Reviews for Ice Prince Alchemist
RoyalTwinFangs chapter 40 . 1/14
Not bad.
Phoenix Paladin chapter 40 . 1/14
Olivier even has a Zombie Plan?

She's now my absolute favourite mother figure in this story.
Jostanos chapter 40 . 1/14
Is it Me? or are things heating up rather quickly?

9foxgrl, I May have to reread IPA froM the beginning..It has been awhile since I last read this and... well.. It May be a good idea to start over and ger reaquainted with IPA.

*chuckles at the food fight sequence*
ananda.samsara chapter 40 . 1/14
I have been reading this for a week or so, maybe lass than that. You've got to get all the characters I love in the same crossover. I'm really thankful for that, this is one of the best stories I have read so far. You are a great writer, you know. I'm waiting excitedly for the next chapters.
Slytherin Studios chapter 40 . 1/14
Yes, I love it, please update soon.
dogman999 chapter 40 . 1/14
Keep up the good work and love this Marauder's Theater.
MayaHikari chapter 40 . 1/14
Thanks for update.. need to re read previous chapters kinda forgot who is who.. or maybe I'll watch MA series
RHatch89 chapter 40 . 1/14
awesome job :)
AyameKitsune chapter 40 . 1/14
Epic! More please!
Molly Grace 16 chapter 40 . 1/14
Welcome back. I've been looking forward to seeing how this story ends. I find it to be one of the better crossovers for these fandoms. I like how you manage to keep the tone balanced between humorous and serious. It blends well with FMA's original tone I think. I like spotting the supporting characters that you pull in from other places.
Wrath Of The Heavens chapter 40 . 1/14
I'm surprised she didn't use Plan Z on The Promised Day.
TheCaramelSecrets chapter 39 . 1/12
I've been on a binge. Haven't slept, haven't eaten since I started. Please send help. And cookies. As long as Olivier was nowhere near them...
Kuroyuki-Kokuyoku chapter 39 . 12/29/2015
ATTACK ON TITAN REFERENCE IN THIS CHAPTER! YEEEESSSS! But in my opinion, I would have thought that Hanji Zoe would've been a better fit in Eren's role. Unless he has something like a juggernaut solder position given his personality in the manga, or somewhere alongside Alfred and Ivan. This may be a little late, but I like to say that the subtle references to other media is PURE GENIUS! You give us a little teasers when you put in Hetalia characters in Briggs and Protector of the Small Quartet characters in Hogwarts. Adding in Doctor Who and Nightmare Before Christmas in this Marauder Theater as a finisher a great idea for those who gets them. This makes readers want to go back and read to catch them. It's like one of those easter eggs you find within an episode, movie scene, or a manga panel. Before you, I've never read an author who deliberately does this without too much emphasis to take away that element of surprise. So all in all, my hat's off to you and your brilliance. I love this fic. I really do. 3 3
dragonwolf416 chapter 21 . 12/12/2015
the warrior priest is scar right
Kairitrion Cerulean chapter 39 . 11/22/2015
Awesome! An update! After several months of hiatus!
Hope more will come in after this, Especially during the holiday season.

I couldn't help but imagine the kindom hearts 'this is haloween' soundtrack playing in the background during the halloween omake...
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