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PhoenixFlight72 chapter 19 . 10/13
I've read this story twice now (at least) and each time I'm slightly disappointed it isn't finished yet; that said, if it does not get finished I believe where it is currently actually works as a decent tie up for the story line.

either way, it is always a joy to read your work. I love the plot, writing, and overall rhythm. thanks for a great tale and I hope things are going well.
Lord Otello chapter 19 . 9/30
Hey! I love your stories! But I really love this one!
Wouldn't the use of more Muggle tech help? I have always wondered, what would a kinetic missile would do to a ward, or a shield... mmm, some of those things could pack a punch, like an A-Bomb, XD

Are you going to update soon? I anxiously await! :P
AaronD1 chapter 18 . 8/31
I've really enjoyed this story, but I have two huge complaints:

Hermione is an annoying bitch in this. That may sound a little harsh, but every single line or sentence that comes out of her mouth is opposing something that Harry, Ginny, or Sirius does. It's never-ending opposition from her. She had a bit of problem with being too trusting towards authority figures in canon, but that was largely reduced during OOTP.

The second issue is the attitude that Harry and Ginny have taken towards Tonks. It doesn't fit their personality, and it is unbelievably hypocritical from the both of them. Ginny of all people should know what the hell it's like to do something terrible against your will, so what the hell is she going on about? As for Harry, he never blames anyone for anything. He blames himself, and he is quick to forgive people. It just doesn't make sense that he is continuing to make Tonks out to be the bad guy.

There's nothing to forgive Tonks for as far I'm concerned. She went up against the second most skilled witch/wizard in Britain and lost, got a spell put on her that took away her will, and was forced to attack Harry.

If there is one thing that is OOC as hell with these characters, it's Harry and Ginny's attitude towards Tonks.

As for Hermione, she's OOC enough that it honestly feels like bashing in this story. I get that Hermione is a bit slow to come to realizations outside of books, but she isn't this bad. The story would be a lot better with a Sister/Brother relationship between her and Harry. Or a three-way. That would be cool to.

Another thing that I may have issue with is when we saw things from Dumbledore's POV... on the outside he's portrayed as someone who has the right intentions but makes mistakes, but when we saw into his thoughts he expressed regret that Sirius did not die, and said that it would be better for Harry to die so that he does not become like Tom. If you ever finish/edit this story, please consider editing his POV to fit with the good-but-misguided Dumbledore that we see on the outside. He seems a little evil on the inside as it is now.

One more critique is that Snape was not questioned with Veritaserum. Why did they even bother bringing him in if they were just going to give him an opportunity to lie to them and get away?
Guest chapter 11 . 8/21
Your chapters are super long, yet you end with THAT? Oh come on!
Guest chapter 3 . 8/20
I love how long your chapters are:))
Guest chapter 2 . 8/20
Well that was an unexpected turn! I like it! It would definitely make sense for Ginny to have parseltongue a bit, learning it like Ron did...
GinnyPotter6891 chapter 19 . 8/16
I've read this story over the last three days and am hooked! It amazes me how you can come up with so many plot details (for this story and others!). This chapter with its battle recreation is brilliant. I like your inclusion of muggles in the fighting. I do hope you update this story again soon!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/1
I'n gonna sing you a song.


Please update. I fucking love this story, it's the best story ever. Period. Ladies and gentlemen, TENACIOUS D
ferwinck chapter 19 . 6/30
Please please tell me you're still working on this story. It would be a crime if you'd let this unfinished. This story is just too good for words! Keep the great work, I love it!
Corwyn chapter 19 . 4/26
I am greatly enjoying this story so far, and look forward to your continuing it. It's a H/G ship that's much more believable than the one in canon :-) Thanks for sharing it with us.
Yayah22 chapter 19 . 4/27
loving this story hope you keep writing it
Nytefyre chapter 19 . 4/1
Great to see the training.. Really looking forward to seeing it pay off.

Thanks for writing and sharing.
SeaSeraph chapter 19 . 3/19
This story is awesome! I am not a huge fan of the Harry/Ginny pairing, but your summary had such an interesting concept that I decided to give the story a chance in spite of the pairing. I am so very glad that I did. You have woven together an amazing and well written story here. I actually found that I really like your Harry and Ginny together in this story. I was really able to see the progress of them growing up together in their time on the run and how they grew to love each other. I also really like how you stayed true to the characters and had them grow and mature with the story as it progressed. The only thing I was a little unsure of was the Remus and Tonks situation. I understand the purpose of having Tonks be used as she was in the story, but at the same time I am a little confused as to Harry and Ginnys extreme negative/angry reaction to her. Tonks was not under her own control at the time, and both of them know what that is like. I could understand them being a bit weary about being around her even with the spell having been broken; however, I can't quite grasp the complete anger the pair have against her. It wasn't her fault, and I think that they would understand that. It wasn't quite clear to me in the story on why this was the case. Other than that though, I really like how your story is progressing and I am excited for future chapters. Thanks for a great story!
petry chapter 19 . 3/15
great story. hope the next chapter come soon
coffeemaster143 chapter 19 . 3/8
Please update soon, I really want to see this story through!
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