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Ellenka chapter 50 . 6/25
Whew, glad they got out of it not-too-badly hurt, I was counting on it ofc, but loved how you pulled it off. And loved Katniss switching from "fight to save Gale at all costs" mode to "worry mode". (and then her going to nightmare/insecurity mode hurt like hell ("with an arrow she made" aargh how was that one fair?), but it was so well done - I especially enjoyed her sneaking to Gale for comfort, but the way you got here there felt just right).

(And Johanna was extra annoying but extra awesome, and yeah, gotta agree with her :D )

And this is gonna be weird, but this was probably my fave fic-wedding ever. Resonated on a deep level. (Tbqh the fact that an emergency hospital visit was never needed might have a lot to do with me not being married. Whoops. *knocks on wood*)

Anyway, thank you for the lovely update and congrats again on the big 50!
anon chapter 50 . 6/21
Hi! I've never reviewed before but I've been so obsessed with this for a while so I thought I'd give it a go!
First off, I absolutely love how the relationship has unfolded so far and how it's gone slowly enough for Katniss's character to be realistic but fast enough to still be interesting to us as readers. I'm excited that they're finally taking steps to get married. I'm curious how that's going to play out considering she's still supposed to announce that the baby is Peeta's and it seems complicated to be married to Gale on top of that because it makes it easier for people to find out the truth but I'm sure you have big plans.
I can't wait to find out what happens next!
Arden chapter 50 . 6/20
Great chapter! Very glad gale didn't die and solo thankful you updated so soon! I was worried! But just a note the book says Katniss was born May 8. ( I only recall this because it's also my birthday and it sticks in my head !)
Guest chapter 50 . 6/20
That was an excellent chapter! I love the way you got Katniss to come around to the idea of marriage. Joanna cracked me up. That's for the quick update!
madam-fandom chapter 50 . 6/20
Well, as I have a ridiculous amount of time to kill and a multitude of nicer things to say, I'm going to thank you for your thank you comments to with a review.
First, johanna. She was excellent, flirtatious and aggressive, while never quite crossing the line into insanity. Very well done.
Second, the Hawthorne family. Really, extremely touching. Hazelle and vickter were adorable, and while I wanted to hate Hazelle after she got to see gale and katniss didn't. But it was so perfect that I couldn't!
And finally, gale and katniss. I'm going to be honest, part of me, the selfish part, wants katniss to be strong and independent, not damaged at all. But the realistic part of me is over the moon that you've honestly and unashamedly portrayed how broken and fragile katniss is after the games. I always felt like the books showed her as almost inhuman in her strength, and you're really showing a more poignant, honest side of this universe. Thank you, and I can't wait for more!~M
Absolutely Cullen chapter 50 . 6/20
Just so you know it's virtually impossible to read while crying. First Gale is shot not once but twice! Then you have sweet little scenes like him reaching up and holding her cheek as she snuggles into it, kissing it. But don't stop with the romance, break my heart a little more and make poor Katniss suffer even more by telling her she holds no real significant role in Gale ' s life so she can't see him. I swear I'm not sure who was crying more at that point, her or me. Then Katniss starts to have cramping and backaches and all I can think of is possible miscarriage. ..oh please don't do that. With all the horror these poor people see on a daily basis don't take away their one bright shiny spot in their life. The one real tangible thing that will make freedom all the more real and worth fighting for for both Gale and Katniss. I'm not sure I could stand it. And let's not forget that poor Katniss can't sleep a wink unless she's with her guy and those horrible hospital people seem to get pleasure out of telling her she has to go away...grrrr I don't like them at all.

I do like however that the I love yous between Gale and Katniss, especially on Katniss's part seems to be coming more naturally and not as though she has to really think about it or to figure out where to say them. She knows when it feels right and so she says it. That's progress.

Can't wait for the propos to come out especially from the scene where Katniss took on all those storm troopers (tell me they don't remind you of storm troopers) in order to get back to Gale...I think that will turn out great. And I'm forced to say Cressida she's coming across as a bit more of an ass than I would have assumed. ..I hope she turns a little more carrying later on. Just my opinion.

And a final not...and if by opening my mouth to this I somehow plant a seed of malice with it then I'm gonna shoot someone. ..district 13 wouldn't not approve their marriage license right? They would all "well we can't have the Mockingjay all married as that would ruin the image. Bad enough she's pregnant but we can't have her be married too". If they do that then I'm raising a revolt against 13 and that ass president Coin.

Plus, if it's turned down Gale would be on the other end of things in the future if they don't go ahead and plan for the proper documentation to be filed to let Gale in to see his own child. I can imagine Gale wigging out if that were to happen. ..not good!

Thanks for not prolonging my misery and for not killing off Peeta on the other hand. ...well just do what you sees fit there. Lol

Can't wait for more!
Wootar16 chapter 50 . 6/20
Haha! Well I do sleep but probably not as much as I should. Sorry the review was late today. I'm studying for exams.

I loved this chapter! Katniss proposing to gale was the best thing ever. And the guy asking if she was fertile when she was like 6 months pregnant is hilarious! I can't wait for more! PPMS!
Guest chapter 49 . 6/17
Really! You end it there! That's just mean. Gale better not die! Peeta what ever but not gale !
Guest chapter 49 . 6/16
Ahhh, this chapter isn't at all what I expected to happen! But I LOVE it! I really hope Gale is okay! I almost hope Peeta isn't under mind control and is just doing what he thinks will protect Katniss. The Haymitch/Katniss moments were great. DO NOT KILL GALE, PLEASE ;)
Guest chapter 49 . 6/16
Really! You end it there! That's just mean. Gale better not die! Peeta what ever but not gale !
madam-fandom chapter 49 . 6/17
That was beautiful and personally offensive. What kind of monster leaves it on that kind of cliff hanger? I enjoyed it and can't wait for the rest!~M
AliceW chapter 49 . 6/17
Omg ! Gale has been shot ?! No no no no !
Ellenka chapter 49 . 6/16
Wahh I want this to be a movie! - and that was my first reaction that totally disregarded all the sexy times - when I thought about that, I was like "yeah, I REALLY want this to be a movie".

The interview was ingenious - and so was Peeta's strategy, that was a damn good idea, but I also loved Katniss and Haymitch angry with it. ahh and this - "Katniss found herself wishing the choking was a bit more literal" - that was a low blow haha but such a good line. Also loved the detail with the sunset & pink sky you put in there.

Also I'm very glad & relieved the interview didn't exacerbate the GK trouble - I was fearing that a bit - and that the call to action helped them patch up - not perfectly, but it holds well. Also nice conflicting wedding perspective. and this lineeee: "Yeah," she said, "I sometimes just wish, if I hold you tight enough, the world will just be the two of us...the three of us…and everything else will disappear." - yess soo them (and also sort of part of the reason why I really can write only them and not them interacting with the rest of the world. But you manage to make them both a world unto themselves and make them operate within the framework of a larger story and that's amazing.)

Loved all the new chars and Jo & Cressida being brought in, and the way you set things off - literally, heh - too. And the subplot with the kids was CRUEL. Aargh. But such a good idea. Loved the action - and also how gritty and painful and deadly it was. AWESOME.

also insert a dirty joke about the collar and the leash somewhere halfway through haha

anyway, I loved this so much wow
Absolutely Cullen chapter 49 . 6/16
GAHHHHH SERIOUSLY! that's where you leave me? With Gale hurt or possibly dead! My computer has whiplash now from me shaking it in anger and outrage now! Gale!
Wootar16 chapter 49 . 6/16
Freaking intense chapter! I can't wait to see what happens next. PPMS!
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