Reviews for Destinies
Kitou Lover chapter 12 . 8/24
Oh ma gawd! I have tears in my eyes and my heart is hurting... What do i have to do to get you to please please please write an alternate version where Harry stays in the future! Sam needs him! Dean needs him! It would do Harry some good to have Sam to take care of, while Dean gets to take care of them both! Oh pleeeeaaaassseeee!
Kisaki Sakura chapter 12 . 8/16
This story left me content and sound. With the beliefe that everything will turn out all right.
Raven Of Dark chapter 12 . 8/5
i adore this story and sad it isnt longer!
Tadpoleinateacup chapter 12 . 7/28
So good! This was awesome! I loved how Harry helped Future Sam! It was precious! Such a good read!
Beth9891 chapter 12 . 7/23
Oh I'd be all for future Dean and Sam sequel. Maybe Harry can pop in and out lol? Great story, thanks for sharing!
Chellyisback chapter 12 . 7/16
Brilliant story! :)
AnnElfwind chapter 12 . 7/13
Okay. That was an amazing story. :)
Though I have to ask. From your footnote it seems you are not planing to write a sequel... So, did you perhaps change your mind? Or is there a sequel of some sorts written by someone else already? If yes, and you know about it, could you please givee the link?
I would SO love to see them actually go against Lucy! :D
Dattebasa1 chapter 12 . 7/11
Love it love everything about it n you should definitely do a sequel for future dean n future sam where they meet a different harry that ends up in their universe after the events with past dean n his harry!
AngelofDarkness95 chapter 12 . 7/10
This was a great story thanks for sharing
Melikalilly chapter 12 . 7/10
I love this story
Kyuubi323 chapter 12 . 7/9
Oh, that was beautiful! This is one of my all time favorite stories, and I can't thank you enough for writing it. DeanxHarry is my favored pairing for SPNHP crossovers, and sadly there aren't many complete ones out there. If I could favorite this again I'd do so a hundred times xD
Psyka chapter 12 . 7/8
Awesome bloody awesome I love it please please please update again soon please
white collar black wolf chapter 12 . 7/8
Really liked it
Guest chapter 12 . 7/8
A bit confusing in some places when I read it but other than that I loved it !

The Crimson Mage.
Guest chapter 12 . 7/8
Glad to see this updated. Sad to see it end.
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