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AlabastR chapter 67 . 4h ago
Okay I'm reviewing your shit to try and take my mind off this ambiguous funk I seem to have landed in. Also because ilu.


That first flashback. MY FEELS. (And then the recent scene in the new episode with Carl seeing his dad in his new uniform)... And I love this too because it shows just how dialed into the characters you are. That token. Something Carl needed asa bit of reassurance that Shane was there. He was strong and had answers and would make it okay and that uniform and that badge made it real for Carl. And Shane knew that. So he offered up the cap because he didn't have the badge(which didn't ever really mean anything to him anyway... Until Carl and Lori, obv).
... But he wears his father's campaign hat. And Shane sees that every day.

And then Carl NOW. And how he KNOWS something is up with Shane and his parents. And he won't take the gun.

... pushing the notion that Carl(& Lori) will never be safe as long as Rick is around further and further towards front & center in his head.

You give Lori the voice she never was allowed to have on the show. Thank fuck for you, dude. Because she is perfect. "Her guilt moved with her like a shadow..."


And "tilting at windmills". YOU. YOU FUCKER. I COULD CRY. That. And what you were given. And Then sewing it together. I JUST. HOW ARE YOU THIS GOOD. HOW.

And then her apology. And her bringing up that he had always been there...

And them reaching out and *almost* making contact with each other... That conversation was even more tense and crushing to read than it was to watch. My heart fucking ACHES for the both of them.

We already talked about the Merle scene. How fucking bang-on it was. That bastard. I fully belive that man is the reason Shane's sanity started to crumble in the first place lmao.

But really. Merle has the uncanny ability to sniff out exactly how a person feels inadequate and he latches on like a goddamn remora... And then Daryl just being there. His presence and the fact that Rick trusts him over Shane now...

And I don't even know how to talk about how you wrapped this chapter up... How you're wrapping everything up. Honestly, it fucking WRECKS me that I will never get to see this play out on TV. This story that you've patched together and these characters...
You need to know how amazing you've done, dude. You do. I hope you do.

I feel like I'm cheating you here. That scene was so seamless that I can't even pull it apart, though. How she talks to Randall... His sniveling.

"Knowing who isn't in charge is almost as important as knowing who is..." ARE YOU KIDDING ME. You remember how we were talking about how she has reached the point where she is essentially at S5 Rick at this point? Yea.

We all get one, indeed.

Damn, dude.
Pandora0814 chapter 67 . 11h ago
I would like to say how refreshing it is to read a story that is so detailed with all the OC's. I always feel like ppl rush to follow the storyline but you have done a amazing job with Danny and Callie (and the others). You have even kept me on my feet with Daryl... so many others have tried to make Daryl soft but you have truly showed his inner demons and how he struggles within.

I am enjoying every word. I just thought that you would like to know. I cannot wait to read what happens next.
WhatsGoingOn chapter 67 . 3/1
minstorai chapter 67 . 2/28
Holy fuck! Just wow, the scene with Randall was absolutely killer, and since unlike Callie I have watched the show, I should've seen Shane coming but I didn't
And it was spectacular! I was all on the edge of my seat and that note of yours just had me busting up cause I was all nerves lol. Anyway another amazing job
LadyLecter47 chapter 67 . 2/27
I'm back! Sorry I've been gone so long! I had a bit of a falling out with Walking Dead and am just getting back in. Been re reading from the beginning. Haven't caught up to here yet but forgot where I left off and kept trying to review chapters I already had lol. Anyways, see ya down the road! Loves!
BlueEyedPisces chapter 67 . 2/24
Thanks for the update :), i'll be with ya to the end I can't let this story go it's too good :).
katherinegrace79 chapter 67 . 2/24
Well, shit. When I saw that you had updated, I was so excited, and for good reason too. I absolutely loved the flashbacks to Shane at the beginning of it all. The interaction between him and Carl as they were settling in at the quarry was gorgeous. I thought part of the way through this that you might be looking for a way to bring Shane back but after the conversation with Lori, I'm not so sure anymore. The end of the chapter sort of seals his fate really, at least that's what I think.

Callie's conversation with Randall has me nervous. Really nervous. I'm scared about what's going to happen with Randall's group. Right now, I'm thinking Woodbury but I'm not completely sold on that theory yet.

Sad that there was no Rick/Callie interaction (Rallie? Cick?) but I will be patient. Out of interest, how far do you plan on taken this story? Will this be up to the end of season two? Will you continue on with the rest of the show or will it veer off into more original territory or adapt from the comics?

Lovely work, as always.
Paty S chapter 67 . 2/24
Another chapter and a depressing one at that, it seems you decided to continue Shane in the storyline of the show and know he hurt Callie...
Well i hope he as a slow death.
can't wait for the beginning of the separation let's see who stays with who.
DarylDixon'sLover chapter 67 . 2/23
Oh no, please don't separate Daryl and Callie
AlabastR chapter 66 . 2/12
Okay. This is how this is gonna go. I'm gonna work backward because all this shit is fresh in my mind. I'm gonna do some yelling... Because that's what I do.


