Reviews for These Broken Wings: The Case of Michael Mueller
fhl1234 chapter 1 . 4/11/2017
Violence is not a matter that should be taken lightly; it is common for most victims to decide not to press charges in these cases. I hope that he gets what he's always wanted out of life.
Marnie chapter 1 . 11/18/2013
Oh, I love this. I was also snagged by that episode and couldn't stop wondering what happened next - whether it was an accident or not, whether Michael would have the sense to be long gone by the time Curt came out of hospital. He did an excellent job of being both convincingly cowed and sweet and kind of sinister at the same time, I thought, and as I was thoroughly on his side I'm really grateful for a fic to put everything right for him at the end. Thank you!
sacredclay chapter 1 . 7/12/2012
So I'm not the only one who was haunted by the performance of Louis Ferreira's heartbreaking portrayal of Michael Mueller. I didn't realized at that time it was him but nonetheless, the way he showed Michael's victimization without being a wuss was spot on. Still, the story stayed with me simply because I wondered what happened to Michael afterward. Does he stay with his abuser? Does he leaves? I've tried to do a bit of research as to whether there were counseling available to gay victims of domestic battering back in those days, but I couldn't find any, only what's available now. In those days, domestic abuse wasn't so out in the open.
So what was it like from Michael's view? Did he feel even more trapped by the abuse because of his homosexuality? Was he out about it? It's hard for men to admit they're being abused, whether by other men or women. Our society cultural definition of machismo limits how they can reach out for the help that they so desperately need.
Dr. Greene, brilliantly captured here in his caring mode, offer him the light at the end of the tunnel. Greene so desperately want Michael to get help and you've shown him well, the kind of friend that all of us wish we had. Sometimes, the abused don't realize how serious their situation are.
The background story of Michael's is wonderful. The pattern of abuse and the way Michael's resistance was eroded by Curt's insistence is spot on. I love how you've written the story, the momentum never losing the steam. I love how you've added a few details, such as Leo, Dr. Chen, etc. to flesh this out. It's all so seamless. There's not one feeling of being jarred out of reality, as each word is spoken so true and honest. That's the word I'm looking for! Honesty! The whole story reeks of honesty, that this could really have happened. I also have a story about Michael kicking around my head. I sincerely doubt that I could make it work so well on paper as you've done. Kudos to you for the talents you so clearly possess! Mwuah!
Koona chapter 1 . 7/11/2012
I remember Michael... that was such a sad episode. I liked the character, too. It was nice to read about what might have happened to him. Thank you for the story.