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multi-fan 2241 chapter 10 . 7/3
glad we share the same feelings towards elena the girls a perfect- couple - breaking- prick
summerpoint chapter 57 . 6/21
I have read and re-read this story and I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for having the ability to bring written characters to life and thank you for making me fall in love with the fast and furious series again. You are an AMAZING writer and you developed the plot and characters so well that while reading this, I could picture everything happening. I love the original characters you created and the plot was soooo fast and furious.

I look forward to reading more your your work,

SecondCitySavage chapter 57 . 5/22
It took me three days to read this and it was amazing! You're a great writer. Thanks for this!
Guest chapter 56 . 1/31
LEtty was really really stupid to allow herself to get pregnant so soon after she and Dom got back together. She should have made him wait and prove himself a lot longer...
Guest chapter 55 . 1/31
Giving someone a wedding ring doesn't prove don's not going to run. Letty's pretty quick to trust!
Guest chapter 52 . 1/30
I really really don't think letty should get pregnant again any time soon. Dom still hasn't really proven to her that he's really here to stay. Only recently he almost skipped out on her and Julian. If Dom doesn't know better than to make a child he doesn't intend to raise, Letty sure as hell does.

Glad Letty still doesn't trust him to stay. That she's staying on her toes for the next time he flakes out and bolts out on her. Love didn't stop him from leaving her the first time... why would it stop him now?

Dom needs to stop pushing. He is the reason she's not ready to have a mother baby. Mia's right-Letty should make him wait 2 years (like he made her wait for him!). :-)

Finally-you have Dom actually tell letty that he loves her even without Julian (took him long enough!). barely, but its there.

p.s. Dom needs to stop saying Ride or Die. It just reminds me of when he said that to letty before he abandoned her in the DR. It doesn't mean very much coming from him!
Guest chapter 50 . 1/30
its really REALLY annoying to see Dom going right back to his smug, arrogant persona. That's the one that used to treat letty like shit and cheat on her. Has he learned nothing in all of this? Maybe Letty should go bring Luke back, to keep Dom in line. If he likes being fawned over by Elena instead of being a real man in a relationship with the mother of his child, then he doesn't deserve Letty.

It gets real tiring watching Dom backslide. If he learned nothing from Letty "dying" then what's the point of them being together. She should stay with Luke if Dom's gonna be an ass. He is acting like a chauvinistic pig. Dom flirting with every woman in sight at this point in their relationship is ridiculous. I hope letty starts flirting with men the same way and we'll see how dom takes that!

Too bad when Dom apologizes, Letty makes it sound like its ok.
Has Dom ever asked him self why it is that he requires so much forgiveness from Letty? why he can't stop needing so much forgiveness? why he can't stop acting like an ass?

One thing I can't figure out is why you continue to have other characters make excuses for Dom instead of having Dom learn to be a better man. Sean excuses DOm's chauvinistic behavior

And Dom telling Letty to not be a hothead is like the pot telling the kettle to not be black. yeah right. Dom is a professional criminal and has already in this story flow off the handle and heated both Leon and brian!
Guest chapter 46 . 1/30
why does letty have such low expectations of Dom. she never expected him to come or want his son or to want to be a father?! why?
Guest chapter 45 . 1/30
A three year old's birthday is unimportant to him. What IS important is providing a stable home environment without guns and kidnappings and other violence. something that Dom doesn't seems capable of, and at this point I'm not sure letty is capable of either.

here's hoping that poor little Julian gets adopted by a sweet loving family when his real family is all killed in one of their stupid heists (which is what would really happen at this point). sigh.
Guest chapter 44 . 1/30
interesting that letty is not happy at the idea of going back to their old home with all the memories. Maybe Mia remembers it all as happy memories, but LA was where Dom cheated on letty, where he got the team into the heists that got Vince and letty hurt, got then into the racing scene where jesse was killed by DOm's arch-enemy, etc.

maybe Letty doesn't want things to go back to the way they were (when Dom was treating her life shit), maybe she wants a fresh start on life somewhere else, somewhere without all the bad memories of Dom in the past.
Guest chapter 43 . 1/30
I can't believe Letty is all happy and laughing with Dom here. The last time they really spoke was when she caught Dom in the process of bailing on her and Julian and now suddenly they're back to normal?! is she bipolar?

No, instead of being smart and guarding her heart against the man who JUST YESTERDAY tried to leave her and julian, she is having sex with him and telling him that she wants him every day for the rest of her life. She's basically completely forgiven him. What just happened? did I miss something?!

I mostly feel deprived of my right to watch Dom become a decent man through hard work and time. sigh. i guess this counts as a happy ending? feels kind of weak since its the story of Letty being hurt by Dom and then just letting it all slide because she wants hot sex and a father for her son. I don't think that's what you meant to write, but that's kind of how it comes off. Dom didn't suffer or work really to earn her back. again, sigh.
Guest chapter 42 . 1/30
This feels like letty is "trapped" in her relationship with DOm. Not that she is choosing him of her own free will, but that she can't escape his clutches. seems like an unhealthy relationship. is that really what you wanted to portray? Letty stuck with a man who keeps trying to abandon her and now her son?

it is telling that Letty thinks to herself that she could never walk away from Toretto, but we know that Dom has walked away from her on several occasions.

