Reviews for A Dying Romance
Nynoo chapter 4 . 1/9
Aw I so wish you will continue this story at some point, I love it and I am dying to see what will happen now that Naruto is awake!
TornUpBird chapter 3 . 7/4/2015
I just love SemeNaru so dirty :3
Guest chapter 4 . 11/2/2014
Cloaked Depression chapter 4 . 6/6/2014
I think Naruto is horrible in this. Sasuke is so cute. FINISH IT!
MadaSasu chapter 4 . 6/2/2014
mushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh updateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Madzo1998 chapter 4 . 1/7/2014
Nawwwwww! Sasuke in love is the best thing I have ever read! Can't wait for next chappie xxx
Elixins chapter 4 . 10/27/2013
I love this fic , please update! :3
Agridulce Luna chapter 4 . 10/19/2013
I loved this fic.

Wanna more :/
Guest chapter 4 . 7/24/2013
I loved Kiba beating up Naruto, not only because he deserved it, but because you'd been writing him as this perfect, god-like creature (from Sasuke's POV). He was super-sexy and could get anyone he wanted and had the attitude to back it up. However, Kiba being taller and stronger than Naruto showed the cracks in Naruto's armor even better, I think, than Itachi getting fed up with their relationship. Not every relationship works out, so we can see Itachi as an aberration, especially because there are currently THREE people Naruto could get any time he wanted (Gaara, Hinata, and Sasuke). However, Naruto getting easily bested by Kiba and then lamely protesting he could beat him in a fair fight anytime he wanted was just pathetic. It's obvious that no, Naruto is no match for Kiba, and he just looked like a loser for trying to act as if he was instead of showing some humility over getting bested.

The bad part of that scene, of course, was that it made Sasuke feel sorry for Naruto, just when he'd realized that Naruto had been trying to seduce Hinata in the exact same way he'd been trying to seduce him. (It's too bad Sasuke didn't accept Kiba's offer to drive him home.) He was feeling pretty humiliated by that point and nearly started to cry. If he hadn't watched Naruto get beat up, Sasuke might not have tried to approach him again that night. (But really, there was nothing to feel sorry for Naruto over. Kiba actually showed an admirable amount of self-restraint in not taking the fight further given the fact that Naruto hurt his dog AND threw the first punch!) I really hope Naruto doesn't end up hurting sweet little Sasuke. :(
Killua17 chapter 4 . 7/20/2013
Update dammit update!

You can't leave me hanging that would be cruel!
Don't be mean update please! XD
Femslash Extraordinaire chapter 4 . 6/5/2013
Wow- just wow. This is so fucking good! I can't get over how perfect this story is. I'm just dying to know what happens next. Please update soon! I'm begging you!
G chapter 4 . 2/17/2013
I'm a die hard fan, and still waiting for this. TvT
vanillepiphany97 chapter 4 . 1/16/2013
really good, i love the story, keep writing. :) I'm anxious to see what happens.
Mikochi Uchiha chapter 4 . 12/28/2012
Update soon pls!
FC chapter 4 . 12/21/2012
Miss Angelasssss!
please, pleaseeee I beg you on my knees. please continue thissss. Personally, I always only read SasuNaru story, i don't feel like reading any other position when Sasuke is bottom. It's not my thing. But this like hell, like Its because you're writen this so i gave it a try, and heck! i'm stucked with it. Naruto is hella hot as sin fire, my goshhh. I'm his fan now. and the way Sasuke was so desperatly wanting him haha... can't wait for moreeee!
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