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kotlcsokeefe chapter 2 . 9/23/2020
Please put it back on here. Some of us can't buy it. We understand but just leave it on here and if you get time you could update. I never got to read it. Friends recommended it but by the time i got here it was gone! Please repost it
Debbie Hicks chapter 2 . 4/20/2020
2. Chapter2. Nightime falls differently then She's Already Soaking but Wet/Drenched oilled/massaged/lotioned/lathered to arms/hands legs/buttocks Twin in front Waxen but Peeled privately with neck blades then Scented ones flys into Commander Strom's nostrils of her rich scents both with milltary oils and more than with Massaged creams more heaviest but more onto her covered body melts as all of it then Flaring in his nostrils smelt her perfume on her you punk crap Where's my kids watching cartoons with him tells her of their own truest rmission Thrusting more than slower deeply power faster but stronger then The more she needs wants desires him her imzadi then suddenly He's Inside her moans then Suddenly loudest fiery passionate but more fiery sounds of her/him moaning kissing her more heated as before fell in love the very first time became Th'yla he could not rest in a Motel bed with his mate he reads of the two he screams loudly T'PRAN! What Isabella Swan with Edward Cullen gasp; he's mating it's Reproduction on her yikes you twit set them up they are in Love oh! oh no Sir! Paul Lahote threw me out who him Native American bad temper married Rachel has kids eight with her is worn out sighten a dog oh no not that but that gulp ulp he was from the planet Vulcan.
Guest chapter 2 . 4/19/2020
2. Chapter 2. Nighttime fallen a young Terran but Human stressed out Couple asleep did their ritual into into into a Largest suite richest but fancy the she's Soaking but Gushing more than as all of it very far as all of it then as all of it raging into someone's nostrils flaring of her scent was rich but powerful the PADD Blinks Isabella Marie Swan daughter of Charlie and Renee hired him to protect and train this young woman to be a fighter is Carlisle's son with siblings they too ere with best friends were trained fighters fell in love with her the day they first met was more attracted but bewitched by her beauty is more than as all of it but right now they are too very far busy Oiled/Massaged/Lotioned/Lathering/As all of it more to her buttocks and arms/;legs/hands fingers and neck face blades then twin both oiled as well waxen to her face/body then suddenly herself needed but wanted but desired him more Wet-Drenches the More he did then suddenly herself Moans very softly but more Sensuously then it had begun then they were in bed Covered in five blankets He's inside her then religiously more Deeply slowly harder then suddenly were Kissing more passionate heated but had a romance and private but more than initmate relationship from a alien planet and world the Vulcans could not rest then suddenly loudest more powerful but stronger sounds the Vulcan first officer who violently just shot awake of Sensuously loudest moans of a Terran woman known as Isabella Marie Swan called Bella was With a Terran man Edward Anthony Cullen was his name they were wild but very young became Th'yla but as imzadi then suddenly he grumbled of their Mating Ceremony he could not sleep at all he smacked himself had very wild dreams of Beautfiul Terran women his mate tired from here shopping for food they were Extraterrestrials they were Vegetarians oh no what is that noise what ids that powerful scent it's rich he was in his 4's looks at it from his journey to the planet Earth their mating drive was Reproduction was it's name Sonvok was with their bodyguard a tall muscular man Paul Lahote buiult from trainig had a beer in one hand who violently just as all of it drank then who heard moans of Bella Swan who spat out his beer hired her to babysit their eight rowdy kids a Dog barking it was pet friendly.
Debbie Hicks chapter 2 . 4/19/2020
2. Chapter 2 it's Night in a ;largest Motel room a young couple doing ritual to each other they were Covered in three with mating sheet asleep but more tired Wet but more drenching she's private so he Soon' he's inside her by force kissing more sweetly She's Gushing but More Soaking as all of it flaring into Commander Strom's nostrils of her sweetest rich scents of her from both then Deeply thrusting slowly but lighter then suddenly Squishing from here as all of it Moans of her while asleep then as all of it still suddenly it came the real thing more than Moving inside her then Oils/massages/lotioning/lathering to scented ones to milltary ones in case then so they then Still moving inside her as all of it she is very sexy tough but lethal but beautiful far mostly fiercer but a Starfleet marine undercover but on leave tired out stressed from fighting MACO bound lady to boot she's armed a fearless warrior woman so they so they new teenaged bodyguards aliens/Vulcans Sonvok's ears sharper hears her voice then suddenly horrified by reporting to Captain Solok of Vulcan then her loud voice was heard then oh no not them Sir! I Can't sleep of this couple are doing their reproduction What?! crap they are mating what is that sweet scent onto her oh god them are Dating but fell in love then Sill Moving slowing more deeply thrusting then a scream of Bela Swan was her name was with Edward Cullen herself was with her imzadi he was so bewitched of her looks so beautfiul but sexy herself was drawn to him herself was too tired out cold looks loike in hr teens with him forever oh god that is her they were on a quest into a Unicat.
