Reviews for No Woman, No Pie
Mary Rose chapter 1 . 11/10/2014
That was a fun story.
JWood201 chapter 1 . 7/7/2012
Haha, omg. I'm so happy you're back! Your stories were total classics and I'm so glad you reposted them!

I LOL'ed so hard at all the pie references, just like a proper 12 year old boy, so thank you for that. :D

G Man does not want Ginger's pie. He doesn't share. What?

And I'm going to make the "piejacking totally made me think of American Pie" statement again just to embarrass you. PIEJACKING! ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK! Come now, G Man, you'll be at it more than that. What?

I'm sorry.

I'm done.

Welcome back. I'm sure you haven't missed our utterly and completely inappropriate reviews. :(
Teobi chapter 1 . 7/5/2012

You re-posted No Woman No Pie! You're back! YOU ANGEL! Pleeease tell me The Incredible Hink will follow?

We've been bereft without you mon ammy. I didn't realise what a team we all were until you left. SOB. But now you're here and the sun is shining again! (Actually it's not, blummin' UK weather, but we can pretend.)

The only thing is that you lost all your amazing reviews but never mind, we'll soon fix that. I'm so looking forward to reading this again!

Le Bullet Points! (Pronounced Pwah as it's French.)

. Gilligan going around saying "Mum mum mum" was hilarious/silly in the movie, and it's hilarious/silly here too! Why **is** 'mum' the word?

. It's true. He never said a word except 'mum', and somehow they all figured out that he meant they might get rescued. I suppose after living together for 15 years they all became a bit psychic. :)

. No policeman had ever tried to get information out of G Man the way Ginger did. Until he went to a Village People concert the day after they got rescued. What?

. Mary Ann definitely didn't play fair, withholding her pie from him until he told her his secret. Just like a girl!

. There's only so much torture a man can take, Gilligan thought.- Indeed!

. The Professor spending an hour lecturing Gilligan about time. Only an hour? You know he'd want to start right from the beginning!

. "Of course, we calculate time on earth based on the speed at which the earth rotates around the sun. It takes twenty-four hours for the earth to rotate on its axis once..." the Professor might say.

Gilligan was sure that the Professor's lectures would be more interesting if the earth spun faster.

OH, G MAN! I'm speechless. Mainly because I'm laughing so hard :D

. MA glaring at him with her hands on her hips. Noooooo! After 15 years she's still giving him The Look! (Never mind, all he has to do is cancel it out by giving her The Face.)

. Gilligan was horrified. Mary Ann would never be so unreasonable about his having access to her pie.- QUITE!

. "Are you making fun of me, Gilligan?" he asked, frowning. Gilligan shook his head frantically.

"Mum!" he responded, vehemently. Mary Ann and the Professor gave him a contemptuous glare and shook their heads in disgust.

"Ignore him, Professor. Here, would you like another slice of pie?" she offered. The Professor beamed at her.

"I'd love a slice of pie, Mary Ann," he replied, his blue eyes sparkling at her. She blushed and giggled coyly.

"You make sure you have as much pie as you like, Professor," she encouraged him, squeezing his shoulder affectionately and glaring pointedly at Gilligan. His large blue-green eyes looked back at her mournfully. This was all terribly unfair.

- Nooooooo! What horrible MAP nightmare is this! It's a nightmare, right? **shakes LH violently**

. The Professor not liking pie. No, but he likes pi. Get it? Pi? Oh, please yourselves!

. 'The Professor charged his way through Mary Ann's pie like some sort of pie lumberjack.'- Just let me pick myself up off the floor and read that again. Pie lumberjack! **snort**

. Awwww, the thought of Gilligan's lip trembling as he watches everyone else shovel pie into their mouths. Heartbreaking!

. Piejacking. NOW I'm imagining G Man in a Dick Turpin outfit, waiting behind a tree with his pistol out. (Stop it). Black eyemask, tricorner hat and frilly collar. Unnghhhhhhh **swoons**

. No, Ginger! G Man doesn't want your half eaten pie! He wants fresh, untouched pie!

. Reading that description of pie makes me want some myself. Nummy num num...golden pastry, sweet, crunchy topping, melt-in-your-mouth yumminess...and then...

. "Mum!" he blurted out. He closed his eyes and sighed heavily at his failure.

Mary Ann rolled her eyes and threw the plate with the final slice of pie over her shoulder into the sand.

- I remember laughing so hard the first time I read this. Gilligan with his soulful, pleading eyes, unable to say anything except mum, and then sliding on his knees in despair towards the ruined pie. I could see it all dramatically unfolding in slo-mo!

. There's nothing worse than sand in your pie.

- But then, joy of joys it was all a nightmare! Um, I don't mean I'm glad poor G Man had a nightmare, I'm just glad it WAS a nightmare! Um, wait... no, forget it. you know what I mean. :)

. "Why didn't I let you have any pie?" she asked, confused.

"Because when I was keeping mum, you told me that I should keep my promise to the Professor, but you wouldn't let me have any more coconut crème pie. Or pineapple crème pie!" he lamented, burying his face in his hands.

- See, Mary Ann? It was all your fault for being a devious GIRL!

. And then of course, Gilligan can't shut up.

. At the promise of pie ANYTIME HE LIKES, "his eyes lit up and his face was utterly overtaken by the biggest smile Mary Ann had ever seen."- Otherwise known as The Face. No woman can resist it! And no woman would want to!

G MAN. Doesn't even have to do anything to get a big, fat pie all to himself. What a gangster.

I'm so pleased to see you back. Things have been quietish lately, summer months are always quiet I guess, what with people going on vacations and stuff. I was so sad when your GI stories disappeared, so thank you for returning and re-posting, and hopefully you'll garner some fresh and thoroughly deserved reviews.

Your pal,

Teebolicious :o) xx