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K chapter 4 . 8/23
Haha. I wish there were more turk tt. The turks here are awesome, and Vincent pulls it off expertly.

I like the influance Zack has on cloud, and that Vincent only really noticed that in a crisis. I wonder what cloud thinks of his uncle Lances ability to show up whenever important, or Genisis oppinion of Lance. I kind of want to see a companion fic of Yuffie stealing the huge materia, and ropeing Zack ( and therefore Cloud) into it.

This fic deserves 20/10! For everything
K chapter 3 . 8/23
I have to say that your Genisis is one of the best ones and truest ive ever read. I love this chapter to bits, from the often forgoten deviousness of Arith, Tifas influance on Vincents morals and methods, and Cloud being heavily influanced by Vincent and Gen, and useing both lessons effectivly on the deserters was a treat to read. And Revee. Go Revee
K chapter 2 . 8/23
Youve got this typo in the paragraph about clouds cooking compared to his mother. "He could (and has) burn water if Tifa wasnt...)

See "he could burn water" makes sense, but not "has (or had) burn water." He has/had burned water makes sense. Likewise ' he can and has burnt water if Tifa...' would work, or ' he could and would burn water if Tifa...' also work.

Sorry to bring this up, its just this tiney little typo that bothers me within this well writen story.
K chapter 1 . 8/23
I have to admit. Every time I come back to read this, im never disapointed
AltenativeFutureFan27 chapter 4 . 5/22
That ending is Hilarious after so much trouble of catching him and trying to dig into his background they find themselves offering him a position XD
Nagamoon chapter 4 . 5/21
Well. That was a awesome fic. Adding to my fav.
MajinBakaHentai chapter 4 . 5/21
This has been an interesting read, I do so love time travel fix-its, and this is a great one for fixing everything in FF7.

I did wonder if, in the end, "Lance" would end up being taken out by the Turks as too much of a danger, even though they may not know the full extent of everything he did, but the idea of them recruiting him to join them would mean he can continue to help make things better from the inside, while everything he's set up on the outside is now moving under it's own steam.

Great little story, it has been a nice little return to an old fandom of mine.
RaytokiSakataAwesome chapter 4 . 5/16
I fucking love it! I wonder what will happen when Vincent and 'Lance' met each other?
Shade the Hero chapter 4 . 5/6
Well damn! I love this story. It's so different and unique and I've never seen anything like it! This is a masterpiece! I love how you really solidified the friendship between Gen and Seph. And turned the tables at that. Instead of having Gen get Seph to lose it and become unstable you had Seph be the sanity anchor to Gen! To have him hold him down and tell him straight up, "We'll get through this!" I LOVE it! lol, it's actually funny to see Cloud end up acting like Zack anyway and this time without the guilt of doing so.

It's easy to see why this has so many favs, but I feel it still needs more. alas, I am only one person; one more fav, but this has earned an eternal spot in my favs. Thank you for writing this and for allowing me to read this amazing adventure. :)
Shade the Hero chapter 3 . 5/6
I loved every single paragragh in this chapter. However, my favorite had to be the part where Cloud and Zack lectured their own mentors and pretty much having the role of student and mentor switched. That was hilarious. And I loved how Sephiroth got them their old positions back and I loved how Aerith can still outsmart Vincent. xD Roping him into painting, she's a genius. xD
Shade the Hero chapter 2 . 5/6
Wow, that's pretty awesome of Vincent. And I find it totally awesome that not only does Cloud meet a younger, before-the-boy-ever-joined-SOLDIER, Zack Fair but that the two become best friends anyway. I guess some things are just meant to be. :) And I find the idea of a little Yuffie having a crush on Cloud and following him around to be totally adorable. xD I really love where this is going.
Shade the Hero chapter 1 . 5/6
I never believed it possible for Vincent to laugh and remain IC, but you've proved me wrong and I'm happy to say that. :) This is brilliant. So many stories exist of a time-traveling Cloud, but Vincent? Not so much. I think I've stumbled upon a rare gem with this one. :)
alemery chapter 4 . 4/21
This is epic! I'm squealing like a three year old girl!
Shiki chapter 4 . 4/12
I was worried a bit there at the end but OMG just so cool! XD Go Vinny! Go TURKS!

This has been an amazing story to read. It's just a pity that a lot of it is blocks of text rather than actual, engaging narrative. I would love to see all of this paced out into several chapters. I know the end results would be much the same since I'd know what was coming but there's more drama that way and I would love to see the characters' relationships for myself rather than be informed that they are so. Because it all sounds so AWESOME! XD

...And once more, just for kicks - SO AWESOME!

All the best,
Emmy Scribe Protra chapter 4 . 2/12
I love love looooove how Vincent goes about fixing things.
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