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Rukiawashere chapter 15 . 3/25/2017
Em... hello!
Actually, I started reading this story some days ago and i finished it just now... I really liked it... your style of writing, the storyline, the couples and above all it's realistic. Everyone does what he is expected to do if found in a situation. Their characters are not altered and if they are then it's for some reason.
I'm wrting the review firstly because I want to express my liking for the story and secondly to encourage you. I would ba glad it you continued with the story but if you don't wantfeel like it, then don't. Still, you're talented and if you don't write about this story then write for another one. I'm sure everyone would gladly read it.
I also wanted to do this:
'Short, green hair-like structures rising from the ground;' that's grass I guess
'a circular contraption with strange symbols on the rim, with two thin sword-like structures rotating from the center;' pass, it's kinda weird
'bright orange hair in spikes;' Ichigo!
'a white coat atop a red shirt with familiar ugly yellow shapes marking it;' Her dad, Ishinn?
'a soft, yellow creature with pointy ears and black beady eyes;' wow, she remembers Kon?!
'a large, beautiful flat face framed with long wavy tresses;' her mother's picture...
'a black and white sphere covered partially with brown sand;' the football of course
'her name being called by numerous young male voices;' her friends back in the living world
'a young girl with brown hair and a warm smile;' Yuzu!
'a hand sized machine with buttons and a screen;' the PlayStation?!
'a symmetrical dress with a white bottom half and a bright blue top half'' that's Rukia's dress I think...
Question -Toshiro? Does she not remember him?
SkittlesAddict chapter 15 . 8/19/2016
Also, I want to try and guess the fragments. Here goes:

Green hair-like structures - grass
Circular contraption - clock
Bright orange hair - Ichigo (seems almost too obvious though)
White coat atop red shirt - Isshin, perhaps? Not sure about this one
Soft yellow creature - Kon
Beautiful flat face with wavy hair - Masaki? Also not too sure about this one, could be Rangiku
Black and white sphere - soccer ball
Her name being called - her friends
Girl with brown hair and warm smile - Yuzu
Hand sized machine - phone
Symmetrical blue and white dress - Rukia's dress?
Deep eyes shaded blue - Toshiba's eyes

Let me know how I do!
SkittlesAddict chapter 15 . 8/18/2016
Wow this is an amazing piece of literature. The storyline is pretty confusing - with all the hopping around in the timeline and such, but the characters and plot are so developed that I keep reading it. I really want to know how the Arrancars gained such a huge power boost and where the heck Nel is at. Hopefully Urahara has something that will put the captains back on equal footing with them. I hate seeing Toshiro lose fights so badly, but that's just because he's one of my favorites and I don't think the anime did his abilities justice.

I would really like to see all the details from the past catch up to the present so that the present-day storyline can continue on with the main plot. I appreciate the thought and effort you're putting into the past, but jumping around so much is making the story difficult to fully enjoy. I love the dynamics that you've put in with all the characters and I can't wait to see how their relationships play out. I also really want to find out what happened to Karin - is she really dead? In one of your chapters Grimmjow told Rukia that if one half of Karin dies the other will as well...I don't want to see Karin die so unsatisfactorily. I hope that she kills at least kill one of her rapists before she's gone for good.

Also, I love how dark you've taken this story. All the motivations behind the characters were believable and I especially loved how you showed Grimmjow justifying what he was doing. On some level I get why he did what he did, but his reasons don't erase his actions. I would love if you showed more of Karin's POV for these events - what drives her to keep going, keep getting stronger. I get that she wants revenge, and even that she wants to die, but even someone as resilient as Karin has got to wonder if fighting is even worth it at some point. What kept her from just laying down and letting Grimmjow and/or Luppi from beating her to a pulp? Even when she put up a fight the result was relatively the same. I can infer that her anger fueled her to keep trying to gain power, but I feel like she has some strong emotions on the issue and your writing is skilled enough to do such powerful scenes justice.

Anyway, thank you for this story! Please keep writing - you're too talented not to!
Brendaxp chapter 14 . 8/13/2016

Mmack1234 chapter 1 . 1/20/2016
Matt chapter 14 . 1/20/2016
Dude awesome story I love it make more pretty please?ASAP ICHIRUKI
Cocopop55 chapter 13 . 5/3/2015
Wait wait wait. After all that HitsuKarin moments and heartbreak, you're POTENTIALLY thinking of making it HitsuHina? I think my heart just broke even more... :'(
Izume Shanako chapter 14 . 8/27/2014
Through out the whole story I wanted Rukia to die, but now I now why she did that to Ichi.

