Reviews for The Problems of Staying
frozenheartofdarkness chapter 13 . 3/23
I absolutely love this story so far! it's been amazing and I love that you let us help decide what happens in the story. But I also am sad, wipes away a tear, at the thought of who has to be eliminated. From the first group, I would probally have to say eliminate Elliot, simply because of his closeness to blood..even though our bunny with an identity crisis is sooo cute. I just want to squeeze his ears and pet I feel like Alice. :) From group 2, I would eliminate Gray, although I think you already did from this chapter. But please do not let Boris get eliminated. He is too adorable to go! I also want to be able to see their date- at the pool would be nice. While at the pool, I think Boris should also give alice his "charm" that the role-holders have to give to Alice if they want to marry. I could totally see him giving Alice something like a keep her close. But maybe that's just me. I really want to see what you, as the all-powerful writer decide to use...*no pressure...just make it as cute as Boris is* Elliot's date should be an open field picnic- don't forget his carrot dishes... although I doubt Elliot would let you forget about them. ;P I think that Vivaldi and Alice should go out clothes shopping to find something cute for her to wear on her date with Boris...and get in some quality girl time. While they are at it, maybe they will pick up some additional stuffed animals for Vivaldi. As for Nightmare, I don't know what they should do. I mean, I know that Nightmare already proposed, so maybe they should discuss it. And Alice should try to get to know him better- maybe Nightmare has a date in his future too..

I'm sorry my review is so long...and I don't mean to sound like I'm telling you what to do...because I don't mean to at all. I just wanted to write a review for you since I absolutely love this story thus far and can't wait to see how it turns out. thank you for taking the time to write this story. I'll have to check out your other fanfiction that you have written. Keep up the great work!

Frozenheartofdarkness out for now. Peace and may the force be strong with whatever you do. :D
NessaTheSinner chapter 13 . 3/3
Nightmare should take Alice on a date in the dream realm! Make it her own personal fantasy for the perfect date! Vivladi and Alice should probably spend time just talking through each and every one of her suitors what Alice likes about them what she's afraid about choosing them and all. Elliot and Alice should probably go to town together go out to eat walk around because I feel like Elliot and Alice when they spend time together have that playful just relaxed kind of atmosphere and maybe ice skating? Ice skating seems like a nice activity for couples and you could have Elliot not be able to skate so Alice could see his cute blushing face! I request Julius be brought back as well! You spent too much time building their relationship! She's already comfortable with him and he's completely infatuated with her! She already lives with him they've kissed and before she missed sleeping in his arms! Too much work with those two together to waste! Also I say double eliminate Peter! He's so annoying He's so annoying that big fake!(sorry to all peter fans I just really don't like him)
vampgirliegirl chapter 13 . 3/3
Keep going I LOVE this story!
animefreakwhat chapter 7 . 2/1
Please let it be a AlicexJulius Fan Fiction Story there is not many of those please
Guest chapter 12 . 1/28
plz plz plz bring back Blood
i want hin to win
gabbysqueek chapter 13 . 12/2/2013
I've been reading your story for a very long time and was completely panic struck when you were debating about stopping it. I was going to write a pleading review but instead got my internet turned off. -_- I come back, you updated! Thank you so much! :-) I absoluetly love this story to itsy bitsy pieces and adore your style. Besides that, you are able to write really long chapters (this is a compliment, I promise XD) Also, I don't like Blood either and practically hated him throughout HnKnA. Anywho...
Nightmare stated earlier that being an incubus was starting o show promise because of the special abilities it gave him. Maybe he should use something similar (like another ability of his) to improve his chances with the incharacter Alice. (Good job!)
Vivialdi and Alice should go see the cheesy romance flick that Alice saw with Julius for a bit of girl bonding. The queen should be disguised as no one should know of her secret obsession with cute things.
Definetly pinic, it suits him more.
Boris is almost always at the amusement park, so maybe a change of scenery would help. Besides, I want to see him fish. XD
No ,matter how much I love him, I think Elliot should go. He is Blood's best friend so a clean break would be the kindest.
Gray. I am rooting for Nightmare too much to even contemplate him. (I have a slight Pierce bias though. )
Sorry about the huge review and just for the record, 1) you are spelling torture wrong and it is bothering me a bit 2) freaking love Nightmare, so I am seriously rooting for him. 3) Frances' laugh always make me nervous. It is almost like someone walking int the scene with Miroku's theme playing. XD
Anyway, thank so very much for writing this story!
Miku-chan0948 chapter 13 . 11/16/2013
Gray and Boris please I really lily like Pierce and Julius as well as Elliot so please don't take them away... yet. Ah, but if I chose, I'd like Elliot the best. Gomen if you guys don't like my bias...

Anyway, here's an idea for a new chapter.

In the next chapter, you could make it a little bit of Alice x Peter moments, then Julius and the others would sneak her out again, only to fail and end her up lost in a new place, then she would be recued by our "princes"!

Just a suggestion... /( -_-)/
Animegirl721 chapter 13 . 11/14/2013
Hey, thank you SO much for deciding to continue this story, it means a lot to me.

Any how questions. Nightmare and Alice should ride on giant whales through a sea of rainbow bubbles. (I saw an actual picture of this from one of the games.) Vivaldi and Alice should do a mani-pedi spa day and Alice should wind up looking so drop dead gorgeous the boys jaws will fall to the ground. For Elliot's date and Boris's date refer to my review for the last chapter. Eliminated should be Boris (For some reason, in this story I'm kinda seeing him as a best friend/older brother character and I never got over his lying about not knowing about Alice's marriage) and Gray (I love Alice and Gray but Gray was not in this story enough for me to be able to choose him).

