Reviews for In July's Starry Gaze
OreosGoRawr chapter 1 . 1/31/2014
Ahhh, I absolutely loved this scene in the show and I really love how you recreated it! Putting it in Haruhi's POV and all. I really, really loved it! I'm sitting here smiling like an idiot. It's really well written.

If you have anymore TMoHR stories, I'm going to read them! ((:

(I read the Itsuki/Haruhi story because I wanted to see if they were any stories on that pairing and that was there first one I found. Oh My GOSH it gave me chills! Those are the kind of horror stories I've been wanting to find and wow, it just blew my mind and freaked me out because it was Koizumi!(pretty sure that's spelled wrong) I love it though. I feel like I typed out an review for it, but I'm not too sure if I sent it or not, lol.)
rdemon chapter 1 . 3/20/2013
This is cute.
superstarultra chapter 1 . 7/8/2012
This was a wonderful fanfiction to celebrate Tanabata with. The way you handle your sentences with a certain elegance and descriptiveness really sticks out to me and really immerses me in the story. The best parts to me are where you showed the emotions that Haruhi had behind her words and expressions. They painted a whole new picture of her for me that I hadn't really thought about before. Her feelings behind her interactions with Kyon have a lot of weight put behind them, and your writing did an incredible job of showing something that I'd never thought about before.

I'd like to draw some attention to these lines that stuck out to me.

"He was a neon light in a stadium of thousands."


"She didn't know it, but scattered throughout space and time were others, all appreciating the starlight on a warm summer night. A boy with his little sister, jaded and lonesome; a girl in her apartment, waiting for not very much longer; a boy who had powers to master and strings to pull; and a girl preparing for one of the most crucial missions of her lifetime."

I just really loved the wording of those particular lines. A lot of powerful imagery came to my mind after reading them. Once again, beautifully written story.