Reviews for Reversal of Fortune
DeadAndGoneForever chapter 1 . 9/21/2016
This story was super good! I was glad I could find a dramatic "Perfect Strangers" story on here. I love drama!

Also, I just posted a "Perfect Strangers" fanfic of my own last week, so I was hoping maybe you could check it out and review or PM me on what you thought of it. Feedback would definitely be appreciated.

I hope you have a wonderful day reading and writing!
To.The.Hilt chapter 4 . 9/5/2012
*sniff* She didnt even want her baby, so why argue over her now? That wife is messed up! And poor Balki having to work to pay for her whims and meds. Babastiki :(

Another great chapter. Loved that Balki slipped into less-than-perfect English at the hospital. I can also just imagine the color-scheme of that baby room!

Larry is good to be supportive, and you captured the obvious I-hate-that-woman-of-yours feeling he has well.

Looking forward to more!
To.The.Hilt chapter 1 . 9/3/2012
It is sad that there are so little PS fics out there, because the show and characters have such potential for anything from crack to serious angst... which is why I was very pleased to see this little gem.

I must admit I had a *gasp!* moment when I thought that Balki and Marianne were at a breaking point, only to have an "Ah HA!" Moment when you revealed it was a you-know-what-kind-of-dog woman.

I like that Balki still uses some of his little sayings ("Babastiki" and "What the big deal is?") because no matter how long you are in a place, you can never quite get some of the old habits out, and besides it is what gives Balki his charm. It is nice to see him "mature" a bit (that was the downfall of the final season of PS when Balki turned into some sort of idiot who hadn't learned anything, and Larry was just a plain neurotic nut!)but I'd like to see some of his old innocence in there. Maybe in his dealings with his daughter? (I know in some custody situations the other parent can be granted visitation in specially designed buildings which are basically a day-care where they watch and write down everything you say and do) it would be fun to see what Balki would do in that situation, maybe teach her some Myposian songs that the poor person doing the transcript struggles with. (Ex: "Me Knee Cup Bob Of Stick E...") Just some ideas, feel free to discard, but hopefully it can get your juices flowing. :)

As a final note, I always loved how, though Larry can be a bit of a nut, he does come through for Balki when needed (Like the sexual harassment episode) so I would love to see some more of that.

And (this is just me) I have a feeling Marianne might just pop up in the end too...

Keep writing. PS needs some good authors to show just what these characters mean to us fans. And you are doing a GREAT job. Let the Angst continue!