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megumisakura chapter 193 . 10/20
Great chapter!
Laura chapter 193 . 10/20
I really loved this chapter too especially the tiger momma Frigga moment when she got mad at Farbauti and her treatment of Loki. I really cant wait their meeting and conversation. I wonder if we get more information about jotuns and why Farbauti abandoned Loki. Also her seeing Frigga who actually behaves like a mother to her jotun son. And I wait for her meeting with Thor and I hope more people will realize how similar Loki to Farbauti. It is kinda ironic how the most competent son who could actually lead the jotuns is the one she threw out. I still adore how much Frigga loves, protects and tries to accept Loki the way he is (even if it is hard for her) while Farbauti just kinda looks at Loki like he is a strange specimen. And I hope we can meet with Loki's brothers later on and see how they cope with their mother being the queen and that their older brother is alive. I also hope that Loki manage to give some encouragement to Helbindi and put his youngest brother in his place.

And I wonder if others will get to know that Loki is a jotun or not and how they will react to it, especially the warriors three and those who talk badly about Loki because he wanted to destroy Jotunheimr.(not like they really care about jotuns but they like to use them as an excuse to justify the war)
ladymouse2 chapter 193 . 10/20
You're going to be sick of seeing my name pop up in the comments but I had another little thought after some other comments about whether Odin saw Loki's "bad" in the light of his being Jotun. You've given only swift flashbacks to an event that occurred when Loki was 3; Frigga's unequivocal response to Loki's question when he began to talk-age 3, Odin's remembering the warm little body in his arms as he brought him to the weapons vault (to close contact with the Casket of Ancient Winters, I presume) and Frigga relating how later Odin cried at causing Loki pain at that age (or was it at 5?) trying to make him revert. Something as pivotal happened as Baldur's death, but which scarred and affected both parents' perception of Loki more than the toddler Loki himself. I also wonder how much that viewpoint affected the judgement in Balder's death, not to mention Odin's attitude thereafter.

I cling to the image of Odin's solitary-and shamed-tears, as the genuine truth that at least at some point he actually loved Loki. Dare I hope for more lowering of barriers in future?
ladymouse2 chapter 193 . 10/18
um...sorry to butt in again, but I neglected the OTHER moment that broke my heart. Frankly, I forgot it because it's so subtle and fast and my previous rant on this chapter, 193, was already too long.

When Odin reaffirms that in bringing the Jotuns, it will be Thor's responsibility-and possible blame-not Loki's at all. Thor is momentarily frowning and irritated, then he sees Loki smirk at him sidelong and his thought is "perhaps everything would be all right after all". For an instant it probably felt like old times, the two of them on the carpet before Odin each pointing blame. Ah yes, a glimpse of his "little brother" he still has hope is in there.

Poor Thor is so far at sea and so badly out of his depth and he just wants his family back amid the upheaval. He's not even close to as guilty as Odin and Frigga and of them all, he's trying and way out of his comfort zone. Thor, you poor dear, you can glue a broken pot back together; it can even hold water again...but it will never be the same pot it was.
female'wraith chapter 193 . 10/20
Loki is so in love with Jane:) I am sure he and Third can share:)
MacMhuirich chapter 193 . 10/18
I know...mea, maxima culpa: aeons have passed since I last reviewed a Beneath chapter. You can't see me bt I assure you I'm blushing with shame.
Love this story so much I'm always impatiently looking forward to the next chapter before I eve finish reading the last line of the current one!
Don't know how you do that, but being the reader, well, I felt like being there, just like Jane, invited to hear the whole private meeting. I'm curious about Loki's self contol when all parties to the treaty meet. Will his distrust for Farbauti be founded or not? And how will both Frigga and Farbauti interact when they meet again under the current circumstances?
Odin impresses me more and more as the story evolves. He's finally making an effort to really "see" his second son and why he struggles.
"Bad Times at the El RoyaleI'm now spending 2 weeks in CA and I'm seeing posters everywhere in LA. I hadn't heard/read/seen anything yet of this movie at home.
And next, on to your new story "Jane".
RosePearl chapter 193 . 10/17
"Run away with me and never look back."..."Everything else compared to that was a trifle. Inconsequential."

