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alyssia.reid chapter 20 . 7/15
Can you please continue
nisarg91 chapter 20 . 7/9
Damn. Where was this gem?! Eagerly waiting for the next chapter!
Guest chapter 20 . 7/7
I enjoyed this new chapter! Waiting already for the next :)
Lokken.8 chapter 20 . 7/8
Not sure how I missed this update, but it has been excellent chapter! Heads up death eaters, we got some original british HESH presents with you names the wrapping!
Adthor chapter 13 . 7/3
Aww, this was cute. I'm happy to see Harry and Ginny finally get married (finally in the sense that the story has been building to this for a while, they're obviously still very young). It's also nice that they finally get to see more of the Weasleys. I'm glad that Ron took things well.

This whole story has been lovely so far. I'm excited to read more.
LauriaCl chapter 20 . 7/3
I love this story! I've read it already a couple of times! I hope you update soon! :D
Sheelf21 chapter 19 . 6/27
I do not know where my head is. I just realized by rereading the review I left yesterday, that I did not put it that I'm looking forward to reading the full story, so, I'll look forward to the next few chapters. As he does not let me add it to the other review or write it in the same chapter, I return to an earlier one to tell you.
As always: Thanks for writing, and sharing your art.
Sheelf21 chapter 20 . 6/25
Every new story of yours that I read (especially the long ones), makes me love a little more your way of writing, and of perceiving the characters of the saga, in addition to creating even better situations, more logical, exciting and with less errors than Own JK. What I can not decide is which of your stories I like best. I look forward to continuing this, in which once again, the characters are defined exactly as I (and not only I), I see, with their virtues and defects. Dumbledore, although JK wanted to redeem him with the final scene in the "supposed King Cross" telling Harry that he had everything planned (Ha!). He is very wise, he will have all the good intentions that he wants, but he was a manipulator, playing with the people like with pieces of chess, especially Harry, that condemned to a childhood of ill-treatment and unhappiness for not worrying of his wellestate.r, And that thanks that he did not become a dark magician like Voldemort with such upbringing. The best thing about this character is that, despite that childhood, although no one had shown a little affection, no one had taught him what love was, it is full of him. All over the world. I love the part of Bill's wedding, when he says they're not going to stop their lives because of Voldemort. I swear you took the phrase out of my head! (And the lips, which I have said many times) ... as if you had read my mind. I also really like how Ron evolves here, always the eternal clumsy and immature of the saga. But here is the opposite, and I think he deserved that possibility, that people would see him like that and not screw up, just as Hermione is completely in her role and character, with her stubbornness, her lack of empathy for the Time to put always what she believes right and best, without realizing that can be wrong, however much the truth is explained, and also not being able to stand up for someone to overcome it academically. Some features removed from the films, elevating this character to a level of perfection unattainable for any person, subtracting importance from the rest, completely unfairly, losing a lot of nuances and richness of characters and plot in history. You do not make those mistakes, and even if you introduce changes in each of your fics, you always reflect perfectly, in a completely natural way the way of being of all of them, and how to have faced a certain situation or not have done it , Affects each one of them, subtly (or more importantly) changing their character, growing and enriching all those who emerge in them. I love the way Bill gets reflected in your stories. A character totally forgotten by JK, incomprehensibly, when someone who works as a curse-breaker for Gringotts, is certainly a very good and powerful magician. But not, in books, even Greyback, who could control simple students, was able to disable him, as if he were worse than the students, when he got the best grades, the annual award, and so on. At Hogwarts, and had a brilliant career at his job, where he constantly had to learn and cast defensive and offensive spells, so he would not have lost combat ability, nor would he have forgotten to do so so that a single Death Eater Could with him, and was not more relevant in the original story. I also love his special relationship with Ginny, who, as always, I love how you describe her and the role you play in all of your stories. It's not the weeping that most fics paint, which seems written by people who did not read the books, and did not find out that one of the things Harry loved most about her was that she hardly ever cried, her strength. But of course, if they only saw the movies, in which they destroyed this wonderful personage, it is even normal that they can not describe it, reflect it on a good story, or what to do with it. I am so happy to have discovered you in the search for fanfiction ... you have no idea, because, despite what I miss when I need the translator, (which shows that if I spoke perfectly English I would still like what you write) , Each of your stories makes me live every word you write in my head, I see perfectly, and I fall in love. I do not find as many mistakes as I can find in the original books (Let's not say in the rubbish of "The Cursed Child", written to get money, but that does not reach even the sole of shoes to any of your fics). And not only that, but they are better, they are more exciting to read. You do not spend the last book as JK narrating how the gold trio are having a bad time because they do not have to eat, every day almost equal discussing, that has no emotion at all, when I could have written what happened at Hogwarts at that time, Directed by Death Eaters. Not having written how Ginny tried to retrieve the Gryffindor sword, they captured her and tortured her, how she, Neville and Luna refounded the DA and led it, how they fought to protect the little ones from the Carrows ... but nothing more Forgotten characters So, once again, and the times you have to say it will be few, never stop writing! Thank you for your wonderful stories. For writing them, and sharing them.
WinkingSkeever chapter 20 . 5/16
Update soon please
Tomon chapter 20 . 5/17
Amazing as always!
Things are really coming to a head and I'm really looking for the preparations of both sides in action.
Well done.
Yayah22 chapter 20 . 5/16
Really enjoyed the new chapter! Hoping to read anorher update soon..
Harrypotterpercyjacksonfan90 chapter 20 . 5/15
I finally caught up to this story and I love it, please post again soon thanks!
Epeefencer chapter 20 . 5/15
It was so wonderful to find this story had been updated. I was really taken with it when I began reading it long ago. I think the use of magical and muggle means to bring down Voldy and his followers is brilliant. I've only read one other story that did so, or maybe it was two. In the one they use some type of attack aircraft to take out the DE strongholds. The adding of the Challenger 2 tank is so fun and I'm impressed about using the same spell on Draco that they used on Tonks. A great twist.

The one thing I don't understand is why Dobby would need to go to Malfoy Manor, He is conditioned to function (open the gate) once the attack begins. If there is any other thing they want him to do, why wouldn't he be given the same conditioning before hand?

One thing I've noticed is your use of wonder for wander. One wonders about some thing like I wonder what we'll have for dinner. One wanders about, as in I wandered into the Forbidden Forrest and got caught by Hagrid.

I do admit I went back and re-read the story from the beginning as I only had a vague memory of the storyline and hadn't remembered all the details. I had thought I had been following this but don't recall getting a reminder that it had been updated. I was looking at your profile page and noticed it and was so happy to see it had been updated.

I'll await your next update.
TralosKensei chapter 18 . 5/11
Thank you for showing people treating Snape like he deserves. Too often, writers romanticize him to be some tragic hero, but he was a straight douchebag with little redeeming qualities. Not someone you name your kid after.
carolyn jinn chapter 20 . 5/11
So happy to see this update.
Great chapter. Looking forward to the next one. :)
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