2) How many people are giving you shit about the whole Callie/Rick thing?
Do you know how AGONIZINGLY(Good agonizing, obv. Because, yanno, sometimes you want to just hack your own heart right out of your chest and say to it, "LOOK HEART, LOOK HOW WONDERFUL AND PAINFUL THIS IS. LOOOOOOOK ATTTTTTTT ITTTTTTT!") true you've stayed to Rick's personalty as far as the PALPABLE GUILT about how he feels about the whole situation goes? And Callie. Yes, they are quite the pair.

3) Why the fuck we sendin' Shane's shifty ass back to the place where he killed someone? With a handful of people he pretty much has said "LOL I'M NOT GONNA HURT YOU I'M JUST GONNA BASH YOUR BRAINS IN" at? Why is this a thing we're doing? DAMMIT RICHARD. WHY HAS THIS BEEN DECIDED ON AS AN OPTION? RICHARD.

4) Kudos on the fucked up imagery of having those ittybitty baby girl's tiny hands feeding bullet after bullet into a clip. You evil mastermind, you. You do realize that you're probably one of like... Two peeps in this fandom who is able to weave together juxtaposing visuals to create subtly twisted, chilling themes that are on par with things we'd see in the show? Goddamn you.

5?) The Ben, Daryl Brother thing. You are the actual worst person ever. How dare you. I hate you.
I love you.
How dare you.
The way you slipped that past quote in there. How fucking long were you planning that. You fucking rat. Masterful. MY FUCKING FEELS.
And that foreshadowing. "I have Callie & Danny."

6&1/2) Am I a bad person if I want Miles to deck a redneck? Like, the man don't need to be hit anymore in his life... But idunno. Maybe *one* more time.

Sevenpointthree.) Callie needs a good slap too after that, "Then I'll see you when i get back" horseshit. Because she pointedly said that. Imma slap the shit out everyone for being dumb about feelings. All of them.

8!) That banter between Callie, Danny, Maggie, and Glenn. During that whole scene. On point and fucking hysterical as always.

katherinegrace79 chapter 66 . 2/5
Jesus fucking Christ! I want to reach through my screen and throttle you (or maybe kiss you) for leaving it there. I wait and I wait and I wait and then BAM! You can't do this to me, man. You just can't. I don't think my heart can take this business. At the risk of spoiling it for other people, I was surprised by how much I wanted them to kiss as well. Really surprised. I have no idea where you're taking this but bear in mind that I'm hooked and need a fix.
TeamComrade11 chapter 66 . 2/2
I am so in love with this saga! You are probably the best writer I've seen on this whole website. I really liked Callie and Daryl's relationship in the beginning but now I think it's really just dragging her down. As much as I'd love to see Callie be able to change him for the better, Daryl is too much of a stubborn ass hat haha. The couple just doesn't work well anymore, imo anyway. I think that Rick would be much better for Callie.
Anywhoo, enough about boy drama! I think that Callie is an amazing character and very well developed. She is so strong and I'm just waiting for her too break :( . It was so sad with Ben but it was a good wake up call for everyone. I think it would be cool if you had Shane recover from his insanity, but it would be a long, hard process. I can't wait to see how you split the groups up, but I think you should definitely split Callie's family up (as morbid as that sounds). Danny just cracks me up. I don't particularly like that Ben (a six year old (?)) is allowed to swear and say the f word and such, but, hey, it's the fucking apocalypse. Your plot piece with Jimmy is a fantastic twist that I've never seen any other writer do. I really don't like Jimmy and I really hope Miles and Beth end up together! Anyway... Update soon and you're awesome! Happy ground hogs day! -TeamComrade11
EastDenise chapter 66 . 1/25
Gosh, so unhappy about Daryl and Callie and their relationship at this point it brings me to tears. Guess that is what you are doing though, building the story. Just want some of that "love" to flourish.
gemma chapter 66 . 1/21
I really love this story, I've been following it for a Really long time and you are just an amazing writer.
I hope Daryl stays with callie, her relationship with Rick makes me uncomfortable but I really like what you are doing with it.
I like Ben he's rather really great character and I'm looking forward to how he's gonna have to deal with being one handed. I also love his relationship with daryl, I hope we get to see more progression in daryls relationship with grace too.
I'm tempted to reread this all again because it's such an amazing read.
MinnelliPants chapter 66 . 1/20
DO YOU HAVE TO KILL SHANE? I mean I know its gotta / probably gonna happen but damn do I love the way you write that man.

Groups: Glenn, Maggie, Callie, Miles (SHANE!? COMEON :D)

Danny, Michonne, Andrea (maybe Gracie?)

Lori, Carol, Rick, Hershel, Beth, Daryl, Ben, Carl, (see above but possibly Gracie).

Im so god damned happy you updated, well worth the wait! I can't wait for more!
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