Now I'm torn between weather or not to hate her or not.

Anyway, please continue the story, I want to see what they do to Karin.
Jazzybella chapter 14 . 7/29/2014
Please, please, please continue this story. It is original and on spot. You are doing a really good job with this. Although I am a little sad you broke 'Shiro, but that is what makes a good story!
Avalon Kore chapter 14 . 6/7/2014
HAHAHAHAHA Karin calling Grimmjow a furball
YAY! Ulquiorra is back! And thank you so much for not making him gay with Grimmjow. I know people will hate me for saying this, but I really don't like the pairing Ulquiorra x Grimmjow, whatever it's called, and I also can't imagine Grimmjow ending up with Ulquiorra... And this has got to be the few fics that I found Ulquiorra to be completely in character, at least from how I interpretted him in the anime (despite my wishful thinking about Ulquihime)
Szayel is like the arracnar version of Mayori... I almost forgot about the pink-haired creep...
The whole splitting Karin part made so much sense now. I was a bit confused about it before, glad I had the patient Grimmjow did'n- *gets killed by Grimmjow*
But the way Rukia was manipulated, it's almost like Orihime's situation, consider me intrigued! :)
Avalon Kore chapter 13 . 6/7/2014
I love fruits :D Renji pineapple, ichigo strawberry, Soi-fon had a lemon face at one point (well, that was an expression, but still...) what more? :)
Oh, why did you do it? You brought me to this high place with the whole fuzzy thing between Karin and Toshiro, and you let me fall to disappointment. You, m'am, I'm expecting some form of compensation, perhaps in the shape of Ulquiorra- *shot*
The bit between Ichigo and Rukia was horrible, it made me want to cry! Especially when Hichigo said that Ichigo was hurt so badly that he actually want to hurt Rukia back but he still didn't want to kill her! Why you!
But woah... Hichigo just said that Ichigo's scent is on Rukia but not in her... I wonder what that means... *gets slapped*
Avalon Kore chapter 11 . 6/7/2014
I like some of the flashback scenes you described, the mood created was just right!
Toshiro and Karin's relationship makes me so sad, I want them to be together real bad...
But despite all the romance scenes, I like the espada scenes in your story the most. Also, your action scenes are very well done and they literally had me on the edge of the seat!
Ulquiorra! Please please please! Let him be alive. I know I said I have a lot of favourite characters and they keep changing, but Ulquiorra stays my absolutely favourite up to 90% of the time despite my mood. It's fine if he's not a live since he was killed in canon, but a girl can hope, no?
Avalon Kore chapter 10 . 6/7/2014
The clarification was nice, but I wasn't in the least bit confused by the previous chapters, just thought to offer my reassurance before I move onto the actual chapter...
"lemon-faced squad 2 captain" that made me real giddy there!
Mayuri, you creep, but I find you awesome all the same.
And Shinji! Oh thank you for bringing back all my favourite characters! Funny, I thought the word flippant when he appeared in anime for the first time, so I can't help but grin when I saw it in your fic :)
I think the espadas are always going to be my favourite villains, that was my favourite arc and I'm glad I read this fic because I had no clue which arc I was in after prologue (and I was a little disappointed when you said Ichigo lost all his powers so I thought it was the end of arrancar arc, but now I'm very glad that some of my favourite villains are still out and about.).
Avalon Kore chapter 9 . 6/7/2014
Not really a filler chapter to me. I'm excited beyond myself that I can barely talk! Grimmjow! Oh, I could hug you for writing him in! :D
I get so giddy whenever an author manage to keep Grimmjow in character, he's just so hilarious. And yes, screw classes in your normal life when you have a world so save! :D
I'm trying to imagine Karin telling Grimmjow to get out as she change, and it must be nice to be piggybacked by Grimmy, I say Ichigo would gut him once he realized that Grimmjow just took his baby sister.
Now that Karin is in Los Noches, I'm really cruious about what happens next! :D
Avalon Kore chapter 8 . 6/7/2014
Holy, I'm speechless. If you want to know what's happening in my mind now, you wouldn't see anything. I'm mind-blown. That was spectacular! I had the read the whole fight a second time because it's so well-written!
Gosh Luppi, you...
When Adam transformed into Luppi, he gave me a scare. His appendages always scared me a bit... and then Rukia! So many unanswered questions! Oh goodness I'm really looking forward to how the story is going to continue.
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