Reviews for Super Robot Wars U
balkj06 chapter 152 . 10/9
What song would be playing during this epilogue?

Congrats on getting this far Hero of Wings, and thank you for making this.
Not So Creative Student chapter 152 . 10/8
I still think U could have used a little more Wing Zero. Other than that, I feel old now. I stuck with this story all the way from Day One, and three years and 152 chapters later it's finally over. Good job, Hero-of-Winds.
Hurricane's Quill chapter 152 . 10/7
Hell, it's about time!
Guest chapter 1 . 10/1
So when is the final chapter coming out anyway?
Legacy Of Misspent Youth chapter 13 . 9/17
Whoa! This is awsome chapter! Keep up the good work bro! :D
Guest chapter 150 . 8/15
Let me get this straight, one of the angel Raziel is Lelouch from Nightmare of Nunnally as his power was absolute invulnerablity and could summon the Gawain, right?
Dusk Mind chapter 151 . 8/17
I really love the way you have settled up everything so far for the final battle. A final confrontation for the fate of the entire multiverse, and it has all came to this. Next final chapter is gonna be ineresting.
balkj06 chapter 150 . 5/23
I can't wait for the Finale.

Getter Emperor, and TTGL fighting side by side. :)
Fanus Obscurus chapter 150 . 5/19
Only one thing can be said. Ryoma Nagare: Making TTGL look like pansies since 1974.
Kanjilearner1988 chapter 150 . 5/19
Johnny Yong Bosch's character facing his doppelgänger?! Holy Persona, right?!
jmcdavid chapter 150 . 5/19
Holy crap! The Getter Emperor as a playable unit?

We can only pray that an official Super Robot Wars game decides to go that route someday.
Mattman324 chapter 150 . 5/19
With you back, and BX being announced, it is a good time for SRW.
Dusk Mind chapter 129 . 4/22
Just how many Evangelion side-stories are there? Still, great to see you bringing some interesting things to the fray. Not just Rebuild, but also light novels too.

I assume that Shinji could end up with a collar like he did in the movies after re-encountering the others here too, same as Tara. Anyway, as always, great work.
Dusk Mind chapter 127 . 4/22
Okay, first of all, I have to profondly apologize for never reviewing a previous chapter before, but I always read this while Im out on my phone, so I just focus on reading and never bothered to review. But now I just feel like I have to review... It would be selfish of me not to do it.

Overall, I really loved the entire thing... May of the stunts you pull are not only amazing and mind-boggling, but also really unexpected. You mesh things together very well, and the story always goes straight without looking back... which is one of the issues the fic has. With so many characters, most of the supporting cast barely gets any development, and when they do it feels like a cop-out, or an ass-pull. Like the Moonrace empire being a spaceship... or Super Boss Borot coming out of nowhere. But at least you try really hard to at least aknowledge their presence.

With no time to look back, many things are left aside too. No reunion between the Go kids and their father, no word on what happened to Heinel... and the SEED finale didnt even have Cagalli, and both Yzak and Dearka just disappeared from the battle.

Still, many of the things are really good, so Im not saying this is bad at all... I just couldnt. Again, just giving my opinion. As a side note, I would have liked that you used the Rei Clone a little more than just as a puppet for Marianne and then make her into Tang.

Anyway, Ill keep reading... And let me tell you, no matter the issues it might have: this story is amazing!
balkj06 chapter 149 . 1/14
What happened to Christina? She is fighting in the final battle right?
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