Reviews for The Perseus Attraction
Meerhawk chapter 19 . 7/5
Iliana chapter 46 . 7/3

thats not my actual review lolololololol lololololololllollooll. No I actually love you're book, it's hilarious and I love the percy jackson series so I enjoy reading this. Its also incredibly factual as any who saw the movies would know. Wow I feel like a dork writing this review but oh well! Love yout book and blah blah and I'm going to go read your next chapter so bye!

do you say bye on these things? I don't really know...
Tamz03 chapter 55 . 7/1
When is the next chapter going to be put up!?
360noscoper chapter 40 . 6/28
Dis is the best shit to ever be crapped.
Lili Martin chapter 30 . 6/27
You just put like my top two songs in the same freaking chapter. I love this book, it's hilarious!
Tamz03 chapter 55 . 6/21
When is the next chapter being put up? I can't wait!
Tamz03 chapter 55 . 6/18
When is the next chapter coming out?!
Tamz03 chapter 55 . 6/17
Tamz03 chapter 54 . 6/17
Shit, Percy's been put in the friend zone! I'm liking Annabeth less and less!
Tamz03 chapter 53 . 6/17
Annabeth needs to get punched in the face and I hope Artemis and Percy do it!I love how Percy ignores Rachael and obsess over Logan.I hope Lorgan rejects Annabeth so she can know what she did to Percy feels like!
Tamz03 chapter 52 . 6/17
OMG!Nico like a boss!No more Percabeth, more Pertemis!What is going on with Annabeth and her hat?I think Annabeth and her father do have something in common;They're both CRAZY!NICO!
Tamz03 chapter 52 . 6/16
YAY to pertemis, fuck Annabeth the ungrateful bitch!
Tamz03 chapter 50 . 6/16
Why is Thalia enthusiastic about flying with bronze angels if she's afraid of heights?I think that Percy should use his sea powers more often.I'd like this chapter more if the mountain was called mount Tamz03!Mr.D wouldn't be as creepy to Percy if he was a lot younger. Percy's best like ne in this chapter was :"bitch please"!#PERSASSY
Tamz03 chapter 48 . 6/16
Percy's reaction to the goddess Aphrodite: "holy shit!" #Percy like a boss!WTF, not Percy's hair and double WTF, Percabeth?!Aphrodite is a bitch and stupid because Artemis only loves Percy for his looks and his hair being ruined is gonna effect how Artemis sees him!#satisfied face!
Tamz03 chapter 47 . 6/16
The review I wrote for chapter 46 was meant for this chapter#sorry; accidentally hit the previous button and then started writing the review again!
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