Reviews for Akatsuki Teenagers
Nenshou Mirai chapter 1 . 7/3/2012
Aww keep going i don't want it to be a one-shot. I really like this story. Here is my ideas for what COULD happen next:
1) Deidara and Tobi's lunch together and after a while they get to know each other and they talk about each others past. It could be TobiDei if you want but i like the already placed SasoDei.
2)Kisame and Itachi's lunch together like they are just eating and Itachi gets a bit nervous about this whole relationship thing and Kisame reassures him.
3)Hidan's past. I think you could go more in depth with that because it seems interesting.
4) Kakuzu comes to get Hidan again after school and notices the bruises he got from his dad. After some 'gentle persuasion' (yelling) Hidan tells him what happened. I think you can go on from there lol just to let you know i am a major KakuHida fan _
5)Sasori, Deidara, and Tobi have a very interesting (hilarious) lunch XD
6) Kisame and Itachi try to explain why Itachi was gone the previous night and what happened to Itachi's glasses with a completely different story and Kisame is a terrible liar and they can't agree on their fake story (this would be hilarious). The story could just be some ridiculous explanation and crack-like lol!
Okay those are just random ideas i thought of when i was reading the story. Your story was really good and funny XD