Reviews for Storm Clouds
Zorra Reed chapter 4 . 9/8/2012
Thanks for the point outs. Too and to, I hate those words sooo much! Anyway, as I no longer have a proff reader for this fic and because it's a gift for my beta, don't have a beta, then there are likely to be errors now and then, just keep pointing them out and I'll fix it all by the next update.

As for Ryo's mother, Ryo has both his parents in this story, as I mentioned before, this fic only uses elements of the cannon. We'll be learning more about Ryo's background (and the others) in coming chapters. :) First I need to move Fayt out of a main character possition which he keeps trying to worm his way into.

Hope you all continue to enjoy the updates. New stories and updated chapters are on their way but will be slow.
Vampire Ronin chapter 4 . 9/3/2012
Ummm...K then?
For me, thank god the five are actually straight!
This was unexpected! :/
Vampire Ronin chapter 3 . 9/3/2012
You misspelled bored-you put 'board'-and nose-you put 'noise'.
Ryo's mom died when he was a baby. So that should just be 'parent'.
You should add another 'o' to, your nose is 'to' long...It should be 'too'.
"Now(,) if you don't mind..."
...power button on the remote(,) Fayt skimmed...
Just thought I'd point those out. :)
Told ya I would get back to reading this!
FaustinaAurelia13 chapter 2 . 7/4/2012
A very interesting story so far. I love the plot and the characterizations. I can't wait to read more.
Zorra Reed chapter 2 . 7/4/2012
Forgot to post the ages: This will all be explained in the story at some point.

Setting: Feb 1987

Ryo, Kento, Sage, Cye: 13yrs - First yr Jr. High (7th Grade).
Rowen: 14yrs - Second yr. (8th Grade)

All characters have kept their cannon birthdays with the exception of Cye and Rowen whose dates were switched to keep with the RW universe of Rowen being the eldest and Cye the youngest.
Zorra Reed chapter 1 . 7/4/2012
Author Response:

1. This is a Ronin Warriors Story using the English names. If you see a YST name, it is a slip on my part, as I am working on stories for both, presently. Point them out and I'll fix them.

2. This is a RW AU fic taking place in 1987 the year before the wars. Cannon, regarding primarily the personality traits of the characters and their backgrounds have been taken from various YST sources and mixed with old-school fan-cannon for the RW series in sofar as they pertain to the intergrity of the story. People familar with pre-2003 work will recognize some of the more unpleasent personailty traits. You knew readers may not approve of the twist the characters are about to take, as much.

So to answer your question, Valandra: This is a Ronin Fic using a mix of both cannons and old-school style. I plan to use this style in some future stories as well.

3. Cye has NOT entered the story yet. Only Ryo and Rowen have entered the story so far. (chapter 1)

4. Anyone wishing for information regarding the Ryo Sanada story will be spoken with using the PM system.

5. This story will also be covering a second challenge request from another author in later chapters.

Valandra: Any questions I may have missed I'll PM you about after I re-read the review. I hope this helps to clearify a few things.
Valandra chapter 2 . 7/4/2012
What more can I say but, wow? You did a good job keeping this under your hat from me. When I issued the challenge, I expected a page or two drabble, not a chaptered story. Though, I gotta say, your pushing the boundaries of the challenge itself; I won't go into details here, since you didn't post the challenge itself and I haven't talked to you yet.
One thing I would ask for clarification on is your universe. Clearly, as usual, you're writing in the Ronin universe rather then YST, however you clearly put Shin (Cye, at least I'm assuming it's him, as the only red-mopped boy of the group) as older then Ryo in the Prologue. Followed by Touma's (Rowen) country of origin. You've declared this AU, but what base elements remain? What can we, the reader, assume to be true?
I have to say, I love how your style and skill have evolved since I first started to read your work. You roped me in within the first few paragraphs of the Prologue, and you've kept my attention. This really does have an "old school" feel to it, the type of angst pre-war/origin stories that were being written back when I first got into the fandom. Given that you've been writing for the fandom longer then me, I shouldn't be surprised. In light of that, I wonder now...I know this is in response to the challenge I gave you, but could you also be re-birthing your old "Ryo Sanada" story-line?
Regardless, I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter, and will harass you more then we are both being for TWWW if you take too long.