Reviews for Beauty from Destruction
Guest chapter 4 . 7/5/2012
Nice story, but one thing. Autopsy and Abby's lab are on different floors. I think Abby's lab is one floor below the bull pen, because she has windows at the very top of the room. Autopsy is somewhere below that, it is not stated how many floors below, but my guess would be one. If you look at the area around the elevator of each room, you'll see Abby's lab has a hallway around it with her lab across from the elevator and autopsy has a metal room with autopsy on the left. In the season one episode where Ari snuck into autopsy in a body bag, they show the floor plan of the floor autopsy is on and that there is a stairwell that leads down. I'm pretty sure they fed a camera down through the floor of Abby's lab, too. So then her lab is one floor above. But that episode gives a good feel for how the building is set up. Now that I think about it, the bull pen might be on the second floor since the lobby would have to be the first and the bull pen isnt at ground level so it must go bull pen above lobby/entrance above Abby above autopsy.