Reviews for Secretly Together
harvestmoonlovee chapter 9 . 5/4/2013

Skye is charming as hell. Oh my god. You did suuuuuch an amazing job portraying him as the charming bastard he is! Wow, I was really, really impressed! I loved their conversation so much! The whole sky Skye thing was awesome. I also loved when she slapped him xD Their first kiss was a little abrupt, but hey, that's okay, he IS a playboy. Claire is perfection as well.

The only comment I have is, I was a bit confused in the beginning when you sort of changed POV's.. Maybe you should used a page break or something, because it was just a tad confusing! Still, wonderful job!

Keep writing!
harvestmoonlovee chapter 8 . 5/4/2013
Oh my god. She's married? Great.. Nathaniel is such a jerk what the hell.

That man in the beginning kinda creeped me out a bit O.o

Very interesting chapter! - Ahhh, when are Claire and Skyr gonna meet? ;D

harvestmoonlovee chapter 7 . 5/4/2013
Wow, it's been almost a year since I reviewed this story what happened O.o asdfghjkkllpokhvddgnmklhfrc

Anyway, chapter 6 was good! Very long, but well written! I love how you included almost everyone from Mineral Town -

Chapter 7 is great too! Kai! Ahhhhh. I adore when he makes appearances in fics because he is my favorite bachelor in the series! I like the interaction between Claire and Cliff also!

On to the next chapter!
harvestmoonlovee chapter 5 . 7/22/2012
I thought this chapter was very interesting! :)

Skye is in a Host Club! :O I need to go there! xD That was something I have never seen before and it was creative! I like how he is still a theif and a smooth talker though!

That girl seemed like a hand full.. Very clingy! I can't wait for Claire and Skye to officially meet!

Steiner being Skye's brother is an approach I have never seen taken before either! I like it, though! It was surprising and it worked!

Your details are good and I like the way you describe things! It's very believable! Spelling and grammar are good also, I only noticed one thing. Sometimes you capitalize the first letter of a dialogue and sometimes you don't.. I caught about four times that you didn't. It was probably just a typo, but just remember to look out for those things!

Please update soon! Keep writing!
harvestmoonlovee chapter 4 . 7/16/2012
Good chapter! :)

Popuri was really funny! I liked the thing about her hair and she thought it was a spider! xD

Rick was very helpful and I thought that was a nice touch that she has good friends! I can maybe see Rick becoming jealous of Skye in later chapters? Maybe? ;)

Details, spelling, and grammar are all still very good! x)

Good chapter overall! Love the plot and can't wait for future chapters!

Keep writing!
harvestmoonlovee chapter 3 . 7/15/2012
Let me just say great job with this story so far! I will be reading and reviewing as you continue to post more chapters! :)

I love how you gave Claire backstory in the first chapter! You really told us all about her life and made it interesting! Good backstory is always key in my book!

You added a lot of detail into the story, which I love! That means you really pay attention and put a lot of heart into what you write! You described the scenery and people all very well!

And that leads me into the people of Mineral Town! You did an excellent job capturing their personalities! Popuri was funny and Gray was spot on! I thought your Claire will make a great match for Skye in the later chapters! I'm very curious to see how you will portray Skye and how they will meet! I've seen Skye very pushy and sometimes pretty calm, so I look forward to seeing your depiction of him!

I think the story is progressing at a good pace too! Of course, I would love to read about them together right now, but if you are planning to make this a long fic, which I think you are, it is at a good pace right now!

I love this pairing so I was very quick to jump in and read it! To sum it all up, great detail, awesome job of capturing personalities, and interesting plot!

Keep writing! :)