Why does Mia keep making excuse after excuse for Dom?

"He told me, back at the gas station. He had already made up his mind to come home.[AND MIA BELIEVED HIM?!] You showing up hurt him, believe it or not [GOOD! DOM DESERVES TO BE HURT BY LETTY'S LACK OF TRUST]," I frowned at her words,
"Oh come on, Lett. We both know Dom; he likes to believe everything is his idea. He doesn't like being told what to do. He's got a heart of gold [REALLY?] but his brain is mush because of you. He doesn't think sometimes. He knows how to make the right choices, though it takes forever for him to realize what the right one is."

Maybe if Mia had stopped making excuses for Dom 10 years ago, Jesse and Vince would still be alive, and Leon would be home with the family instead of a drug addict, and Dom and Letty would be together with a happy family?

Dom isn't a teenager any more! It can't take him this long to know how to do the right thing! a heart of gold isn't much good surrounded by a wall of stupidity, arrogance, and poor decisions. Letty deserves a REAL MAN, not just some wanna be boy trapped in a man's body. A man takes responsibility for himself and his actions. A man doesn't run out on his responsibilities. A man treats his woman with love and respect.

Luke says that Dom "he's just afraid that he's messed up so much in the past that whatever he does now can't make up for it." GOOD! Dom SHOULD be afraid that he can never make up for it. He messed up big time! good riddance to his cocky attitude! :-)

(Can't believe they have LETTY feeling selfish. I get her feeling bad about Luke, but Letty has nothing to feel selfish about for making dom wait until she figures out what she wants. She doesn't owe him anything at this point after him leaving her. She certainly doesn't owe it to him to just get back together with him because thats what Dom wants! Please tell me you don't believe this!) Luke doesn't deserve to hurt, but Dom DOES! Think of it as a way for him to earn back some redemption...

Its nice to see letty acknowledging that she needs to make the right decision for Julian. It's just too bad that she can't seem to see that just because she wants dom in Julian's life doesn't mean she has to be together with Dom herself.

p.s. why is Letty is less forgiving with Leon than she was with Dom (throning to cut off his dick) and Dom did WAY worse than Leon did!
very sad chapter 41 . 1/30
dom is so blind here. he says "even though he didn't go through with bailing". We don't know if he would have if Letty hadn't driven out to him. Given his track records, he probably was bailing.

When Dom says about Julian "He's the only thing that I ever cared enough about to make me second guess running". My heart went out to Letty. Dom basically said that he didn't care about Letty enough to not run. Ooh that was so sad. Letty deserves so much better than Dom! she deserves a man who will love her enough not to run! Clearly, that's not Dom (in his own words)!

how sad is it that Dom doesn't love Letty even a fraction of how much she loves him?
WTF chapter 40 . 1/30
good to see Dom's confidence that Letty will automatically want him wavering. He should have some doubt that she'd rather stay with the man who keeps hurting her rather than the young hot guy who treats her tenderly and lovingly (and gives her hot sex...)

its good to see Dom with some doubts (like the way he made letty doubt his feelings for her all those years!). good to see dom with some humility! it would be a great way to show him growing as a person.

(p.s. that's exactly why they shouldn't have had sex before Luke was rescued!)

But WOW! i was not expecting Dom to run this time! he really HASN'T learned anything at all. he's still a big coward running away from his fears. seriously. WTF?! Seriously, at this point, he has proven that he is INCAPABLE of being a good boyfriend or father. Letty needs to let him go and make a good life for herself and Julian (maybe with Luke?). But Dom just lost any progress he might have made in gaining letty's trust. back to square one - or maybe even worse!

And then Letty smiles with him at a memory of papa toretto? is she insane? why does she lose her anger at Dom so quickly when he fucks up?! do NOT let her allow this to slide! She's already let dom off the hook for leaving her and breaking her heart. She needs to be stronger and not let him off the hook for trying to leave and break julian's heart!

This is what letty gets for trusting Dom so quickly! Letty needs to keep thinking of herself as a single-mother because she can't count on Dom to be a real father. certainly not now, and maybe not ever. She needs to stop giving him her trust and getting her hopes up!

p.s. Good to see that Mia is finally on Letty's side and not defending Dom's dumbass-ness. dom is truly pathetic here. Still not sure why everyone follows him...
Guest chapter 39 . 1/30
I am interested to see what Mia thinks of Dom using a sniper to kill people. Seeing as how she called Letty a murderer for using a gun a few chapters ago, i guess she will be equally angry with Dom for murdering people, right? ;-) doubtful!

its cute that Dom doesn't want Leon becoming a killer, while dom has no problem being a killer himself.

At least Dom is starting to have a clue..."I abandoned you and he rescued you". yep! that's right dom! suck on that! Letty was WITH Luke (and liked it!) all because you couldn't be a real man for her. Live with that for the rest of your life!
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