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austexfan chapter 38 . 10/1/2013
Great chapter. Poor Tara with a target on her back now !
jewel74 chapter 38 . 9/26/2013
Oh, Tara..
I always felt sorry for her, now even in a story I keep feeling sorry.. for she is the vulnerable one. Buffy is the slayer, Spike is the vampire, Willow has her powerful magic, Xander and Giles are untouchable for some reason, but Tara?
skeezixx chapter 38 . 9/22/2013
I liked the intensity of the scene when Joyce was being attacked. When she comforted Buffy afterwards with “It's okay, my baby. It's okay” I teared up!

I think one of my favorite parts of this story is the fact that everyone works together all the time, for example, the way that Tara and Anya immediately volunteer to help clean up so that Spike and can a shower and the way everyone is balancing crazy schedules to help cover the gallery, take care of Joyce, etc.

Oh, oh. Totally worried about Tara now, but very happy that I've finally caught up with this story! :)
skeezixx chapter 37 . 9/22/2013
Like the coziness and craziness of everyone cooking dinner together. Had to smile when Giles decided to open the wine at 9am. I know you needed to move the story along, but I would have liked to have seen more of this day.

Wow, I can't believe Ben let all those people die . . .

Heartbreaking that Joyce didn't remember Giles except as Buffy's high school librarian, but I really loved the touching scene between Giles and Buffy afterwards.

Great idea to have Spike help out at the gallery by acting more refined. His exchange with Anya made me smile.
skeezixx chapter 36 . 9/22/2013
I like the way you show the passing of time in the first section of this chapter.

"I love you, too. Go pick up groceries." I love Anya, this line pretty much sums up the daily reality of relationships. :)

Wow, this was true, but harsh, poor Buffy! I liked getting Joyce's perspective on things again. “ . . . why some ex-demon in a human girl's face is more daughter to me than she is lately.”

"You don't have stealth mode." Spike muttered. " 'Cept around me, when you sneak up behind me, it's bloody annoyin'." :)

Great job with showing Joyce's craziness and how difficult it is for Buffy to handle it. That was kind of a difficult scene to read.
skeezixx chapter 35 . 9/21/2013
Liked the whole interaction between Spike and Anya when she exposes the fact that his snarkiness is a defense mechanism.

"I remember the fun days when dimensions used to stick to math problems, like 'how many pieces of cardboard does Timmy need to make his fort in the following dimensions?'." :)
skeezixx chapter 34 . 9/21/2013
After seeing how hopeless Buffy got in the last chapter, it was great to see her so spunky around Travers.

Ha,ha,I guess Spike liked her banter and snark just as much as I did! These scenes definitely breathed new life into the story after the depressing stuff with Joyce.

I love Anya in this story and how she's doing everything she can to help Joyce. Liked the fact that she picked up on the fact that Giles is ruthless under his calm exterior.

Wow, that scene with Xander and his parents was fantastic! I liked seeing him in that context as it added a lot to his character. It was a very sad scene, but also inspiring to see him stand up for himself and feel confident in who he is and what he wants.

"I know." Buffy groaned. "I could tie him to something. He'd break free though. Plus, he might kind of like it." :)

I love this line. It not only made me smile, but it says so much about these two and their strengths: "Not to make you mad, but I suddenly see Travers' point." Willow admitted. "You don't sound very slayer-like, and I don't sound super sidekick-y."

"I told you he recognized you." Buffy muttered. LOL! These two are so cute sometimes.

The fact that Travers wanted to give Buffy the information but was only upset that he couldn't do it and save face at the same time surprised me. I had really expected him to be up to something nefarious.
skeezixx chapter 33 . 9/21/2013
Wow, I wasn't expecting everyone to find out about Spike's soul in such a nonchalant way, but I like your choice to do it the way you did.

Great job showing Buffy's numbness and helplessness in the beginning part. I liked Giles little pep talk.

Such a sweet moment with everyone in Joyce's room. I like that she's such a central figure in the story and in each of the character's lives.

Grrr! Travers!
Illusera chapter 38 . 9/17/2013
It's great that Xander's being supportive of Anya's business stuff. _

Man I freaked out when the queller went after Joyce! I figured it would go after her sooner or later since her mind is damaged too, but it was still tense. But now I'm worried for Tara _ She's strong in her own right, but she really is the gentlest one of the group...
Illusera chapter 37 . 9/17/2013
Tara and Anya's reactions to Spike in sophisticated Victorian mode were brilliant _ If Giles and/or Xander were there they would have never let him hear the end of it. Buffy, Xander and Willow had a nice moment. Sometimes it's just nice to sit with your first friends.
Guest chapter 34 . 9/16/2013
Ooohhh, I love that opening. Gooooo Buffy!

"More than half of the people in the psych unit were found wandering around in the district below the Cordette Zone."
"The what?"
"Oh, sorry, right, that's what Xander and I used to call the swanky neighborhood where Cordelia and all her rich friends lived."
- Cute line, also basic detective work. They really did very little of that in the show, I always forget that until I read a fic that points it out. They just sort of drifted about until something too big to ignore smacked them in the face most of the time.