On different, completely unrelated note, the 20th Chapter of On a Clear Day is up with another chapter coming this weekend. And I started an Alice in the Country of Hearts one-shot series called Fantasies of Wonderlanders, look it up. So far it only has one one-shot (a Blood X Alice one-shot, sorry) but again there will be another post for it this weekend. I'd love it if you'd review my stories as well, I'd make me feel special while I've been feeling pretty crummy recently.

Also the Ohonhonhonhon made me go "FRANCIS! QUIT INVADING NON-HETALIA STORIES!"

Final thing I will say here is if you could make a sequel when this is all over of the winner and Alice's married life or something I'd love you forever.

Kisses, Anime-Chan
CeruleanKiss chapter 13 . 11/13/2013
Hey, your three favorites are my three favorites!
I love Boris. Maybe because I also love cats. And riddles. and Mischievous, boyish smiles. *sigh* I can just imagine cuddling up taking a nap with him... he'd be so soft and warm and probably very playful too! Awww I just luv 'im! I would probably chose him, if in Alice's position. And if the twins were older ALL of the time, (cuz it'd be weird to marry little kids) then I'd like them too but probably not as much as I first thought... they don't really know what love is. And I love Julius- except if you marry him, you basically stay cooped up in the Tower all day, and I like exploring and fun and wild things too much to be stuck inside that often. Elliot's pretty cute too :)
Dream with Nightmare: have them talk about HIS interests, not hers; maybe they should cuddle a bit?
Vivaldi and Alice should just... I dunno? Go visit Blood? and then Alice is kidnapped by the twins again and taken BACK to their secret hide out
Elliot date: picnic
Boris date: fishing! and they fall into the lake/pond together and it's adorable! HE NEEDS TO SCORE TONS MORE POINTS!
love your fic! keep it going!
T.M.D chapter 13 . 11/8/2013
Nightmare and Alice go to the beach. Elliot dateshould be open field/picinic and Boris date Pool. The person to elimintion should be Elliot.
Loving potato chapter 13 . 11/8/2013
Do AlicexAce!
sosue16 chapter 13 . 11/6/2013
they could dance or nightmare could show her a palce that she likes or a speacial place that nobody knows but him
alice & vivaldi could have a slumber party they could talk about the role holders traditions & what she likes,dislikes about the guys or they could take a walk around wonderland
elliot date should be in the open field he took her in chap 8 or i think it was a field or medow can't remember
Boris date can be fishing he could try to fish with he hands almost like a real cat & fall into the wáter that whould be so cute
Boris or elliot i can't choose Boris always likes to do dangerous things so what happens if things get out of control & alice ends up hurt,elliot is a bit to loyal to blood so what if some how blood makes elliot think that alice is doing something bad and he belives blood & not alice i really can't choose so i'll vote for either of them both to be eliminated
gray should be eliminated
Aitora x Otaku chapter 13 . 11/5/2013
was that ohonhonhon from France? i burst out laughing when you did that. um...
Nightmare and Alice should see a frozen lake. those are always beautiful.
Viv and Alice should have tea on a swing surrounded by cherry blossoms? Im stuck on that one.
Elliots date should be skiing i want some weird addition like getting snowed in a cabin or something.
Boris' date can be a pool or like a hot tub with a movie.
im not doing eliminations, these are all of my favorites! I cant choose.
Lastly, im stuck with the riddle but i know alice and boris met in the forest with the twins but i dont know the bet. so of course im stuck. as always with riddles and puzzles.
kiss.her.already chapter 13 . 11/5/2013
Hello again! I was really worried that you got sick of your story and would stop writing; I am soo glad you're continuing.
Anyways- I love Boris, Elliot and Julius. I dunno if I could bare to see any of them go. Though if I had to pick... Probably Elliot. So sad, but I LOVE Boris and Julius. Seriously, what I would do to be Alice...
For double eliminations, honestly I can't take Pierce seriously. It doesn't really bother me to see him go. On the other hand, as much as I love Gray, you made it really seem like he could never really care for her, so I am not entirely sure... Probably eliminate Pierce though. I still love Gray.
Also, I don't mean to sound like that really annoying reviewer who pesters authors about updating *cheesy awkward grin* but, do you have any type of updating schedule? You're leaving me in suspense... I can't take take it.
Lastly, thank you so much for continuing, I am so happy! Have a marvelous week!
Bizzarieve chapter 13 . 11/5/2013
I am so glad you are picking this up again by the way, it has yet to lose its charm.
For the eliminations I should have to say Boris and Gray.
Now with Alice's date with Elliot, you should finally tell her what we all have been waiting for, that is an march hare and not a dog. Aswell as manage to find a way to have pinic who his famous carrot dishes out of the grasp of Blood's plotting (he seems to be the kind of person to act if he isn't going to win then nobody shall, and since Elliot is his right hand man it is an act of treachery).
Boris's date should perhaps be like a game of hide and seek, but with Alice being the one who is hiding and it would lead with Boris popping out with romantic jestures that themed with where Alice is before letting her run off again.
With Nightmare I would love to see a reference with diamond no kuni no alice with hime being in his younger form and perhaps created a black and white detective like sitution where Alice gets more of a possibly background of Nightmare from a third person interactive point of view.
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