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yoruyoseihime chapter 103 . 10/11
Sorry for this extreme late review. ... another new chapter and a quick update is always a good thing . I really loved his chapter as well and God knows for what reason I find noba really funny... loved kurodo and rinrin as well I really hope they do a comeback in the manga. ..
kokoro ni todoke4o chapter 6 . 10/10
Waaaah! you got me there!
is it me? or i just really love ulquiorra!
More of him pls!
kokoro ni todoke4o chapter 101 . 10/10
Omagosh... You are so right! i missed you damn right i did! o
sw8Rukia chapter 1 . 10/9
Dear kurosaki Ichigo,
I just read your letter now and I'm very sorry for upsetting you. But I just want to say that our stories is just a fiction.. and I know what your true character is and everything about you. I admit that I wrote you out of character sometimes. heh, but I'm just a fan and please excuse my mistakes.. Well, I know too that for you Kuchiki Rukia is just a friend , after all bleach is not about romance.. but I can still imagine it right, please let me, I really love writing stories about you both, even if my story is not that good..But you are my inspiration!
Oh, and I'm very happy that you wrote a letter for us authors.. It's means a lot for us. Heh. Hope you wont get upset anymore.. after all. It's just a FAN fiction. and sorry about my english.. I'm not good at it.
A.Eelif chapter 103 . 10/7
Sorry it has taken me so long to read this chapter! Anyway, I remember them, but never really liked them that much. The bount arc wasn't that bad in my opinion. Now, the Fullbringer arc made me want to commit suicide out of bordom.

You know my vote by now...Ukitake, Soul King, Kyoraku.
Panda-Angel-Wings chapter 103 . 10/7
Ahh these three. I remember watching the bount arc, it was interesting in the beginning until they tried to drag it out for two seasons, that got annoying. The other filler arcs in my opinion weren't that bad. I liked the Zanpakuto Rebellion arc and the Fake Gotei arc also.
Ririn, Kurodo, and Noba were alright. They had funny personalities, but they were filler, and filler they will stay.
I think you should do more quincies next, or Kyouraku.
OtakuAnimeLover21 chapter 103 . 10/6
Ukitake and Kyoraku together! and Unohana with Isane and Kiyone! That would be awesome!
willam and jack and jake chapter 103 . 10/6
who's Patros? and very well done
willam and jack and jake chapter 102 . 10/6
nice very well done
willam and jack and jake chapter 101 . 10/6
29th.spirit chapter 103 . 10/6
Oh dear...poor mod souls. Don't tell them that Patros is an anime only character and doesn't appear in the manga, thus that the fight between him and Renji technically counts as filler, too.

I'll still vote on the dead characters for future's so weird that people say that nobody ever dies in Bleach when two of my three all-time favorite characters are confirmed dead and gone...

Anyways...I hope you're doing well! And thanks for updating!
jylener22 chapter 103 . 10/4
You didn't do Riruka yet? That could be really funny with Ichigo randomly showing up while she's writing her letter and then she gets all flustered. Or she could be writing it on that ship when Ichigo gets knocked through the walls, pulls himself up, says or does something that Riruka sees as being extremely sexy or heroic or both which then makes her all flustered and she angrily ends her letter with maybe a post-script added by the video-game kid later on.

I'm going to put in another vote for Sora and maybe one with a huge panel of characters that Kubo has brought into the story only drop them like last week's news when he has made use of them (the Soul Reaper who was about to kill Orihime but who was stopped by Uryu, most of Kenpachi's squad members, the Soul Reaper who was brought back to Ichigo's house back at the beginning of this arc). You might even do something with the University setting where the character comes across a protest geared towards creating laws that have to do with the treatment of Hollows, Arrancars and those huge Hollows with the pointy noses that I can't think of the name of right now. The protesters believe that Kurotsuchi should put his research skills to better use and come up with an alternative method to Zanpaktous in order to purify hollowfied souls.

Oh, and I'll also put in another bid for Miyako, Masaki and Katagiri because I think that would be really sweet.

In regards to this, you hit the nail on the head that this is the most hated arc. The one I wasn't too thrilled with was the one with Nozomi, not because of any of the characters but because of Ichigo and him losing his powers. I know they were trying to make it fit in with canon events, but I think that's what kind of turned me off of it.
TeacupTango chapter 103 . 10/4
It seems I keep falling off of my bed every time you update! Gravity and I aren't the best of friends these days. I actually do remember these three, though the Bount Arc wasn't that bad. I kind of liked the idea of vampires...or whatever they were in the Bleach series. Ririn was so cute and Noba was just adorable, as for Kurodo I vaguely remember him. It's been a while since anyone has mentioned these three.
Sadly these three really don't have that many fanfics here, it's a little upsetting. Though I can see why anyone would forget about them.
I recommend Pernida or the Soul King. That would be tons of fun. You make me so happy with your updates. My apologies for not reading sooner. Like I said I promise to read and review every chapter you have. I might even read this entire fanfic over again. Hey, it kills time. Oi! How about you do a chapter on Kifinue-san or Senjumaru, the Weave Master?
Just suggestions. I hope you're doing well.
Summer RainingStars chapter 92 . 10/4
*literally drops out of chair for laughing so aggressively

I don't know why I ignored this chapter the first time I saw it! I mean, I freakin HATE Ywach... But this chapter presented him in a more, comical and lesss obnoxious character! Love the last part where he pointed at Ikkaku for his shiny bald hair! Can't stop laughing! Where'd he even come from? I thought Gin has the only privileges of popping into scene! Hilarious!

I can't imagine his eyes having contacts... Surely those things would bump against each other! ahahahahaha
Summer RainingStars chapter 103 . 10/4
I cannot express my gratitude to you for pulling a grin out of my face upon reading this chapter! :D
Seriously this day was a string of disappointments and failures and I was extremely stressed! But reading my e-mail and finding that you've updated took away a lot of my bad mood.
It's really funny that even though Noba is in this letter he's only mentioned and hasn't uttered a word or even just cough. I do remember Patros though, haha
My sister was reading with me and she doesn't even know a Patros exists. made me laugh!
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