This made me swoon a little. Just brilliant.

I keep waiting for Frigga to confront Jane about her intentions toward her sons. I definitely thought that was about to happen when they were heading to Jane's chamber. I can just see the chagrin on Jane's face. LOL!
kmikaberidze26 chapter 193 . 10/17
This was such an interesting chapter! So peace and quite is over and we're back to business lol.

Poor Loki has to deal with his issues again. Considering his mental state after meeting with Farbauti, he must have struggled a lot during this whole discussion. I guess his mental struggle and general hatred for Frost Giants also clouded his rationality? I mean, of course there were risks involved, but he was only trying to convince himself that the answer should be no regardless of all the benefits. I was wondering if he was concerned about Frost Giants actually disrupting the peace or was it just his personal grudge against them and didn't want them near Asgard? Maybe bit of both. Despite this, near the end of the discussion he felt more at ease maybe and decided that the best solution would be accepting the request.

I love how you keep going back and bringing up some things of the past. It seems long ago, but it shows that every action has a consequence. Now that I think about it, Loki acted pretty recklessly back then trying to accomplish his goal and didn't even consider what could follow. I'm concerned
what Farbauti has up to her sleeve and how it can affect him. I'm feeling kinda nervous about the whole thing now lol.

Okay I really don't understand Odin at all. I mean he made some huge mistakes with Loki in the past, but hasn't he learned anything? I get that it takes time but I hoped he'd understand his son better and take another approach but as was evident in this chapter, he's still the same. He needed some insight, but didn't even realize how much it affected Loki and how he was hurting. Frigga on the other hand realized something was wrong and tried to help him. She's also struggling on her own and I'm so glad she talked to Jane. She really needed to hear what Loki had to say to Farbauti about her.

For last, you're making it really hard to stay a neutral shipper in this story. I've always been on the canon side in anything I've ever watched but you're making me switch sides lol. I mean "run away with me a don't look back" speaks a lot to me and was this second time he thought something similar? First one being something about cottage in Alfheim if i remember correctly. Does he even realize he has such a strong feelings for her?

This came out longer than intended and so many questions too. Sorry about that, hope you don't mind it too much. Thank you for your admirable dedication to this story and for making out lives more exciting. I'm looking forward to next chapters!
Glitter Queen chapter 192 . 10/16
I’ve been thinking on your remarks about whether a person would want to live 5000 years or more after eating Idunn’s Apple. Aside from a vast change in the body’s biology, the change I think would be in the mind’s perception of time. When you think about how to measure time in minutes, hours, days, etc, and it stretches out endlessly, how do you conceive it in terms of how to fill that time with activities? Do you get bored, do you feel that time is passing different completely than before the Apple or will you finally wish after say a thousand years, consider it just too much? The passing of everyone you know going before would be very difficult to deal with. So, unless you’re well educated or someone who has the potential to contribute to the endless years by advancing civilization, it would be a curse.

I know it’s plugging Stalrua’s story, “The Writing on the Wall”, deals with just that subject. Löki comes to earth during the time of the Vikings and gives a Viking Jane an Apple and the tragic consequences of that action and what follows. I seems a subject for humans to ponder for generations to come.

