Reviews for Uncovered Passions
Guest chapter 45 . 4/20
Great chapter! The way they resolved their fight was believable and so sweet! I personally liked the twist you put on Gale's backstory. People take creative license with Katniss' mother all the time and as long as it works with the story I enjoy seeing other peoples takes on these background characters that we don't know a lot about. Very well done! So emotional!
Guest chapter 45 . 4/18
Again a great chapter. I like the new depth of character you've been giving to Gale and Anise. It was a nice exchange between the two. Happy they are communicating and getting thru this agreement. I just have to say again, I REALLY love this story. Thank you!
Gale Lover chapter 45 . 4/20
I have to say that I don't like nor I think it's appropriate that Gale's father beat his kids. I've always pictured him as a great and loving dad, he might've been hot tempered but not aggressive. Also I don't think it'd fit with the way Hazelle is and Gale's temper could've increased after the mines accident.

Anyway I'm glad they're ok now and have talked. I want more about the baby and what's going on with Peeta and his family.
Arden'sjoy chapter 45 . 4/19
sweet chapter! i love the bonding!
Ellenka chapter 45 . 4/19
Ahh so so so beautiful. Extra heartbreaking with the bit of Gale's backstory, but it made sense and added nice depth to Gale's feelings. And the talk was more lovely and less angsty than I feared, so yay. I loved this chapter so much, thank you.

Also yeah - when you have two characters bad at this talking thing, the logical solution there is to make them LEARN to talk to each other, not get one together with someone too good at the talking thing and write the other one out. Take note, Collins, this is how to do it!
madam-fandom chapter 45 . 4/19
Loved it and I'm so glad they started talking again. M
Wootar16 chapter 45 . 4/18
I really loved this chapter. Found it very interesting. I hope gale opens up to katniss a bit about his father. It would be a good scene in my opinion. PPMS!
Ellenka chapter 44 . 4/17
Loved the idea that K did have undisclosed panic attacks and hiding "episodes" right after the first games too. And that she didn't have them in the woods with Gale is significant indeed, but plausible. The full circle Gale's anger took was perfect too - looking forward to how they work through it, but it's a very good sign that K was ok with leaving with him. Whew. The scene was beautiful. Also loved Prim here and oh my Anise - I really really loved how you developed her and delved more into the family backgroud. Tbh I haven't read too many fics with really detailed characterization of her, but still - safe to say this is the best I've read, and I love how her development fits in with the rest. I think I see what you're doing and it works really well. And i do think you made it clear where everyone is coming from and how it fits into their arcs. Not gonna lie, these chapter were HARD to get through, but so good and so necessary. Pushed the story into a whole new level imo.

And soo much love for this line: "The most important lesson she'd learned as a healer was to do the best you can and then go on—you can't hope to help or save everybody, and trying to will just destroy you. It's often not enough, it's hardly ever enough, but your best is all there is to offer. Do your best and then go on." - SO well put, and it's definitely a life leson I should do a better job of learning tbh.

Hats off to you, seriously.
Ellenka chapter 43 . 4/17
Ouchie, our boy got kicked hard in this one. But I still loved it because it helped him put things in perspective and wasn't about belittling him just because. Loved the contrast between Haymitch and Beetee and how you're working with them both, and having them work behind the scenes of the rebellion too. I was slightly surprised by the past-exploits inclusion but it felt just right - even tho it made everything even harder to deal with. And the last scene with him listening on Katniss' rant was exquisitely painful but wow so good. Ahh my poor heart.
Guest chapter 44 . 4/12
I really enjoyed this chapter! You balanced everyone's emotions and perspectives very well! You didn't just absolve Katniss of her actions but at least Gale was able to get some insight into why she does some of the things she does and he seemed to be able to acknowledge that he wasn't completely in the right either. Hopefully they can work it out together now. I also liked the development of Mrs. Everdeen too.
Guest chapter 44 . 4/12
Amazing! I feel like your writing is just getting better and better. I enjoyed this chapter and getting to understand Anise. I really really hope we get another update and some more Galeniss soon. Anise is such a great character in this story. You have done a wonderful job portraying her.
Arden chapter 44 . 4/11
katniss's mom is kind of a huge Bitch! It's like she hates Gale and his family, but puts up with him because of Katniss! I'm glad they made up.
madam-fandom chapter 43 . 4/12
Loved it and can't wait for more!M
Arden'sjoy chapter 43 . 4/10
Okay so I read all of your story in the past 24 hours. I didn't comment on each chapter so I am doing a huge one now.

First off Loved it! It was in the beginning how Gale and Katniss got jiggly with it in the forest! then they got super jiggly with it! I did love the little quips and the whole realization process of Katniss figuring out well hell I think I am in love with my super hot best friend, who has had my back for how many years? I was a bit shocked that Gale took all her mood swings so well but then again they were lost in the forest so what else could he really do, right! its not like he could run home and blow it over.

I have to say I was kind of pissed at Katniss for even thinking of saying the baby was Peeta's but I get it but how she didn't think Gale would care is beyond me..

and Please for all that is good and holy do NOT name the baby Hope if it's a girl ! Its been done so many times in EverLArk fics and I just can't see it. I loved the names you had earlier.

Either way. loved it ! thanks for the Galeniss..looking forward for an update
Guest chapter 43 . 4/8
I have literally Sat here for hours reading the past 43 chapters and I have never felt to good. Fanfic authors never cease to amaze me, especially you. I love this so much, it's beautiful and wonderful and balanced and oh my I cant handle it. I love your sorry so much and I hope you keep going!
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