Reviews for Welcome to Olympus High
SexiiFoxii chapter 26 . 6/8
Loved it! That's all I'm gonna say
SexiiFoxii chapter 23 . 6/8
Shiiiiit! they can't hold it in their pants!
SexiiFoxii chapter 20 . 6/8
Omgg *squeals* Nico and Percy are soo CUUTTTTEEE and I just adore Leo!
SexiiFoxii chapter 19 . 6/8
SexiiFoxii chapter 18 . 6/8
Poor Nico... Poor Percy... Poor Leo
SexiiFoxii chapter 16 . 6/8
Haha I get that Twilight reference, Edward stares at Bella a lot when she sleeps lool XD I love how Nico hates Twilight hahaha!
SexiiFoxii chapter 14 . 6/8
I just remembered that percy is only 16...
SexiiFoxii chapter 7 . 6/8
I LOVE your idea of Twilight *signs* if only the movie was actually like that, I can imagine it Captain Jack Sparrow as Edward and Bellatrix as Bella lol XD
Shadowhunterlover 00 chapter 12 . 5/12
This is my FAVORITE chapter!
Lazel Shipper chapter 1 . 4/28
Like how you had Nico and Hazel and Bianca in there nice touch
Darkness Death and Riches chapter 26 . 1/25
It's finished! Nooo! This review is definitely being posted way to late to be relevant, but I love the mortal AU with Nicercy/Percico, Frazeleo, Pipabeth, and the whole gang. It's just too perfect!
Darkness Death and Riches chapter 7 . 1/24
*squeals* I almost don't care about the rest of the story anymore, sexy!cheerleading!Percy is just so sexy! I live it! I live Nicercy!
Darkness Death and Riches chapter 7 . 1/24
"...I doubt you would have noticed if a giant in a ballet-dress with snake feet..." Lol.
I forget his name, but that's a clever reference to Mark of Athena.
DyingInnocence chapter 24 . 9/29/2015
You had Percy referred to as Jackson at the beginning of this chapter.
DyingInnocence chapter 1 . 9/28/2015
Red heads don't go grey.
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