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GaleAeras chapter 38 . 6/28
Now I have to reread this from the beginning to get the story, because of how long it had been since you've updated...

But, anyhow, I'm glad this is here, keep up the good work!

Your humble servant
Gale Aeras
Reichenfaust chapter 37 . 6/22
Just read the entire thing! I think I dropped off before the Third Task, in Fourth Year... Caught all the way up now!

Immensely enjoyable, furiously entertaining, I hope to see more of this story, as the Ice Prince Alchemist and his friends hunt for Nicholas Flamel.

Very cool explanation given by Truth... About the Hallows, about his friends, about everything. Loved Dumbledore's death, what a way to go.

The introduction of the Royal Wizards actually makes a lot of sense, and something that really was passed over in the books. Why would a Monarch let an entire group of people run around without governance! Doesn't make any sense, but it pushes the idea that wizards, the Ministry, and their "world" are above muggles... Not realistic at all, which is why I'm glad you included such a faction!

Hope to see more, cheers, Reichenfaust!
NinjaGirl9797 chapter 5 . 6/22
Riddle-Snape chapter 36 . 6/21
Long time no update... HIATUS?
lunaatje123 chapter 37 . 6/12
Thank you for the story so far! I really enjoy the premises of this fic, when I came across the oneshot version of the first task, and I read in the AN that you were doing a full length fic based on it, it made me curious. So I decided to check it out and I must say that I really enjoy how you've blended the two series together. The main plot seems pretty interesting so far and has a lot of potential to branch out, with a nice balance between events in Wizarding Britain and Amestris. I also enjoy your OCs, a lot, and that's not something I say all that often ;)
Sparkle chapter 5 . 6/11
Hetalia reference that is all.
GreenDrkness chapter 36 . 5/21
Wait a second ignore my last review I wrote that for another story here's the real one
Awwwww I love how Melody is going to grow up like her mother
I wonder are the others going to find out about that other prophecy that Hermione witnessed
Keep on the writes
GreenDrkness chapter 37 . 5/21
I know this story is probably on permanent Hiatus and I'm a little sad bout that but I loved this story so much and I love the OCs and how you added the characters from other anime here and made it work
Keep on the writes
Nettogrof Erised chapter 27 . 5/18
You mixed in FMA, HP, Superman, Hetalia, and Black Butler!? Guy, what you did, it's just amazing. You're practically the only author I know that did this, though that's most likely because I don't really pay any attention to the names of the authors, I pretty much just read the story. So lucky you! You just earned yourself a favorite, congratulations!
Guest chapter 37 . 5/17
Please update!
Winry-Rockbell-Potter chapter 37 . 5/16
Zolata chapter 37 . 5/1
I love your story.
NotYourNormalFangirl chapter 8 . 4/21
Is it wrong I ship Lisa and Ethan like FedEx?
Titania.queen.of.fairys chapter 37 . 4/21
So the story is finished? What happened to flamel?
Dark Princess chapter 37 . 4/11
Hi! I really like this story! Can you show Norway (Lukas) and Iceland (Emil) from Hetalia, please? Update soon!
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