Not a demon, no demon blood, and- and not evil. She can't make me evil. She can't mess with my mind and make me tap into something ancient, using my voice for whatever voice she's missing. Can she?
- Oooooo, I like that. A very real fear based on Willow and Taras' deductions. Good add.

Anya considered, then shook her head. "No... He can be ruthless whenever someone's a real threat to Buffy, or one of us. Or Joyce, now, I guess. Trust me, I did a thousand years of people watching. I may not get when you're supposed to shut up or why it's rude to say what you know everyone else wants to say, but I know the inside parts of people. It's why I fell madly in love with you, even though you were sort of dorky."
- That was a long quote, but I do love the way your Anya operates.

Hmmmm, there's a sense of dread coming over me as Xander enters his parents house. This is going to be unpleasant.

I want to Anya her to marry me." (That can't be right.)
Also, yup lots of bad going on in this scene.

The parental breakup, nice scene overall. It's that kind of scene that was missing from Xanders' character development in The show. (Willows' as well come to think of it. They both kind of did the growing up thing circuitously.)

"It's a kid hobby- no offense. I just mean, um- I've outgrown it. Even though it's cool."
- I wanted to take offense here, I was starting to feel a bit offended, but then I realized something, (beyond that it's a foolish reason to take offense.) I haven't bought a comic book in over 10 years. It kinda boggles my mind because I collected like crazy while I was growing up, but I haven't read a comic book in a long, long time. This is hardly germane to anything to do with this story, it just kinda thunderbolted me.

"I mean- she'll be sick. Longer." And until she's better, I won't stop thinking about how sick can turn into dying. I hate that part of mortality.
- Ah Anya, it was her monolgue that killed me in the episode "The Body" (at least I think that was the episode.) "No language in front of the customers.". Anya kills me.

"Well..." Buffy finished her drink and deliberated. "That's what makes us the best. We have the element of surprise." She said staunchly, injecting a little lilt into her voice.
- The whole Buffy Willow conversation was good, but that was the line I dug the most.

Uhhhh, I'm not even done reading about the group dressing Travers down and I had to break into my reading and tell you how much I am smiling at my screen right now.

This wasn't supposed to happen. He needed to give her this information, it was the only chance for her to go in prepared, fully armed. But he had been losing face with the Council for over a year as the Slayer remained outside of their control, without even a proper Watcher keeping track of her. How was he supposed to know that the biggest bargaining chip in the world- Work for us again and I'll tell you everything I know about Glorificus- was going to be scorned?
- That was really a good look into Travers' head during what was all around an awesome scene.

Oh you write a great smug Travers. He even redeemed himself at the end there.

You are an a roll Sweet, that's like 13 tremendous chapters of story in a row or something.

A plump juicy Grapefruit lightly, lightly dusted with sugar waiting on a tray bedside the moment you wake up.
Sirius120 chapter 38 . 9/15/2013
Talk about event converging! I'm sitting here biting my nails like I'm watching a Hitchcock suspense movie, thinking I know what everything's converging towards. And yet, there is another twist in the story. I love that you're mirroring canon to this extent. It makes it feel real.

I'm glad they all wind up at Revello Drive at essentially the same moment. It's so important that they share certain experiences, and their concern for Joyce, and what she ultimately means to each of them, strengthens their bonds to one another with each event. Like in S7, when everyone ends up living in the house together.

Best line of this chapter goes to Anya, for wanting to move to a war torn area to live a more predictable life than in Sunnydale.

I'm worried about Tara being mistaken for the Key. In canon, Glory tortures Spike and he basically only survives because he's a vampire. Does Tara even a stand a chance? Or is Glory just going to turn her crazy immediately like on the show? I hope Tara puts up some kind of magical fight, or that Glory gets "sick" from Tara's ancient powers or something.

And is Willow's magical cleaning a cause for concern? I want to say no, because if there's ever a time to use powers, it's to deal with the after effects of demonic activity. On the grand scale of magical ethics, this is far more appropriate than magicking party decorations. But then again, this may be the start of a slippery slope of magicking household tasks.
writerdragonfly chapter 38 . 9/15/2013
Awesome chapter.

Buffy and Spike's conversation. Ugh.

/"I do. I do one right thing. One purely good, beautiful right thing. I do loving you and fighting with you. For you. Not leaving you. That's my right thing. You're my right thing, Buffy."

And suddenly, all the wrong things either of them had done, the mistakes they made, drifted away.

There was peace./

Loved that. Lovely.
xXxblacklilyxXx chapter 38 . 9/14/2013
More semi-cliffhangery goodness as usual. Thoroughly enjoyed the chapter :)
Fumi Raisin chapter 38 . 9/13/2013
If Dawn had even a bit of the power Tara had, she wouldn't have been as big a pain in the neck. _
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