Reviews for Dating in the Dark
barbara87413 chapter 56 . 5/31
Love your stories and just had to tell you. This one made me laugh and cry! I love how your Sookie was able to work the politics of the Supe world, and how she accepted that she was different too! Would love to read more from you one day! Thanks!
Guest chapter 9 . 5/22
Oh my God, I busted out laughing when Pam told Sookie she had to go back and apologize to him! I love this story so much. Characters and plot so great.
fundamental blue chapter 56 . 5/18
I know you're not on here anymore so this review is likely wasted. But I really liked this. Probably my second or third favorite SVM or TB story after Chicpea's birds of a feather. So it's probably second place because I can't think of another story I've read that occupies the pedestal. I think your Eric is quite good. It's fun to write Eric a little more out of character, but it's really really good when an author can write the character as he is, not how they want him to be. Not knocking any other stories, I just appreciate yours.

While I really liked the way the story flowed and how it was only in the end that Eric and Sookie could have each other, my god I had the biggest case of lemon-blue balls and blue balls about them EVER getting together. I'm not one for lemons, but reading your story made me realize how sex described a certain way could be such an important focal point. Maybe you weren't as confident with your lemons. Maybe you're similar to me in that you don't really want to write them. Whatever the reason, I both applaud and curse you for torturing me with a lack of release for all of the tension that Eric and Sookie had. Even the end, while they did get together, I felt you OWED me a great sex scene. But it's ok, I just read a quick lemony one shot and I felt better.

Next, your bill is great. Your Sookie and how she reacts to Bill is great. Your Sookie is pretty good too! It's a real shame you quit writing, because damn I really want a sequel to this. Besides the lack of a FEW lemons (not a ton, just a handful of missing ones), this story has a completely unsatisfying ending because 1. UNKNOWN danger still lurks, 2. Sookie's new position in the fae heirarchy? 3. Sookie's unaddressed mortality in the story, 4. And Fangy McVampire? Sir Wolf Bites-a-lot? Hello? Just because there's a treaty here, doesn't mean there's one all over! 5. And I hope I didn't inadvertently skip something, but what about all those requests to do the same kind of treaty with packs and the monarchy?

Well, in any case, if you ever log back on again, please consider writing some more. Even if it's in another fandom. I gotta hand it to you though that I really appreciate you having finished this story before dipping out.
BelleWolf chapter 56 . 4/6
Fantastic! That was so enjoyable. What a fabulous story! You are a gifted writer.
mkm620 chapter 56 . 3/13
This was a great story! There were many times I thought I would ring Sookie's neck, but she came through in the end! You should do an epilogue for an update or a sequel. Thank you for writing this I truly enjoyed it. Hope to hear from you again soon!
GypsyNight chapter 56 . 2/8
I loved this story. You ended it perfectly - though I'm sad to have it end, it didn't drag on and get ridiculous as some that start strong at some point can...and you brought it perfectly through its arc and left them in a good place that wrapped up their tumultuous journey while still hinting at all that is left to come. Your Bill is darker that I typically think of him - but it fits in place with canon so perfectly I wonder if CH herself got confused and forgot to write him this way. And Pam and Eric are perfect...not too mushy, they stay true to their nature but just take on more layers. Sookie grew so much and learned a lot more about give and take than she ever did in canon - but again without getting ridiculous as some ff is wont to do to her, making her a simpering love slave or a bossy dominatrix of sorts...this was in character Sookie but with real growth that made for a satisfying story for all the important characters. While i think you ended in a good place, I'd love to read your outtakes with Loki and Eric or even a prequel of sorts back in their history and antics they could have gotten into ;). Thank you for a great read!
GypsyNight chapter 38 . 1/31
Love how Loki fits into this story and how they both now know the problem with letting their love be known in public- but that they'll both fight for it (I'm sure) in secret...for close yet so far!
GypsyNight chapter 37 . 1/31
Hehe - two Eric's, can you imagine? One seems to be a cup runneth over! Though I'm quite confused and feel like one does when you have a fever and can't quite grasp what's going on - maybe that's how Sookie is feeling but I hope she's better soon ;)!
GypsyNight chapter 35 . 1/31
Wow, excellent explanation for everything Bill has done, it seems so plausible - esp Gran. Ack now i dislike him and he's icky!
GypsyNight chapter 32 . 1/30
Fantastic little dagger twist with Patrick and all Sookie's admirers, nothing could be so simple when negotiating peace in this world ;)
GypsyNight chapter 31 . 1/30
Yes, icky billness but it works with the story ;). I don't hate Bill, but "icky summarizes nicely how I generally feel about him! I like the good witches being involved and all the supes coming together - well I guess there hasn't been much fairy presence (eh, probably a good thing) and Loki is probably best to keep his distance that handsome troublemaker (hmmm that describes Eric sometimes, too...)...but the others coming together is a tense but welcome flashback to amnesia times...great suspense...!
GypsyNight chapter 30 . 1/30
Funny, funny seeing him and Sookie like this - flirting, a little angsty, working together...classic them and loving the plot so far!
GypsyNight chapter 23 . 1/26
Lol I love that Sookie just made out with Pam - hilarious. I imagine Eric had to at least sort of like it, as much as he may be loathe to share ;)
GypsyNight chapter 22 . 1/26
What a fun surprise, to come across such a lovely mid series fan fic I haven't read yet with such a fantastic Eric and Sookie (and Pam). I don't even mind Bill making out with Sookie because, really, we know that can't last ;). Great story, awesome writing - what a treat! I've been whipping through chapters so fast I'm a late reviewer - and I know this story is older, but this is what I miss. This place - I can't get enough of them in it ️️️
Tokio163 chapter 56 . 11/4/2015
I really really love your story. Thanks for the great work! *o*
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