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Glitter Queen chapter 188 . 7/17
Just to let you know Jane must be so thrilled that studying neutrinos & muons (and this is for real, see CNN posted a latest science article dated July 12, 2018) that scientists at the IceCube Detector at the South Pole Station detected for the first time the location of the origin of “Ghost Particle” subatomic particle called a Neutrino detected 3.7 billion light years from Earth. Now Jane has to get her and Löki back to Earth to take a bow. I don’t understand all in the very interesting article, I’m not a scientist, but it’s at least worth a look. Ninepen you did it again. Go to the South Pole website and look at the IceCube detector.
It’s so cool to read her fascinating story and tie it in to an actual scientific fact especially since it is happening right now. How about that! I will be interested to see if anyone will be following up. I’ve learned a lot from this story. Now we just have to find the other Eight Realms.
Star chapter 132 . 7/17
I remember doing something similar to Loki when I was little, but I cut a hole in my couch with a scissors instead of drawing a triangle on a couch.
lucel18 chapter 167 . 7/15
Life with Loki was quite an adjustment for Jane. Now life without? Another adjustment, especially when she just got used to his presence. Things probably will never return to “normal” for Jane. What is normal for her anyway? Maybe a time before she met Thor or has anything to do with him, but even then, she was no ordinary person. She was way ahead of a lot of scientists of her time. Anyway..gotta stop before I fan-girl over one of my favorite MCU characters. Lol. That’s why I just love reading your fic when it features her and her brilliance.
As for Tony’s way of reassurance to Erik that Jane is fine? Lol! but that is just so Tony. Love that you always write these characters as canon as possible.
Lying naturally for Jane is, undoubtedly, thanks to Loki’s influence, but she’s definitely still a novice. They’ve been close for a couple of months. So at least one of his traits are bound to rub off on her.
I wonder if Erik will ever forgive Loki for what he had done to him. It’s just sad for Jane who cares deeply about both of them.
Seeing his flesh and blood in the Jotuns must have been really hard for Loki, especially seeing his biological mother, but I gotta give him credit for holding himself together despite the warring going on inside him.
Jane mattered to him. I knew that..i’m just so happy that he thought it. Lol.
Thank you for this chapter!
Maia2 chapter 188 . 7/14
No, Loki! Go see Jane. Spend time with her here and then back on Earth! Well, at least he acknowledges that's what he wants, even if he refuses to follow through.
Kudos to Thor for listening to Loki's advice.
I bet Frigga and Jane could spend months exchanging stories.
Guest chapter 20 . 7/13
I figured it was about time I reviewed after speeding through so many chapters. Now, where to begin?
The detail and research you put into this is astounding. All the small things, the chores, the schedules just make it feel so real, it's absolutely delightful. I must admit the cleaning bathroom scene was one of my favorites so far, just imagining Loki's revolted face. Though the best parts in general to me are the ones when Loki is having the time of his life by lying and manipulating Jane, when he has to hold back laughter and pride at how good he thinks he's doing. It's just... So Loki, the way he is proud of his work. God of mischief indeed and I am living for it.
Now, I do have a question, one you've probably answered before. That part of Loki's speech when he claims to be focused and not simply selfish... was that just more clever manipulation or is that something you think about the character yourself? I certainly can see that being true along with the later part of said focus mostly being towards his own wants and needs. I just thought it was very interesting analysis of such a complex character, it really stuck with me.
The Richmaster chapter 161 . 7/12
that is such a brilliant subversion of Loki's expectations
The Richmaster chapter 160 . 7/11
that little bit of spite at the end of the meeting was good and Eir makes things good as usual
The Richmaster chapter 159 . 7/11
I love all the button-pushing going on in this scene and both of them were brilliantly well-worded
The Richmaster chapter 158 . 7/11
seeing Loki Loki his way through life is pretty fun and I particularly liked the way things are at the South Pole
The Richmaster chapter 156 . 7/9
that was just an amazing until next time type of scene
The Richmaster chapter 155 . 7/9
Loki was just so much fun here; it's good to see him do more than brood
The Richmaster chapter 154 . 7/9
the way Loki turned up just as they were talking about his plays for control worked really well
nathanthewise chapter 1 . 7/8
Your story is amazing! I can't even put into words how great it me, this is the new canon, the movies are just AU's ;P. And the relationship between Jane and developed so beautifully into something so intimate and respectful and filled with understanding...I can't help but hope for something romantic in the future but a lack of romance would in no way diminish how meaningful their connection is, so I wouldn't be THAT disappointed if it didn't XD. Also, all the little details you put in this world you created...I can't imagine how many hours you spent imagining these realms and places and putting it into words that makes it so easy for us to feel as though we had been there ourselves. God I would love to visit them if they where real...just BRAVO! But not just the places and their different historical backstories are fantastic; its peoples and original characters have long become old friends to me as a reader, that I will dearly miss once this story ends (which is hopefully never). Even the animals...I mean winged horses!? How amazing is that! I kind of got it in my head that Loki will take Jane on a ride on one of those and get her to the stars when he can't get the stars to her...but that's just my shipper heart speaking XD.
What I also love is how you have so many other stories featuring in the world of "Beneath" like Trials, another story I adore. It's very interesting to see how the characters developed during these past 1050 years or so... What stuck in my mind was Odin in Trials calling Loki's logic "Thor would never have been in the library if it weren't for me" wrong to then promptly tell Thor in Beneath a few chapters back that "You would never have gone to Jotunheim if it weren't for Loki"... Odin is totally trying to always make Loki look bad and in the process doesn't even realize how he contradicts himself. Or Odin used to be someone who actually saw Thor and his mistakes and then for some reason (Baldur's death maybe?) learned to turn his blind eye in Thors direction later on and instead just make Loki the scapegoat for whatever mistakes Thor made. But it's hard to completely hate Odin because you gave him as well a very complex character with just as many goos sides as bad ones.
I'm very sorry to hear about the health issues in your family...I really hope it turns out alright...take all the time you need, we'll all wait patiently!
The Richmaster chapter 153 . 7/8
everything here is just brilliant; the subtext and inner thoughts in particular work well
The Richmaster chapter 152 . 7/8
I love how they're ;earning more of Midgard's methodoligies
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