Reviews for Love Takes Flight
shadewatcher chapter 1 . 12/23/2013
Dawww! _
LB2800 chapter 1 . 8/1/2013
Scruff the Rat chapter 1 . 6/20/2013
O_O...I found this story very...arousing, to say the least.

My flithy mind's musing aside, I'm impressed and interested by the shifts of perspective here-a very different way to let Jake and Chance share the spotlight.

As for the wording and style, it's gritty and sizzling-just like the spirit of the show., I thought Chance was going to get a turn. Oh well.

Overall, you've weaved up an interesting story-even touching at certain parts. Jake's concern for Chance was especially heartwarming.
The Cool Kat chapter 1 . 12/8/2012
First off, I’d just like to say that the fact you’ve only gotten three reviews so far for this…this masterpiece is a crime (well no, not really. But it should be!). Second off, I’m usually more tight-lipped when it comes to the language in my reviews. But the higher the rater of fic I’m commenting on, the looser I am with my swearing. Also, I’ll be using capital letters a lot more than usual. And third of all, a mutual friend of ours (Joe ‘Po’ Navark) referred me to this fic, and I’m glad he did. I’ve been a fan of SWAT Kats for two years now, and I never get tired of reading slash fics about those two vigilantes. Especially one as well written as this (don’t think I’m only writing positive stuff about this story because Joe asked me. Everything written below is my own honest opinion).

I’m gonna tackle the superficial stuff first, so I can save the real review of any unnecessary gushing. First off, I loved the show, it was fun, and witty, the action was well-paced but never overshadowed any character development. Plus, I loved the producers decision to do their twist on the classic superhero genre. Among the mix, there’s a little of Superman and a little of Batman combined to create the vigilantes’ bizarre universe.

But there’s another (much more shallow) reason I liked it. From the first moment I saw SWAT Kats, I thought T-Bone and Razor were as hot as HELL. Ever since that day, I’ve had so many bizarre fantasizes about these two bouncing around in my head. But it wasn’t just their dashing good-looks (something that all vigilantes have. May I remind you guys of the famous Zorro?) I liked about the SWAT Kats, it was their personalities as well. The way the two buddies fed off each other’s exchanges, with T-Bone being the more reckless gung-ho guy, and Razor the more cautious, methodical kat. It was no stretch at all for me to imagine them as partners in more than one way.

So in the past two years I’ve read plenty of slash fics about them, by guys like ULYFERAL and Nyte Kat. But you know, I’ve never found one quite like this before. Most slash-fic one-shots are written just for the purpose of smoking hot sex. And sex certainly plays an important role in this story. But it’s not just two guys hooking up for fun or just for the hell of it, it’s their mutual first time. Instead of the sex being meaningless and easily forgotten, it’s one of the most defining moments in Chance and Jake’s lives. And the journey they both go through in this fic is something we can all relate to, even if we haven’t had our first times yet. That’s part of what makes this fic special.

Now that I’m done with the preliminaries (and describing my own perverted daydreams), I’ll get to the REAL review. The part that actually has to do with the story.

I checked your other reviews and noticed all of them are about how surprised people were that Jake was the top, so I’ll tackle that next. I’ll admit, I was surprised when Jake assumed the dominate position. Whenever I think of the sex I picture the usual stereotype of the bigger guy leading, but as this fic shows, that’s not always the case. Besides, I can like the choice you made about Chance and Jake switching positions. I’m still a virgin myself (I don’t even have boyfriend yet, I won’t be thinking about sex for years), but I know that someone’s first time is terrifying. And you have to trust someone an awful to allow them access to some of the more sensitive parts of your body, and trust them to be gentle with you. It shows just how much faith Chance has in Jake (his friend, his partner in crime, and his lover). Still, a big guy like T-Bone that taking it up the ass from a much smaller guy like Razor must be quite a strange sight to see.

So you covered an important aspect of someone’s first time - mutual trust. The next thing you got right was anxiety. I can understand why Chance and Jake were so nervous in the moments leading up to the big event. When my first time comes, I have no doubt I’ll be freaking out and wondering what my boyfriend would want with me. What is it about me that he likes so much that makes me worthy of a guy like him? Self-consciousness is an unfortunate way of life. We have something that we’re embarrassed of, or something that we don’t usually share with others, that we’re afraid will keep them from loving us. If it’s any consolation to our heroes, I don’t think Chance is fat (in my opinion I’ve always thought the dude was ridiculously ripped for a cat), and a don’t think Jake is skinny either. Luckily, their love for each other was enough to help them conquer their nerves.

And now comes the sex stuff. You know unbelievably erotic image you painted, of T-Bone lying on his bed, his erection straining to free itself from it’s cotton prison? God, I’ve never wished more that I could reach out and touch a fictional character. But like I said before, what I like best about this fic is that the sex isn’t the only thing driving it, or the main focus of the plot. This fic is more about the moments leading up to the climax, and the aftermath of it (but I certainly didn’t mind those visuals you instilled in our heads during the event, rawr). I loved how you told this fic from both Chance and Jake’s point of view. I’ve read stories written in the first person, and stories told in the third person but written to seem like they’re in the first person (my own usual style of writing), but none of them so far have managed to pull off story telling like this.

The way you used Chance and Jake’s thoughts, sentences, and descriptions to transition from one POV to the next was BRILLANT. I don’t throw compliments like this around lightly (unless you count my idolization of Steven Moffat, he is truly a madman who thinks outside the box), but you are a GENIUS man. Like I said before, I have no idea why this story only has three reviews, but it is a crime for sure. Especially since I’m sure hundreds of people read SWAT Kats fics on this site. I’m so glad Joe pointed this fic out to me, one of the reasons I review stuff on this site is to voice my opinion on stuff that’s usually overlooked, and your unique story-telling device certainly counts. I hope you right stories someday, because this site could use more authors like you.

Maza the Gainer of Knowledge chapter 1 . 12/7/2012
Heh, Not a fan of slash, but I just can't stop reading it all of a sudden! The sex scene was a bit much for me to handle, but I kept on reading reguardless. Nice story!
KrowMuj chapter 1 . 11/24/2012
This is pretty fantastic!
DChishiki chapter 1 . 7/17/2012
This was bloody amazing, it's not often we see Jake as the top of the situation, but you sure did a darn good job of it. And I like the ever-changing perspectives, really adds to the flare.
Cody Furlong chapter 1 . 7/14/2012
Awsome, this was a really great story, it's not offten that we get to see Jake in that light. Normally most stories I've seen put him on the bottom but it works for this one.
DELEON25 chapter 1 . 7/9/2012
I only have one thing to say: AMAZING! XD

Good job! And welcome to the club of this fandom.