I suppose, after that psychological dilemma, a good therapist, if there’s any around, may be of benefit. So, my point is, unless you have something to fill all those endless years, what’s the point.
Maia2 chapter 193 . 10/17
Yikes. This was hard and painful... and no one from Jotunheim has even arrived. I felt really bad for Loki, I am glad Jane was there. They should totally run away together, explore the galaxies. hee.
I also liked that Frigga is struggling with this. Seems realistic.
RosePearl chapter 191 . 10/17
This was a great chapter. One of my favorites! I loved the "I'm only at peace because you're herehit me right in the feels! There were a number of "aww" moments in this chapter but that one stands out. Now the question is, when is Jane going to stop being so dense and realize she's in love with Loki (and he with her for that matter)? Or perhaps she's being deliberately obtuse so she doesn't have to face the difficult position that revelation would place her in. Back to the issue of complicated relationships!
I know you must be looking forward to wrapping up this story, and while I'm looking forward to the conclusion as well, I will be incredibly sad once it's over. That is testament to your skill as a writer! Thanks for your dedication to this story.
BreakingMyHeart chapter 193 . 10/16
I just want Loki and Jane to get together. It's obvious he is head over heels. They've built up a trusting and healthy relationship and I just want them to suck face... ya killing me smalls
Huginn89 chapter 193 . 10/16
Reading your fic makes me so glad LOL
The brainstorm of different ideas and points of view in this chapter was so accurate for every character. And yes, it is getting quite similar to Game of Thrones haha
Guest chapter 193 . 10/15
What an amazing chapter. I think the stand outs for me were:

“‘Everyone keeps saying that it's the Jotuns that got you to this point. To the treaty. But it wasn't the Jotuns. It was Loki. Isn't that worth something?"

Run away with me and never look back, Loki thought, staring intently at Jane, every other thought evaporating, every worry fading to nothing in that instant. He couldn't quite swallow, and stretched his neck a little to help it along”

And also:

“He stared at the door Jane had disappeared behind. Jane was far more worthy of his attention. She had argued with Thor, right in front of everyone. She was the one person in that office who had without reservation put him before Asgard. Everything else next to that was a trifle. Inconsequential.”

Wow, just wow. How cool was it that Loki wanted Jane there to help calm him down. In the past when he was with his Jotun mother he thought of Jane and had wanted her there - he identifies her as his rock! How cool is it that his family is starting to realize that she is important to *him*.

Jane really hit the nail on the head, that Loki that engineered the treaty and everyone was considering everything and everyone but him. She’s an AWESOME friend. And poor Loki...he hasn’t come out and said it but yeah, he’s fallen in love. His mother has noticed that he has feelings, but did she notice when he was thinking his “run away with me” thoughts? When someone really has strong feelings like him, I bet that was on his face when he was thinking that and his mom would know what that meant. Did Odin notice? (Don’t think Thor did or would) I think Jane thinks of Loki as a friend and has noticed he’s attractive from time to time but is still wrapped up in Thor.

Thor’s a sweetheart sometimes and definitely isn’t playing with her, but Asgard will come first. She’ll be competing with the realm and duty, and she’ll be very restricted (even if the people excepted her, and not considering her shortened life span). In the long run, as sweet as he is with her I think she’d be unhappy because the life she would lead would be insulated. She’d have to deal with being a figurehead, meetings, social obligations, and constantly being politically correct. She wouldn’t just be “Jane” she’d be Thor’s wife/gf and representing all of Midgard whether she wanted to or not.

Loki...if she loved him back she has a better chance at a life that isn’t restricted and will be all about what she loves: intellectual exploration, stars, new experiences. He’d take her away, if she wanted. Without meaning to be, she’s kinda like the Indiana Jones of space and time. She loves knowledge, exploration...and is protective of time and he friends as well - in much the same way Jones was. Of course she’d be in danger due to the Thanos connection, but honestly everyone is in danger (even if she was with Thor or they broke up and she chose to be alone). As for her life: I think Loki would either get her an apple of Idun or find another means to extend her lifespan to keep her with him. Or...he’d take whatever time she had and value it. I don’t know if your story will have her end up with him, but he’ll be a completely different person because her. Good job!

