Reviews for Daddy Dearest
Alice aquabld chapter 151 . 7/1
Nuuuu. Can I have another epilogue? I wanna see cute confused avengers :

Best avenger inuyasha crossover without romance
Alfwyn chapter 49 . 6/25
Aww, doesn't she have a picture with Inuyasha? I like this series but somehow I keep hoping a certain Halfdemon will come along. Tony an overprotective father as you portray him would probably have a lot of problems with a halfdemon as an -in law. But anyway while reading I keep smiling, I really enjoy reading. ( By the way I'm assuming you mentioned Kagome having blue eyes to fit the story because in the anime she has brown eyes I believe). Thanks for writing such interesting story!
Camath chapter 151 . 6/1
4Eva Dreaming chapter 151 . 5/26
This was the perfect ending absolutely wonderful story! XD
4Eva Dreaming chapter 111 . 5/26
XD that omake was so odd I just can't even *ba-dum ba~* ... Heh yeah okay well if you couldn't tell from that super lame attempt at a joke I thought that omake was super funny especially when I picture a drunk Loki, I imagine him to be the type that cries all the time...
4Eva Dreaming chapter 104 . 5/26
Go Kagome kick Loki's puny god ass! (Love the little mention of Sango by the way.)
4Eva Dreaming chapter 80 . 5/26
Wow you planned this perfectly awesome job
4Eva Dreaming chapter 79 . 5/26
Oh gosh I totally love Sesshomaru XD
4Eva Dreaming chapter 77 . 5/26
These couple of chapter with Sesshomaru and the over protective Tony have been my favorites *bursts into giggles* I especially loved the when about how coffee means sex!
4Eva Dreaming chapter 75 . 5/26
Ermergoodness YES! This is the best~
4Eva Dreaming chapter 71 . 5/26
Yeah Sesshomaru enters the story :D
4Eva Dreaming chapter 5 . 5/25
Ermergoodness when I read this message picture Kagome to be some cute little seven or six year old~
SilverontheRose chapter 151 . 3/8
Ah, Bunny. I've been so long without reading fanfiction, I'd forgotten how wonderful your story was. -hugs- You did an excellent job on this. Hope your winter has treated you well!

Til We Meet Again chapter 151 . 2/23
aluckyangel chapter 151 . 2/17
Awesome I really really love your story I couldn't stop or close till I finished reading it.
and I like especially how you ended the story it was very amusing and I couldn't help stop smiling.
I really like how you put kagome as his daughter I wouldn't have believed I would like the story but after reading it I find it very sad that it comes to an end.
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