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madam-fandom chapter 53 . 8/9
Loved it!~M
Guest chapter 53 . 8/2
Sh*t! I did not see that coming at the end of the chapter! Thank goodness Gale came when he did. Who was he and who sent him?
Wootar16 chapter 53 . 8/2
Well fuck that was intense! Loved the chapter. Can't wait for more. PPMS!
Ellenka chapter 53 . 8/2
I'd say the 'telling' scenes worked fine - you told everything necessary and it did move things along. But yeah, the 'showed' scenes were even more awesome. Loved the play on the movie scenes here - this, I'd watch! - and all the twists were ingenious. I especially loved the song and that Katniss picked it instead of 'Rue's' lullaby (and btw the fact that she mentions it in relation to her living kids in the canon epilogue creeps me tf out). And it was lovely that someone did asks how she's feeling and the 'you' are more important was a perfect detail. And even tho Plutach creeped me out a lot in this one (esp in the scene about the rejected application, he was very distinctly Snow-ish), the propo-rendition of the song was undeniably a great idea (and much better than the hanging tree in the movie imo).
Also Katniss' guilt/worry/agitation/everything are spot-on - so much it's painful to read at times, but yeah.
And Gale working so much with BT has me Worried of course, and the climax with him running late to the appointment was perfect. The whole scene was scary/intense as hell but WOW. So well done.
madam-fandom chapter 52 . 8/1
Excellent! Go Katniss! Moving on!~M
Ellenka chapter 52 . 7/26
AHH so good. I love how you're wrapping it up. And roller coaster Katniss went through felt painfully realistic, but I'm glad everything seems to be shaping up and she's coming to terms with things. I mean it's probably not close enough to the end to hope there will be not more heartwrenching surprises, but i'm enjoying this stage very much. Lovely work, thanks for the update!
Guest chapter 51 . 7/21
That was an excellent chapter! I love how Prim called out Peeta for his infatuation with Katniss not being about loving who she actually is b/c he doesn't know her. That Prim, wise beyond her years. The wood chopping shitless bit was great too!
Ellenka chapter 51 . 7/22
Yep, Gale shouldn't chop wood shirtless when there are impressionable young women watching... or dirty old women like yours truly reading haha.

Naww, but I loved all the sisterly bonding, and Prim helping Katniss see sense (idk, the equating of desired romantic partner and sex object may have been too harsh imo, but it's understandable a 14yo kid just exposed to the ideas would tend to err on the side of caution - after all, tumblr is full of these, so it felt realistic). And I sure do like the general idea of the better side of Coin, I'm sure you'll pull off her role so much better than Collins' offhand villainization. I still hope that Peeta will either come out of it in one piece - or won't in a very meaningful and honorable way - but I loved how you began to resolve it, and his attitude & his side of the story made a lot of sense. And Peeta and Katniss can unproductively disagree too, what a sight for some eyes :D
Also loved that GK are getting better at productively disagreeing & resolving the disagreements, and the last scene was soo heartmelting. Thanks for the update!
Arden'sjoy chapter 51 . 7/21
interesting point of view. I like the spin you have given Coin, although I do see her as evil. I see her a bit more like Hitler. Not saying genocide or anything but more as the way she worked people to how she wanted them and tried to get rid of people she felt stood in the way. ( I could go on about the similarities I found in their personalities - before Hilter became full on kill everyone type of thing I can really see Coin going that direction.) Coin had no problem killing anyone who stood in her way. I could see her as a feminist though.

The whole Peeta thing... wow... It kind of true really though. He didn't know her at all and devoted his life to saving some chick because he heard her sing once? Granted I am sure he found out bits about her from his stalking over the years but still. I am still a lover of Gale.
Wootar16 chapter 51 . 7/21
Such a perfect chapter. I loved the Prim/Katniss scenes. We never got anywhere near enough of those in the books.

Must say I'm looking forward to more lovey Dovey Katniss/Gale. They're really adorable

Ellenka chapter 50 . 6/25
Whew, glad they got out of it not-too-badly hurt, I was counting on it ofc, but loved how you pulled it off. And loved Katniss switching from "fight to save Gale at all costs" mode to "worry mode". (and then her going to nightmare/insecurity mode hurt like hell ("with an arrow she made" aargh how was that one fair?), but it was so well done - I especially enjoyed her sneaking to Gale for comfort, but the way you got here there felt just right).

(And Johanna was extra annoying but extra awesome, and yeah, gotta agree with her :D )

And this is gonna be weird, but this was probably my fave fic-wedding ever. Resonated on a deep level. (Tbqh the fact that an emergency hospital visit was never needed might have a lot to do with me not being married. Whoops. *knocks on wood*)

Anyway, thank you for the lovely update and congrats again on the big 50!
anon chapter 50 . 6/21
Hi! I've never reviewed before but I've been so obsessed with this for a while so I thought I'd give it a go!
First off, I absolutely love how the relationship has unfolded so far and how it's gone slowly enough for Katniss's character to be realistic but fast enough to still be interesting to us as readers. I'm excited that they're finally taking steps to get married. I'm curious how that's going to play out considering she's still supposed to announce that the baby is Peeta's and it seems complicated to be married to Gale on top of that because it makes it easier for people to find out the truth but I'm sure you have big plans.
I can't wait to find out what happens next!
Arden chapter 50 . 6/20
Great chapter! Very glad gale didn't die and solo thankful you updated so soon! I was worried! But just a note the book says Katniss was born May 8. ( I only recall this because it's also my birthday and it sticks in my head !)
Guest chapter 50 . 6/20
That was an excellent chapter! I love the way you got Katniss to come around to the idea of marriage. Joanna cracked me up. That's for the quick update!
madam-fandom chapter 50 . 6/20
Well, as I have a ridiculous amount of time to kill and a multitude of nicer things to say, I'm going to thank you for your thank you comments to with a review.
First, johanna. She was excellent, flirtatious and aggressive, while never quite crossing the line into insanity. Very well done.
Second, the Hawthorne family. Really, extremely touching. Hazelle and vickter were adorable, and while I wanted to hate Hazelle after she got to see gale and katniss didn't. But it was so perfect that I couldn't!
And finally, gale and katniss. I'm going to be honest, part of me, the selfish part, wants katniss to be strong and independent, not damaged at all. But the realistic part of me is over the moon that you've honestly and unashamedly portrayed how broken and fragile katniss is after the games. I always felt like the books showed her as almost inhuman in her strength, and you're really showing a more poignant, honest side of this universe. Thank you, and I can't wait for more!~M
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