Reviews for New Meanings To Old Words: Love
Guest chapter 66 . 7/6
What? She has a thing for Rick now?
I-am-Sherlocked-82 chapter 69 . 6/29
Wow... okay... when I started reading I thought: 'Wow 69 chapters... should take a while.' It didn't... I love the way you write and I couldn't stop... I love your original characters and I love how you include them in the storyline... I already told you this in my review for your first story but it's still true... awesome... one of the best stories I ever read of The Walking Dead... I can't wait to find out what happened to Callie... and everyone really... keep going! Pleade update soon.

And just to clarify... this isn't turning into a Callie/Rick thing, is it?
jesbakescookies chapter 66 . 6/23
I'm having such a hard time liking this daryl. :/
BlueEyedPisces chapter 69 . 6/18
Thanks for the update dear, no worries about the delay you always write kick ass chapters :).
minstorai chapter 69 . 6/17
I'm sorry it was a fantastic chapter, but I'm still stuck on what I saw before I even started reading, you changed it to Evangeline Lilly and I didn't even notice! The two "Callies" kinda look alike, they both even look kinda related to Lori actually, but I can't decide which one I like more cause they're both such BAMFs. Lol this might be my excuse to re-read the entire saga!
Paty S chapter 69 . 6/17
Such an interesting chapter and Danny perspective made things and more clear on Shane killing Randal and he witnessing the whole glad he isn't dead.
Rick and Carl pov was great and know we know how he got the gun..
I hope Danny gets to the group in time to prevent many deads...but with his leg like that and Jimmy supported on him he wont get far.
PaigeTwdSoa chapter 69 . 6/17
Ahhhh! You updated! Can't wait to find out what is happening with Callie! :)
SuperNeos2 chapter 69 . 6/16
"He only had one second to decide. Kill Shane and let the Walkers get Jimmy, or let Shane go and try and save a kid who was probably gonna die anyway."

This reminded me of The Walking Dead Game by Telltale. This could very well be a choice in that game and I applaud you for thinking of it. Very good.

I missed this story and am glad you updated again. Very well written chapter and I'm in anticipation for Season 3 and beyond!
tpes chapter 69 . 6/16
It's been a while, glad to see it's not been abandoned can't wait for the next chapter.
DarylDixon'sLover chapter 69 . 6/16
Uh oh
HPGunshot chapter 19 . 6/5
I have never cried reading a story before, but this chapter had me shedding a few tears. It's so great but so heartbreaking at the same time.
haleyjnewb chapter 68 . 6/4
I have never been so compelled to write a review to an author before, but here it goes.
I am a HUGE reader, and this is one of the best, most well-written stories I have ever read, including any novel I have ever bought. You are an amazing writer; so much detail and obvious thought and hard work. I love how NM Love and NM Safe coincide, and you don't let any part of your story be forgotten, if that makes sense. I have been tearing through this story, so I am very sad that I finally finished what you have on here so far, because I know you haven't had time to update recently. I am so impatient! But I am a mom as well, so I totally understand.
I was happy to see that you posted on tumblr more recently and haven't forgotten about us! I am sorry to hear about the recent deaths in your family, and I hope everything is well.
Super excited for your next update. Thank you for your fantastic work.
Paty S chapter 68 . 4/9
Such a strong emotional chapter and Shane descend into darkness was terrific and well written. I'm also glad you kill that prick Randall I was getting sick of his smug face appearing everywhere.
I hope Callie gets rescue by Rick and Carl, unless you won't put them going into the barn?
I'm feeling excited and nervous about who will die in the finale along the ones that die on the show in season 2.
I hope andrea ends up with someone, really don't want her to die...
I agree with someone comment above that Callie is not a mistress to no one not even Rick so are gonna develop there romance slowly? Maybe let Lori die and maybe then they can resolve there differences there I really don't see her with Daryl anymore he cares about her but he can't seem to get that emotional maturity to accept her and not complicate everything.
Love this
Good luck and congrats for all the reviews
I Love The Color Red chapter 68 . 4/7
I would just like to say that I love your portrayal of Shane spiraling fall into darkness. While I loathed the in-show Shane, I find your portrayal of him to have a few more layers that the show just couldn't seem pull off. He's like Anikin turned Darth-Vadar. At times I actually feel a little sad for this Shane. Granted he definitely got Lori and Carl to relative safety at the quarry and there is still that little part of him somewhere that knows his actions at the CDC and after are wrong. Then right at the end of last chapter that bit of sadness for him evaporated. This chapter was a little difficult to read in that my anger towards Shane was at an all time high. I hope that I'm wrong, but I get the feeling that Danny will meet his end at the hands of Shane.

Another thing rattling around inside my brain is that you did a wonderful job at further fueling my hate fires for Randall. As if his character hadn't been detestable enough, the added reason for Callie's further physical, mental, and emotional trauma was just the icing on the cake for me. The smug little prick. I'm not gonna lie, I saw a bit of red when I my eyes drank in that Randall kicked her after Shane had smacked the shit out Callie.

While this chapter definitely poked at my anger reservoir, if hadn't been written so well written I wouldn't have been that upset. Congrats on your evoking abilities. Here's hoping to reading another chapter soon and stay awesome.
I Love The Color Red chapter 66 . 4/7
I find myself not really able to see Callie and Daryl staying together or even rekindling a relationship anymore. Also Callie and her kids (yes, I consider Callie to also be Miles' mother) are a package deal and he can't have one without the other. He has a self-depreciating attitude that seems to cause him to lash out at not only her, but others too. That same attitude has lead him to believe that he couldn't be a father to Ben and Gracie. Even though there have been plenty of occasions with those two little kids and even with Miles that prove he is capable of being a father. Daryl also seems to have a great deal of difficulty with handling or possibly even wanting the complexity that comes with Callie, her kids, and Danny.

The feelings that you've been alluding to between Rick and Callie in previous chapters and finally being confirmed is definitely an interesting development. I'm not sure whether to think Rick's feelings for Callie are based off of her willingness to challenge him on issues like Lori did in the earlier stages of the couples relationship or if his now recognized feelings for Callie are real? There is also the unknown reason behind Callie's now recognized feelings. Again are those feelings legit or are they based off of a comfort that she gets from him that she doesn't get from Daryl? Also, as much as I love Rick/OC romances it is impossible for me to accept the possibility that Callie would or even could allow herself to be "the other woman." You just haven't (to my perspective) portrayed her that way. I don't know what you plan after Lori's pregnancy comes to term, but that is a whole other animal that can be dealt with when it comes along.

Whichever direction you choose to take with this story, I'm sure that you will pull it off with your wonderful methods of madness as usual. Here's hoping to reading new chapters soon and stay awesome.
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