Reviews for The Time Experiment
Guest chapter 27 . 10/1
Okay, I love your story, but is Rose able to travel in time or not? I know that you said something about her being able to and not being able to, so I'm not sure. And if Rose could travel in time, she could take Donna with her, to avoid Donna being in the TARDIS. Just wondering. But regardless, this story is great, thanks for writing it.
gwencarson126 chapter 1 . 9/27
Where is the sequel?
Can't find it
RaziOUAT chapter 27 . 8/6
Well now I enjoyed reading this. Well written for a first story. The timey winery aspect was good. You got another follower and don't stop writing.
guest chapter 27 . 7/26
second time reading and still love it. Quite the unique idea, I really enjoyed reading it.
Espied7 chapter 27 . 7/26
So, so lovely. Great job on the complexity of it all, and boy was it ever unpredictable! Thanks for writing
falconette360 chapter 1 . 7/13
wolfntheif chapter 27 . 6/14
super awesome find, I love finding hidden jewels like this storyfantastic work here. it was creative with a great mix of whump, adventure, suspense, good characterization and fluff
guessitguest chapter 7 . 6/10
Enjoying it to the fullest
guessitguesy chapter 2 . 6/10
grenadedragon chapter 13 . 4/20
So it won't be tentoo? Because without the Doctor's regeneration energy, that wouldn't be possible.
Terra Elizabeth chapter 27 . 2/25
While I didn't like what Rose went through, I loved the over all story. I can't wait to read the sequel.
Ihavetoomanymythicalboyfriends chapter 14 . 2/3
ZOMG JENNY! Total twist that I wasn't expecting. Very well written and I love how accurate Jenny is to what we know of her().
SerratedCrest chapter 27 . 1/4
First comment of the new year! Okay, so I understand how life can become very busy and how a person can lose interest in writing. I have done it before and I still cannot get the motivation to finish my fanfiction... but I really do wish that you would post the sequel. Or at least that you update us on how it is coming along. This story was absolutely amazing in my opinion and was definitely way too short. Please do update us on the (hopefully) coming sequel! Have a good new year!
Scarlet1Moon chapter 27 . 11/20/2016
To be honest, I'm really really sad that you never posted a sequel in the end. I guess now it's not very likely. I really liked this story. I'm usually not very big on all that timey-wimey Bad Wolf-y stuff just because in 99% of cases authors go too far and it feels a bit like deus ex machina and just too epic to be interesting and realistic (as much as family sci-fi can be realistic), but here you put them through just the right amount of suffering to balance it out. And I love how you portrayed the Doctor here, with is stubbornness and unwillingness to accept that he can be happy. The whole Doctor/Rose thing was bittersweet with just a tinge of fluff, and it just did it.
Maybe a miracle will happen and you'll come back with the sequel but I don't want to be too hopeful - as the Doctor said here, it's better to be disappointed from the beginning than to have your hopes shattered :)
pumuckl91 chapter 27 . 11/20/2016
I loooooooved that story! will you still do a sequel?
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