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EllieRose101 chapter 46 . 5/23/2014
Noooooo! *cries*
ginar369 chapter 46 . 5/23/2014
Oh holy crap.

Ben you little worm. You just traded 6 billions lives for a chance to live. Do you honestly think Glory will keep her word? And even if she does what right do you have to consign all those people to death? Not just the people on earth but all the lives on all the planets in all the other dimensions and universes? And she'll give you what? One little planet with some humanoid life forms? Trillions, hundreds of trillions lives lost for what? Oh you are going to burn in hell for this. It would have been a far nobler fate to to go to hell now for the lives you took with the Quellor. You might have managed to be released from hell in a few decades or centuries. But now? You'll never get out.

Well Travers is a cold hearted bastard. And Joyce wasn't far behind. I know it was just concern for Buffy and the other kids that made her suggest that. I know once it's over she will probably regret saying it but still harsh. Travers on the other hand would not. He's been fighting the war between good and evil too long. It has warped him, making him able to kill innocents to win a battle. Doesn't he understand that makes him just as evil as the evil he is trying to stop? He doesn't know who the key is. It could be an innocent child and he would still order their death.

Joyce doesn't understand what has been happening. Yeah because Buffy and the gang haven't kept her in the loop. But if she knew and if her mind was functioning properly I don't think she would have made that suggestion. Or maybe she would have. She loves her daughter and I don't doubt that even if she didn't have a tumor she would want to do anything to prevent Buffy from going up against Glory.

Glory has Spike. And it looks like the gang is out of commission for a while. Or at the very least Buffy is.
Caskett93 chapter 46 . 5/23/2014
I almost thought that you forgot of this fic..
I love your works and I like to read this story so much!
Very good job!
I'll be waiting for the next chapter *-*
omslagspapper chapter 46 . 5/23/2014
haha every time you start a sentence with Dawn i'm always like whoa dawn arrived just like on the shoooowww but then i realise she hasn't actually shown up and i'm perfectly ok w/ that

the joyce spike relationship is getting mighty angsty with all this "he should die" stuff that joyce is tossing around haha


i'm V nervous for the next chapter!
DidiSummers chapter 46 . 5/22/2014
Interesting that talk between Glory and Ben in their mind... The battle is starting... Got a little confused with the las lines, B is reaching for S hand, right? And some dudes are taking someone away, that someone was a boy or Spike? I really got confused with that S

see ya! :D
Onlyabrit chapter 45 . 5/18/2014
These are unbelievable stories, I read them all over this weekend... I love them, you kept them in cannon almost and you made it your own story as well... VERY WELL done!
EffulgentlyDani chapter 45 . 5/8/2014
Definitely looking forward to finding out what the poisoned blood is going to do to Spike...but uh-oh, Glory's already guessing that Spike is the key? That can't be good. Way to get us prepped for the big bad battle, Sweet! Eagerly awaiting the next.
Loven your work chapter 1 . 5/3/2014
I have now finished reading all your works on . I love everything you have written. You have a unique ability to get into the hearts and minds of the characters and tweak them, with love, to fit new and different works. Your pacing and dialogue are perfect. Descriptive and setup scenes work beautifully and occasionally you pull a huge surprise right in the middle of a scene that I just knew I knew where it was going. And I was so wrong cause "wow" didn't see it coming. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into your work. Since I have finished all of them, like, what am I going to do now? Sigh!
EffulgentlyDani chapter 30 . 5/5/2014
Your AU Xander just totally redeemed canon Xander for everything I resented him for, lol. This is how the character deserved to be written. Love.
AGriffinWriter chapter 45 . 5/4/2014
Finally have some free time to review, and this chapter is great! It has that anticipatory feel to it - like, we're almost there, we're readying the attack. Ooh... the key and the bad blood are having a tussle? Always so excited to read your works, Sweet. :)
mcrmyrangerbabe chapter 44 . 5/1/2014
Oh wow the tension is ratcheted way up there and it's all gonna kick off, yeah I'm now doing my 3Rd night in a row of staying up til stupid o'clock clock cos I need to know what happens...
mcrmyrangerbabe chapter 34 . 5/1/2014
Stupid council
mcrmyrangerbabe chapter 21 . 4/30/2014
I've been so into this story that I've been tardy with reviews so I apologise for that, however the whole tara family deal was perfect an poor spike with all the memories of his own mum's illness and death but now feeling it fresh over with a new soul, and buffy coping remarkably well, the scoobies are all binding and bonding brilliantly with spike and buffy then Joyce and Giles relationships melding in pretty much seamlessly, joyces misgivings are natural and to be expected but she'll come round with exposure, seeing and experiencing spike and buffy being happy, how they deal with the small and the huge stuff will ease the mother hindbrain in a way that no rationalisation or talking can. Then Joyce. cancers awful, I can't imagine how it feels to suffer it, but I can say to watch and nurse mothers and close relatives through it knowing its all so futile is devastating and terrifying. and I'm thinking a few of them are overdue a meltdown or three..
then glory :( I hate her I hope it goes differently in your version...
Illusera chapter 45 . 4/29/2014
It feels like things are coming to the end for Ben. If he really hates Glory so much, I wonder if he might rebel at the last minute. I kind of doubt it though, just thinking out loud... whatever Spike took in with Buffy's blood can't be good. I'm worried about what it means since it still seems to be "there".
EllieRose101 chapter 45 . 4/29/2014
I started reading Uncontrollable about a month ago, on someone's recommendation. So glad I did! All 3 fics in the series are great, and I really wanna see how the ends, but I don't want it to end. Just loving the whole thing. Oh, and Living Conditions, too. Wonderful!
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