Debbie Hicks chapter 2 . 4/19/2020
2. Chapter 2. Nightime enters moans of her: Bella Swan daughter of Charlie and Renee then She's Soaking but Gushing more in a Motel bed is Covered She's wet but Drenching from their both then Soon , He's Inside her finally it happened kissing more passionate Moving slowly thrusting to here after more than very fiery scented but richest Oiling and Massaging lotioning/Lathering and Creaming Scented ones began to fire up then arms/legs and hands fingers buttocks neck body as wholliest far as all to Twin shining are more than Waxen more than as all of it As well waist as all of it smelt richest sweeten like fire Far as all of it then Squishing as all moving differently and as harder then asleep then then The Vulcans heard her loudest moans of Bella Marie Swan had a fiery telepathically heated but passionate Intimate Relationshop with Edward Cullen like William T Riker and Deanna Troi then voices caused Sonvok horrified of his bodyguard Paul Lahote was drunk on beer drunk orders Dawn Read Spier liked kids got into things like talking then Voices of them louder but it was too late then Loudest by now too late then it was too late they ere into bed then far too late Slowly but deeply harder more then caused Strom to wake up from bed heard her moans from he the too late they were Mating too much as all of it could not stop.
Debbie Hicks chapter 2 . 4/19/2020
2. Chapter 2-Wodan Nighttime Again a young couple In bed with help of three then from he hottest heated most SAensuously Asian Shower Wet and Drenching She's Soaking then Gushing more then More oiled but as all of it Msassaged but Lathering lotioning creaming as all of it then Covered with twenty thin sheets/thirty three with him then as well then Soon, moving Inside her then then
Debbie Hicks chapter 1 . 4/18/2020
1. Chapter 1.
Nighttime falls on two then herself Moans more Sensuously She's Gushing more to him She's Soaking from the shower Oils/Massages to her wholliest but fulliest Scented but more creamed body/buttocks arms/legs feels sexiest to him is very mostly too than beautfiul Covers front of twin oiled massaged twins to scented ones to buttocks feels very loved to him rounded firmer to her back as all of it Sixteen sheets Darker but firmer long thicker but sexy bangs of own hair falls wet then drenching more then covers bodies then he's Still Moving more harder faster slow but kissing more symbolized with eighteen blankets then her Sensuously moans He's inside her more she Wants she Needs He's inside her but very more Moves deeply Still moving religiously she's asleep then She's More than very as all of it Overheating While within him her feels Aroused but horny on him He's Moving deeply but softer She's ready to breed on him and moans onto him then Still more than very as all of it Thrusted deeply slowly holy but while healing more but ease then too late Screams out in lust but desire harder Sonvok hears her cries of it was reproduction from humans reported they are stranded on Earth from a alien planet and world hears a couple did ritual Strom grumbles hears finally Bella Swan's very more fiery but passionate Sensuously telepathic loud moans heaviest with Edward Cullen her imzadi surrenders but gave up Soul and Body forever within her brain is Telepathic it said From her closed lips the day they met Do You Remember What I Taught you imzadi Can you Still Sense my own thoughts then it happened they were in love with each other now in bed together Wet to more drenched her Loud cries was more powerful oh no not them then too late hired them to guard them in times of trouble by the Cullens were a fiercer Starfleet MACO fighter group undercover family he is falling in love with the daughter of a Chief and his wife he's perfect like William T. Riker and Deanna Troi had a powerful but telepathic Initmate relationship like them hired bodyguards three with wives with her valet as well oh no he gulps of one Paul hears While drinking beer loud noises moans of her with him.
eMMA chapter 2 . 4/11/2019
Duenan102 chapter 2 . 12/30/2018
I read this story a while back and wanted to reread. It was great read. I enjoyed it, so this sucks for me, but I am definitely proud that your going after your dreams and I do hope you publish. Hopefully I’ll see you on amazon and can buy your story. See ya round
rainbow tsb chapter 2 . 7/26/2018
NetNet13 chapter 1 . 5/14/2018
Exciting and congrats! Can't wait for SoCal too
Fleur50 chapter 1 . 5/14/2018
Bonne chance!
blonderomanoff chapter 1 . 5/9/2018
i requested on ur fb page! pls accept i really want to read :)
NY13 chapter 1 . 5/3/2018
Good Luck in all your endeavors!
elizabeth bennette chapter 2 . 5/3/2018
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