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james.jr1 chapter 94 . 2/1/2017
wonderful stories but are there complete versions somewhere
Guest chapter 94 . 8/26/2014
:)) yes you are back :)

Another awesome update .
So the pieces are starting to fall into place for them to get to the truth about the murders and extortion and what was done to Amelia .

Ethan is showing how much he had matured and able to control his anger .
In the past he would have just shot the person, now it is for justice .

So glad that Boone and Amelia have arrived to back up Ethan .

Wonderful done :))

Thank you for sharing and please update all your amazing paradise stories when you can :)) also your Matt Houston ones too please hahahaha

Thank you ; D
Guest chapter 93 . 9/28/2013
Amazing update. Love the way you have captured Amelia's and Ethan's thoughts . Amelia knows that her love for Ethan is a deep in your soul love that it can not be separated from who she is and from who Ethan is. What has Boone found out and will they get to Ethan's in time . Dis Trevor go on his own and alone to Ethan's and has Ethan gotten the drop on Trevor ? Wonderful story .
Thank you for sharing and for writing beautiful Ethan and Amelia :)) . Write faster hahaha . Update your stories when you can :)) thank you :D
Guest chapter 92 . 7/20/2013
Absolutely brilliant . Love that Bella is trying to calm Amelia let it sink in that Ethan will so the right thing and can take care of himself and his family . Claire is a smart girl she has an idea of what Amelia has been through and wants to he there to help Amelia and her uncle Ethan to deal and heal with what happened. So looking forward to Ethan getting justice for the 2murders and for what happened to Amelia . Amazing and brilliant :D Thank you for sharing :D
Guest chapter 91 . 7/10/2013
Wonderful update. Love that Ethan and Amelia are talking. :)) I have a feeling that the men that Boone and Ethan are looking for are going to go after Amelia again. You can feel that by Amelia admitting her feelings for Ethan that she is healing. That their love for each other has grown and gotten stronger. Amazing story :)) Thank you for sharing and more Ethan and Amelia :D
Guest chapter 90 . 7/5/2013
Love love love this chapter. Yes the real start of her healing. The first step, they have acknowledged and told each other that they love each other :))) . Love how you have Ethan so patient and understanding. Just by his words and actions Amelia can see the man with her love that he had become, was always meant to be. That they both needed the team apart to change so that they could be together again fully. :D Amazing amazing update and story. Thank you for sharing. :D
Guest chapter 89 . 6/12/2013
Another great update. I like that bella is giving Ethan just enough without breaking her word to Amelia so that Ethan can figure out finally realize what he has suspected what happened to Amelia to be true. I suspect that some action from Martha's father and his henchmen is. soon to decent on th
e town and on Amelia and Ethan. Thankyou :))
Guest chapter 88 . 6/3/2013
Wow once again a great update. Amelia has to tell Ethan the while truth . The only real way to keep him safe to be able to do his job is if he knows who he will be going against . He already suspects that she was "hurt" by Burke and the only way Amelia can heal and Ethan and Amelia can move forward is if she tells him everything . Amazing story thank you for sharing .
Guest chapter 87 . 5/19/2013
Wonderful update. So glad that she is letting Ethan in . That him holding and kissing her didn't bring the bad memories of what happened but the good and new ones with Ethan . Bella is right she has to tell him everything that is the only way her can protect not only Amelia but himself and the others as well. Burke now with her freezing up seeing him will come after her to keep the secrets of the murders and her assault. Ethan needs to know the truth . Thank you for sharing ,love how you write and the beautiful way you write Amelia and Ethan :D
Guest chapter 86 . 5/13/2013
Amazing chapter. The start so heart wrenching. What Amelia went through is a devastating experience that leaves permanent scares. That Ethan is and will be there for her is just so right. Ethan because of his past knows what she is feeling, what she is going through and he knows that with his, their love for each other she will heal. He knows this because she did the same for him. Amazing update and story. Thank you for sharing this and all your other equally amazing stories. :D
Guest chapter 85 . 5/11/2013
Another amazing update. It's heartbreaking what Amelia is going through and the fear that what happened to her will come out and the fear of what Ethan might do. Love that Ethan wants to protect ad help Amelia heal . Great story. Thank you . :D
Guest chapter 84 . 5/8/2013
Wonderful update, so glad Ethan has sent his warning to Stella and in turn her father. Loved the way that Ethan knows that the one he loves and will protect is Amelia. Amelia finally realizeing but not knowing how to let Ethan back into her life because he and she have already taken their hearts and soul. Thank and so lookking forward to what is to come. :D
Guest chapter 83 . 4/22/2013
Another fantastic, brilliant chapter. I can see the whole scene playing out and I can feel the emotions that Amelia, Ethan are feeling the hurt and fear, despair that Amelia is afraid will overwhelm her and that she thinks Ethan will not be able to still love her after what happened to her. Write faster, faster hahaha. Amazing story that just keeps getting more intense with sack new revaluation. Looking forward to when Ethan finally learns the truth and he can help Amelia really start healing and they can be together. Thank you for sharing :)) and write faster please hahaha :D
Guest chapter 82 . 4/9/2013
Thank you :D That was an amazing chapter. The emotions they are both feeling, expressing to each other is beautifully expressed. You write Ethan /Amelia perfectly. You can feel the love that they share that it is getting deeper between them. Thank you. :)) . Loving this story and all your other paradise and MH stories. Write faster hahaha. Thank you for sharing :D
Guest chapter 81 . 1/19/2013
Nice update. Boone an Ethan confronting Darrin should be enlightening. Will Boone tell Ethan what Amelia told him. Are the men about to once again go after Amelia? Write faster lol. Love love your stories. Thank you.
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