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Anonymous Void chapter 2 . 10/13/2012
Another misunderstanding though this time it's not simple. This time, instead of it being machination, it's circumstancial. I wonder how the Senshi thought process will be like and I wonder what the NWC is going to do to try and fix this new mess they're in.

And let's not forget about those antagonist from the last chapter. For some reason, I can see them at least maybe tempting Ryouga to join them in exchange for Beneda's safety, especically if they can prove they can effectively protect her. Ryouga, unfortunately, is gullible enough to believe a lot of what could be told to him. At the same time, he's older and would be more suspicious of anything that sounds too good to be true. Akari was and look at what happened with that.

And it seems like Ryouga was right after all. Whenever he does show up in Nerima, it's either by accident or he's right in time for something big to happen.

Odd, though, neither Uranus nor Neptune noticed what the weather was like. Most likely occupied by their discovery but if it just so happened that it was a clear and sunny day...then where did that thunder come from?
Ushio chapter 1 . 10/13/2012
Given the choice i'll take 20,000 words every 4 months over 10,000 words every 3 months.
Rowan Seven chapter 2 . 10/13/2012
Receiving the notice in my inbox that this story had been updated was certainly a pleasant surprise, and I'm pleased that my predictions for how the story would play out are already off. Playing off the fact that the Sailor Senshi never actually saw Dark Lord Ryouga perish (from their perspective, he mysteriously disappeared while chasing Luna), I had anticipated that the first "confrontation" would be at Usagi's birthday party with Ukyo catering, Beneda invited along, and an appearance by Ryouga inconveniently coinciding with the new antagonists launching another attack, with Ranma using his Jusenkyo curse to pretend to be a different, female Dark Lord later in the story. I'm quite happy to be wrong, though, because one of the things I enjoyed tremendously about the first story in this trilogy was its ability to surprise me with its developments, and it's promising that this new installment is already doing the same.

Anyway, moving on to the actual contents of this update, interesting work with the spar between Ranma and Ryouga. It clearly demonstrated that the two have improved considerably since the end of the manga and showcased a few of their new abilities and techniques while intimating far more, particularly in regard to Ryouga. It's nice to see you building off the Black Moon encounter from earlier, though I still wonder if that scene serves other purposes than justifying a new technique.

The conversational scenes at Ukyo's were also a fun read, and Haruka flirting with Beneda elicited a chuckle from me. You write "slice of life" moments very well. Though once the teakettle appeared, the tension rose considerably because anyone familiar with Ranma 1/2 can anticipate what such an otherwise innocuous object portends.

The misunderstandings that ensued, with everyone trying to make the situation better but actually making it worse, were handled smoothly and feel appropriate for the Ranma series. I don't yet see how this'll reach the same level of the misunderstandings and deceptions featured in the first story, but I have little doubt that it'll happen even though the Nerima Wrecking Crew could save themselves a whole bunch of trouble if they forewent convoluted solutions and went with the simpler "tell the truth and apologize" option. This story probably wouldn't be nearly as much fun without the typical complications, however, and I'm looking forward to seeing how developments continue to spiral out of control. Does Gosunkugi have any memories of the Dark Kingdom, out of curiosity, or were his memories never restored post-Beryl?

The characters were all well written, and even though it's subtle I felt a sense of greater maturity from Ranma and Ryouga that I liked. They seemed a little more relaxed and a little more at ease with themselves and each other, which is what one would expect from slightly older versions of them. With the other groundwork you laid in the prequel and the previous chapter, I have high expectations for character exploration and development for the cast as this story unfolds.

Concerning criticisms, it's difficult for me to critique the story while it's still unfolding, and there were no glaring typos or grammatical errors that leapt out at me. I'm not sure if Spain is the best country for Beneda to use as a false origin; I don't know what her skin tones are, but one of the smaller European countries that don't often make the news outside of Europe would've explained the exotic features without being as identifiable. This chapter also felt a little shorter than the previous one and I was a little disappointed that it ended as quickly as it did, but I've probably been a bit spoiled by the longer chapters in the trilogy's middle installment and this chapter was fine in that it accomplished what it was supposed to do; padding chapters with extra and unnecessary content won't make the story any better.

Anyway, thanks for updating and continuing to work on this story despite the challenges and other claims on your time you've encountered. The prequels have set the bar high, and I'm eagerly anticipating how the extensive set-up will pay off.
1Coltsguy chapter 2 . 10/13/2012
Excellent stuff.
Ghost in the Machine chapter 2 . 10/13/2012
I was wondering if it'd be punch first, ask questions not at all. Sword to the throat pretty much guaranteed that. Uranus just couldn't stand down for five seconds and by doing so, damn near got herself killed.

Scrying tools give the Senshi a major advantage in finding and tracking the Nerimans. They've also got much more experience with teamwork. The Nerimans main advantages are speed and probably sneakiness.

At this point, the scenario has got 'bloodbath' written all over it.
So you want to be an Author chapter 2 . 10/13/2012
Nemrut chapter 2 . 10/13/2012
One of their schemes coming back to bite them and more problems due to not talking things through? In Nerima? What were the chances of that.

Good chapter, things seem to be heating up, although, it seems to me, they should be able to talk this through but since did that stop the Nerima insanity?
Bree R chapter 2 . 10/13/2012
Very nicely written and constructed chapter. Wish we had seen a bit more or a bit less perspectives overall but still I highly enjoyed it and can't wait to see more.
psychicshipping chapter 2 . 10/13/2012
All it take is just one thread to unweave the tapestry. Ouch.

Please don't keep us in suspense!
sirensoundwave chapter 2 . 10/13/2012
Here come the horrendous misunderstandings! Poor Beneda. She's a sitting duck in her jusenkyo form! Maybe the more energy sensitive senshi like Venus and Mars can tell she's a real human like that...yeah right.
Ryvaken Lucius Tadrya chapter 2 . 10/13/2012
There's some kind of weird irony that Uranus and Neptune were almost convinced that Beneda were nonviolent, given the Outers' tendency for, ah, indiscriminate violence.
Blinded in a bolthole chapter 2 . 10/13/2012
Tough luck, eh? It seems the Dark Lords are about to make a return... Though I do hope it does not end up like another war (like in the second).

One of the things that I missed in the sequels was the lack of fresh shenanigans and randomness of "The Dark Lords of Nerima", I do hope it returns.

Eagerly waiting for more, and hope Beneda makes better excuses (what kind of skin condition turns you into a green chick with metal hairs anyways?), like Jusenkyo (I've fallen into the spring of drowned Youma, cold water human, hot water youma).
dongaro chapter 2 . 10/13/2012
Yay. So amazing so very very amazing. I've been waitign for this since the last chapter of the first saeson. At long last it's time for a reunion. And something tells me Ami might be able to figure out what those strange words meant below the bowl. oposition, motion and contemplation strategic retreat.

I'm very much looking forward to the next chapter.
Marek Gutkowski chapter 1 . 9/26/2012
I'm glad to discover that You are still writing. I was a fan of the original "Dark Lord" story, and rereading it I found out that You decided to continue. You have a rear gift to write combat scenes, I a way that is clear easy to fallow and just plain fun to read.

I'm looking forward for more. Where Your time allows to write again.
Hat O' Doom chapter 1 . 9/20/2012
Great story. You certainly know how to draw a reader in. I look forward to finding out what happens next!
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