Reviews for Nothing Changes
Mary Rose chapter 1 . 11/10/2014
At least this time they'll get rescued sooner. That's something.
Rokimbo chapter 1 . 2/22/2014
I love the pairing of the Professor and Ginger, and you write them so wonderfully! Nicely done!
TorontoBatFan chapter 1 . 8/7/2013
Nice fic.

I guess this is before they find the old airplane hanger that leads to their second rescue. (In "Castaways on Gilligan's Island", I thought that they found it about ten days after being shipwrecked again. So, three weeks after arriving they'd have been home again.)

I did like their mixed feeling about being back on the island versus having civilization not being what they expected. I sort of think that's why the Howells opted to build the hotel there. It allowed the seven of them to essentially stay on the island but still remain in touch with civilization. The best of both worlds, so to speak.

Ginger really would've had culture shock. She was in movies during an era when the types of films were still the essentially innocent films of the 1950's/early 60's. I wonder what she would've thought of the type of "gritty realism" that emerged in the early 1970's under directors like Coppola, Scorcese, Friedkin, Lumet, etc. She might've been shocked but at the same time realized that they were real artists. As well, she would've seen the types of lead actors go from Rock Hudson and Tony Curtis to Robert DeNiro, Gene Hackman and Al Pacino.

I'd love to see you do a follow-up with perhaps Ginger and the Professor having a similar talk after the second rescue when they're essentially living on the island by choice.
Teobi chapter 1 . 7/5/2012
Look at ol' Ginge there, puckering up to plant a wet one on somebody. (Get JWood201 to show you her 'compare/contrast' pictures of Gilligan's facial expressions when he gets a kiss from MA compared to a kiss from Ginger :))

Plus, we totally need PINGER shippers in the fandom. I know someone who will be very happy to see PINGER stories after being force-fed MAG for months; even though she loves it :)

One-lip kissing. Is that like one hand clapping?

I love the dedications, too. Bobby *totally* needs to be thanked just because he existed. And still does, in our hearts. As for Russy, he's still going strong!

Teddy! Of course he'd allow Thurston to be right about everything. He'd be fired if he didn't! As for bringing Teddy on the first trip, they inexplicably brought EVERYTHING with them on the first trip. The tiny Minnow must have been like the TARDIS inside!

Skipper misses skirt. Well, he can always get Gilligan to dress up as Gilliana again. Or maybe not. I don't think he'd ever get that desperate ;P

MA misses having a real oven. Lucky she didn't marry Herbert Rucker, she might have ended up chained to one! (Still think G Man should have proposed to her on the back of the watermelon wagon. After all, she was already in the dress!)

I did feel sorry for them having to start allllll over again when they got re-shipwrecked. I mean, what were the chances. And this time they swam ashore. So they had no luggage, no trunks of spare clothes and jewellery and money. I would have just sat there and cried. Or jumped Gilligan. Or both.

ROY! In the episode Lovey's Secret Admirer, he says "I assure you I am not a seething volcano. At least not where a married woman is concerned!" Which implies he IS a seething volcano where a single woman is concerned. As proven by your sentence here- 'With those seven little words from Ginger's mouth, he had degenerated into a spitting, snarling, green-eyed monster at the very idea of Ginger with another man. With any man who wasn't him.'

- A spitting, snarling green-eyed monster! HINK SMASH! Wait- that's your other story, haha. (Which I can't wait for.)

Mary Ann: "The Professor looks blue."
Gilligan: "You think he has hypothermia?"
*Mary Ann giggles*
Gilligan: "It's no laughing matter, Mary Ann! Hypothermia can be dangerous!" Then he confesses he doesn't know what it is.


"Oh, Gilligan! It's like we've never been away from here!" she declared, squeezing his arm affectionately.- Only Mary Ann would remain resolutely cheerful after being shipwrecked for a second time. Mind you, she's probably just happy to be back with Gilligan!

If there was one thing Gilligan had definitely missed while they had been away from the island, it had been Mary Ann's pie.- Always thinking of food! (He's thinking of food, right?)

Poor Proffy. 'He didn't want to build homes and lives for everyone else again. He wanted to go back to his laboratory and forget about everything.' - Everything except a certain redhaired actress...

The whole scene here with the Professor and Ginger is everything I admire and love about PINGER stories, and the one thing that prevents me from writing one myself. The tenderness and the ability to see inside both Roy's and Ginger's heads and bring out the mutual respect they feel for each other, let alone any other feelings. Their's is a quiet friendship, I think. Roy doesn't race around like Gilligan. Ginger's not as effortlessly perky as Mary Ann. the two of them are older, wiser, they know the world isn't an easy place to live in. And they are outsiders in their own ways. Ginger lived in a bubble in Hollywood and Proffy in an academic bubble inside his own head. But when they share quiet moments like this one in your story, they bring out the best in each other.

I love that Roy went to see Ginger's latest movie. She's delighted, a little surprised, and asks what he thought of it.

"I was proud," he said. She felt her heart swell a little.

"Proud?" she repeated. He nodded.

"That my friend was doing what she loved best," he explained.

ROY! But it's a genuine and heartfelt sentiment, and Ginger can see that right away.

Darnit, they should have had that double wedding on the beach. MAG and PINGER, together forever. And then they could have had those kids Sherwood talked about once, that Bob mentioned in his book. "Let Gilligan's son fall in the lagoon for a change."

Loved this, with love and cake and coconut creme pie. Although I do feel for the poor castaways having to start all over again- except now Roy's got that spring in his step he'll probably have the entire camp constructed by dinner time!