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Sansa chapter 27 . 9/4
Also I hope everything is well with you!
Sansa chapter 27 . 9/4
This is so brill, I wish you'd continue! I have hope because this is clearly a multi year endeavour...
Kellyn1604 chapter 1 . 7/27
I miss this story with all of my heart. I hope you come back and continue it. Or at least pm me the synopsis. Lol. I can't live without knowing what happens. The amount of time I spend still thinking about this story is ridiculous. I love it. You are an amazing and gifted writer. The world you have built is incredible. The details you have woven into this story give me chills every time I catch something new. This is will always be my favorite story.
Joby20 chapter 27 . 7/12
This story has had my every thought, day and night, for the past week. Please - PLEASE - say you'll be carrying it on
PixiedustWishes chapter 27 . 6/3
I'm so invested in your story! I hope you finish it. I love your plot and how it all flows nicely.
Eggynn chapter 1 . 6/2
Alright. So.

Where to start.

The last few days have been a bit of a blur for me - I think I started this two... three days ago? 687k words is a hefty amount to read in whatever amount of time I managed to read them. Days of only three hours of sleep which I can feel mostly justified in blaming you for this. Mostly. I keep reminding myself that I'm an adult, capable of telling myself no, but...

Admittedly, the first few chapters were pretty hard for me to get through - you're a very detailed writer, and it's not a bad thing. I think it was likely a mix of sleep deprivation and being accustomed to reading fanfictions with a lot of minimal detail. It almost threw me out of reading the story all together, but I decided to push on because of how vivid you were able to paint pictures for me.

AND HERE WE ARE. I have to say, you've done such an amazing job of building this Labyrinth world and making it your own. I really enjoy stories where it reads like an original piece. All of your original characters are so fleshed out and feel so natural in the setting. I love Liana - I love trying to guess what her motives are and I love the imagery of power she exudes.

I realize you haven't updated in awhile, and that's fine (trust me, there are plenty things I don't update anywhere close to regularly), but I wanted you to know that I'm quite looking forward to the future of A Twisting Heart and Mind. You've already supplied us with a massive amount of story, and I can tell each chapter is well thought out and arduously written. I can't imagine it's something you can just snap your fingers and update.

I would feel ...wrong if I didn't address some of the darker themes you've presented here. Rape, dubious consent, abuse... Quite the heavy load. I have a few guilty vices, I admit. I was a bit caught off guard at how disturbing you made Jareth's actions. I think you may have singlehandedly thrown me off of my kink (which isn't necessarily a bad thing.) I was continuously worried for Sarah forgiving him too easily, but you made it apparent that that would not the case. I found myself, at times, rooting on Sarah's angry outbursts, Liana fueled or no. But things evolved - Jareth, though stubborn, is doing his best to understand Sarah and bend where he feels its possible to bend. Sarah, though also stubborn, understands what Jareth is, how he was raised, but doesn't let that excuse his actions and expects better from him. She wants him to grow past that, and even more she wants to HELP him do that. It's an incredible dynamic.

Thank you for writing what you have of this, I hope whatever you're doing now is bringing you as much emotion and entertainment as reading this story has brought me so far!
Nameless Panda chapter 27 . 5/24
Never have I read a fanfiction I had to put down for a while because it made me upset and ending up reading it for over a month just to catch up. Needless to say your writing is absolutely perfect! I love it and will be really looking forward to the next update :)
Guest chapter 3 . 5/19
I find this story difficult to read. You present Sarah as smart and well-educated, sophisticated even, but her internal dialogue makes her sound crude and off putting. Fuck, shit, holy fucking hell, fuck me, and so on and so forth. Why can't she express her emotions without sounding like an inmate who spent 20 years in prison? That's completely unnecessary.
xxxkissmebloodyxxx chapter 27 . 4/19
I've lost so much of my time to this fanfic reading it non stop since I discovered it. it brightens my day...then I got to chapter 27 and saw no more had been posted and I am heartbroken. this fic is amazing I can't wait to see what happens next. please writer come back!
kellyn1604 chapter 1 . 4/7
I miss this story so so so much! Please come. Pretty please. You are amazing and I have to know how this story ends.
xenlith chapter 27 . 4/3
I had a dream that this updated and I was so disappointed when I woke up... But really this story is absolutely amazing and it pains me to see that it isn't finished. I adore how you write Sarah and Jareth and all your OC'S so much you have no idea. I hope you're okay and nothing has happened to make you abandon this story and you come back to it soon.
Kilikina12 chapter 27 . 3/19
I've been away from the fanfic world for some time but have noticed that it's getting close to a year since the last update. I truly hope you will continue this story as it is still my all time favorite Labyrinth story and I'm dying to know how it ends. I hope to see a new chapter from you soon :)
samiami111 chapter 27 . 3/7
I fell so in love with your story. You are truly a talented writer. I could read again and again
Germany11 chapter 27 . 3/4
So I spent over a week reading this story. So fucking amazing! I sensierly hope you continue this as its just way to fucking amazing not too. You rock author, you really do!
StarElk chapter 27 . 2/17
I am so glad I found this here - I originally started reading it on and there are more chapters up here. I love this fic - I can not tell you the ways. There are times I am like OMG this is awful and times I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. That's a huge compliment to your writing skills. I hope that you decide to continue this fic. It is incredible - i have done nothing but read it the last week.
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