Another passage that stuck with me:

‘“Last night…Loki told me something. I don't think he'd mind me telling you. Maybe he already did, I don't know, but if he did it's probably worth repeating. He said when he was on Jotunheim, that Farbauti told him you weren't a real mother to him. You should have seen the look on his face when he told me that. And he said you are his real mother."‘

Frigga so needed to hear this. I love how much she loves Loki as her son. Frigga is very self aware, and I’m really curious as to how the encounter with the Jotuns will play out. The layers in this story are wonderful and having you pull them back are just breathtakingly cool. They are so distant, flawed, and so much inherent goodness underneath it all. Even the characters you’d be less inclined to be sympathetic with (ie Odin and Farbauti) seem to have different sides that make you understand them more.

I think Farbauti’s move to come to the treating signing is political and emotional. I’d be surprised if she tried to undermine the signing. I would think that her design behind the Jotun presence would be acknowledging their sovereignty and role in the process, while putting Farbauti in the vicinity of her lost son and his family. Her other sons don’t seem to be as smart, and may represent what she didn’t like in her husband (even though she loved him). Loki is probably the most like her - super smart, politically adept, and absolutely deadly when crossed. He literally ended a war in days due to his ingenuity and ability to bring together sides that did not want to work together, despite his own horribly damaged reputation to boot. He did the impossible because he’s incredible. He probably is the epitome of what she wants in her other sons, and she didn’t get to raise him. She may be proud of him, curious, and maybe a little jealous of the mother who did get to raise him.

This was a long review, sorry! Truly an exceptional job weaving a nauanced story. I look forward to the next installment, wherever you’re going. Thank you for taking the time to bring enjoyment to others - I certainly am loving it!
ladymouse2 chapter 193 . 10/14
First, thank you many times over for posting the next-nail-biting anticipated-scene so quickly.

Second..."Run away with me and never look back...Every other thought evaporating...every other worry fading to nothing in that instant". That of anything in this chapter hurts my heart.

Especially given how EVERY single member of his family are all about the feelings of and second guessing the desires of the Jotnar, even giving them credit for the ## ! treaty...even acknowledging that his experience with Farbauti was terrible but pressuring him to recall any useful observation from it to give them insight into the Jotnar mind-and Frigga is the worst because she knows she has the leverage...and Odin even as he recognizes the threat of blackmail is more interested in the political ramifications...and Thor gives lip service and goes right back to being all about peace with the Jotuns...the ONLY person who gives Loki a single thought, the only one who points out HE deserves the credit for the treaty is Jane.

And that is his starved, longing, desperate thought in reaction. His family have never once so much as thrown him a bone.

Once again, he has been useful and they don't even acknowledge it before wanting MORE. Frigga even brings up to Jane her earlier guilt that she kept Loki from seeing Farbauti so long ago because she feared to lose him rather than about Loki with his biological mother. That's not love, that's possession. She wrings her hands but feeds him platitudes; Thor, for all his new insights into his own failings, at once takes Loki for granted again and Odin...never mind that he's not a teddy bear dad, he's not even a living being! He's a device, all calculation, chess master, puppeteer, not a drop of blood in him. When he dies, he'll probably RUST.

None of them have learned one lesson but they all are straining and panting for LOKI to do so. It's always Loki who has to accommodate, to reshape himself. This far into the tale-193 chapters-Loki has learned and changed so much (of course with plenty of miles to go but a start), and none of the others; even with the drastic insights they've each gotten along the way, first action out of the box-after all this supposed soul-searching-is just a replay of the way it's ALWAYS been.

I long for one of two outcomes to all this drama:

I hope he gets to leave ASS-gard and get as far as physically and mentally possible from that rotten realm (think black cores at the heart of their vaunted "apples") and never look back and find somewhere someone thinks of him, for once.

Or I hope Jane, lover or not, is the true catalyst for them to finally learn to take Loki in his own right and I hope she can make them realize their parts in everything loki has become or done and the knowledge is like a stake of mistletoe through all their hearts.
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