probably his bad sense of direction), might give them some time to wander. Given this is a family home there should be one or two pictures of Ryoga as a kid and/or of the family. This should put some doubts about what they know of the Dark Lords.

The explanation of the "Dark Lords" being a headfake at the Dark Kingdom and that the ritual Luna overheard being a wedding should be saved for when the full party of Senshi are in attendance. The reactions to learning the other side of the story should be funny and especially the Outer's assessment of Ranma's tactics and resources. This could be achieved by them eventually getting in contact with the Senshi and learning of the possessed Ranma with the intention of sending full force to hunt down and save the possessed martial artist.

Actually if the hunt for the possessed Ranma and the attack on the Dark Kingdom go off together that could lead to a nice and dramatic moment where The two forces run into each other and Ekim gets to see exactly how much everything just blew up in their faces right as he gets purified.

Good work. So far the pacing has been good and the villains have provided a challenge worthy of the powers confronting them.

Anonymous Void chapter 9 . 6/20/2014
Quite an exciting chapter. Didn't think those soldiers would be...terminated so quickly but it makes sense how it happened. Thought they would have lasted another chapter or two. But it seems to have had the side effect of making Sailor Saturn more attracted to Ryouga. The number one predictor of a relationship forming is proximity, after all. Combine that with Ryouga being starved for affection, this could be a healthy or unhealthy relationship in the making. In the good Ranma1/2 fanfictions, tragedy is never truly far from Ryouga. I can see this going wrong in a million different ways.
Figured that the hair Tanizaki retrieved in the last chapter was going to be for either taking control of Ranma or making a clone of him. Was getting a bit nervous when Ekim had him go to Mercury's place. The last thing our protagonists need is another complication though complication is their bread and butter. But, have to give props to Mercury, she outsmarted the glorious Ekim. Really made him appear to be an amateur despite all his experience with this kind of thing. Also reflects bad on Tanizaki. His information network may be good but not good enough for more immediate occurrences. Ekim was only acting with what Tanizaki had on him thus one of this mastermind's plans has backfired and backfired terribly. Plus Ekim's acting skills don't seem to be his strong point.
So how is the next chapter going to unfold. Will the scouts be making chase after the possessed Ranma or will the Dark Lord be taken back to Tanizaki's HQ to be used at a further date? If it is the latter that happens, that's one resource that the Nerima crew is down and boy is it a blow to them.
Compucles chapter 9 . 6/20/2014
Ah yes, the good ol' bluff 'em with false info strategy for ferreting out imposters. Simple, yet very effective and very difficult to defend against when done right. I was thinking one of Mercury's attacks would activate Ranma's curse and give Ranma an opening to take back his body through Ekim's confusion, but this works too. Now that Ranma has a foothold thanks to Sailor Moon's magic, it's only a matter of time until he breaks free.

I originally didn't like how you broke up Ryoga and Akari through the time travel, but I'm enjoying this Ryoga x Hotaru pairing that is now in full swing. I still feel sorry for Akari, though, being stuck with Kuno and all.

Things keep picking up steam, and the Senshi are pretty much allied (or at least in a coalition) with the Nerima martial artists now even without Ryo's help. Once they manage to get Ranma back to normal and touch bases with each other, the martial artists may even be able to talk the Senshi into a joint strike on the Dark Kingdom base. Then again, including the flashy Senshi in the raid may allow the base (inside or outside the portal) to tip off Tanizaki as to the attack and that the two groups are fully working together, so it may be best to save the joint attack for the raid on his headquarters itself.
reven228 chapter 9 . 6/20/2014
Well now, this was certainly an interesting chapter. A forbidden (at the time) love, secrets revealed, a dark plot, and a parent finding out. This was certainly well worth the wait and I'm very eager to see what you do with the next one. Keep goin and stay golden
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