Reviews for Old Friends, New Friends
Sleepygirl68 chapter 36 . 12/12
I enjoyed reading your story.
Thanks for writing and sharing it with us.
Ziltoid chapter 35 . 12/11
Ugh. Why do people always have to add guns? The whole gun-fetish seems so pointless when you're in a world where people can do the craziest things with just a wave of their wands. Oh well. At least you've given them guns that are magical. That's at least better than the usual 'Harry shoots voldie to death' plot. Still, it's a bit disappointing to see this happen to a fic I've liked up till now.
Spazzman29 chapter 24 . 11/28
Yeah Voldemort wouldn't be ab;e to do the cruciatus for that long in his baby form. He had next to no power and this early into his resurrection he was pitiful.
Spazzman29 chapter 23 . 11/28
Why do some authors treat auror academy like prison? If you really weren't even allowed to see your family or have no holidays during that time noone would apply. Its training for a job not a punishment.
Clavyus chapter 4 . 11/22
Beautiful. Cried like a baby.
jumpingninjo chapter 36 . 11/13
lol I fucking loved the last line I so wish we got a epilogue and I love honks wish there was more of them
Tarix chapter 36 . 11/8
Really loved the Harry/Tonks part of your story.
Guest chapter 3 . 11/1
You take Tonks who was a skilled auror and you turn her into a pathetic damsel in distress. I enjoy Harry/Tonks but this misses the whole point.
Phillies2 chapter 13 . 9/26
Why didn't Sirius just tell Andromeda where Petergrew was? Then she could tell Amelia. Why not have the twins have the map? Is there a reason
Phillies2 chapter 12 . 9/26
Why Jennifer Dawes, chapter 1 had his love interest as Mary McDonald
Phillies2 chapter 10 . 9/26
I'm confused, so did Harry still face the Basilisk or not? Did Dobby try to block the train platform? Send a bludger after him in quidditch? I know he got on the train, but there is a lot of info missing from 2nd year.
Stone Elbow chapter 36 . 9/4
LOL, "Did you know that you haven't actually said yes?" That's epic! One of the most creative and hilarious ways to end a "happily ever after" story. On par with Leia and Han's, "I love you", "I know."

Hat's off to you for creativity in a fanfic.
HJP55 chapter 1 . 9/3
that was a bloody awesome start. One of the best storys i've ever read. I Hope you dont go to far into Dumbledore bashing. Bashing has ruined to many good storys.
SilverRyu chapter 36 . 7/28
After waiting and waiting, then rereading since you you posted the last chapter I thought you ended this very well and original to what I've read in the fanfic world. Very happy how it all came about. Though would it be bad to ask for more? Like did Edward and Heat is get back together?
ElianaValdez-DaughterofHermes chapter 11 . 5/6
You know how sometimes you want to read a really great fanfiction and you search the net but you just can't find one. Well, that's my problem right about now and my hands are shaking with fury as I cry out of frustration because I can't find a freaking fanfiction to read. I'm sorry. You're story is probably great but I honestly cannot stand it right now. Sorry.
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