Reviews for Dating in the Dark
Misspetarcade chapter 44 . 7/30
I am getting very nervous... I am nearing the end and nothing has happened... Uh oh! On I read!
mo4wo1 chapter 2 . 5/24
Loved this. Thanks for taking the time to share with us.
gruen chapter 56 . 4/20
This was fun! It would have been nice to see a bit more of them dealing with the resolution. Outtake? Sequel?

Anyway, thanks!
redbeans chapter 20 . 3/20
so enjoying the story and your excellent writing skills!
magdalena2122 chapter 56 . 3/11
I try not to bug people about writing sequels, but I think this story begs for one. You've done such a thorough job of drawing me in to this alternate universe that I find myself invested in all the subplots. How is this part-fae rep position going to play out for Sookie? How will the vampire hierarchy react to Eric's bonding to a human? What adventures will they have along the way? And more Loki! More of Pam's shenanigans! You seem to have a firm grasp on the characters and the world they live in, and in some ways, have done them greater justice than CH did toward the end of the series. Sookie and Eric share many of the same faults, and you've given them both the time and the opportunity to overcome a great deal of them, without it seeming contrived or unrealistic. Whether or not you choose to continue on with another story is, of course, up to you, but know that I would be an enthusiastic reader if you did.
magdalena2122 chapter 44 . 3/8
Totally caught the location spell Buffy reference. And the term "kiss-slut" awhile back. For that matter, the entire scene where Sookie tried to kill Bill reminded me of the episode 'Him' in season 7 where Buffy tries to kill Principal Wood and gets tackled outside his window, while he carries on inside, completely oblivious. Not sure if that was intentional on your part, but it was highly entertaining for me. This story (like all your stories) is just grand.
Suzymeinen chapter 56 . 3/6
Wow what a ride! I do wish there was a little more of Erc and Sookie together at the end. Like maybe a prologue or something to say the issues with the queen are dealt with and they are living happily ever after and of course some more lemons . But this was all very well written and exciting to read.
jackie69 chapter 56 . 3/4
I really enjoiyed your story..
Loved the chase...
Loved how both Eric and Sookie had to "grow up" to have their HEA...
Now wouldn't it be nice to see a sequel of this?
Suzymeinen chapter 25 . 3/3
I love that he wore the tiny red briefs! Ha! Also loving that there will be more contact between Eric and Sookie. Curious as to where you are going with the Loki story line. Very interesting.
I'll admit that I was stuging to get threw some of the first dozen plus chapters. I wouldn't have blamed Sookie at all if she had fallen on a stake after she was arrested, her life sucked! I'm so very glad I stuck it out.
vikinggirl66 chapter 56 . 3/2
Absolutely loved this fic! Couldn't stop reading it from start to finish...need to sleep now. I'm a lover of angst and there was lots. Thank you
MargaritaS chapter 56 . 2/25
so freaking good, i loved bills demise and i loved the ending, i only wish there was more :)
Anaman chapter 56 . 2/19
Too bad we had to wait 55 chapters to see them getting finally together.
You had really interesting plots like Loki, the bartender, the sharing, the struggle between faes and vampires.
But unfortunately they were mostly dissolved by many others which I though less important. I would have liked more focus on the main plots than the other.
At least there is an ending with Eric and Sookie finally together!
Anaman chapter 47 . 2/19
I'm following this story and while I really like your writing and your characters and I am very frustrated with your storyline. I keep having the feeling that there are things outside the true storyline in the purpose to keep us tuned. As an example, what about Sookie and her fairy bloodline, Loki or even who is trying to kill the vampires and the Weres?
Of course, I'm sure I'll have all the answers by the end of the story, but I'm already in chapter 47 and I feel like nothing happened, especially between Eric and Sookie. I feel like a puppet dancing around them waiting for the moment they will finally tell each other their secrets but in the meanwhile I have to see unimportant things happening to them (all the detailed stories about boy/girlfriends which have no connection to the main storyline). It's a shame because your story is very nice and I like your writing a lot.
I will read it to the end but I felt like sharing my confusion and frustration. I hope you won't take it the bad way, it is mostly because I like this story that I feel the need to share my thoughts :)
Gwynwyvar chapter 56 . 2/14
Aww. Finally. And yay I was right about my suspicions :)

Wonderful story! Loved it from beginning to end!


Kinda wished we had a postscript from Loki. He was funny lol.

Hugs and thankyou again!
Gwynwyvar chapter 55 . 2/14
Lmao at chamomile and Mr C :)

Plans. There be a light at the end of the tunnel!
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