Reviews for Magicks of the Arcane
Gabe1234 chapter 40 . 1/15
I have read this story a few times but only to completion twice. It is brilliantly written and has incredible characters. I love your versions of Harry and Albus, love the magic and deities, and especially love the badassery. The open ended ending of the story really works for me. Harry has his wish of traveling the world, he’s working to help Albus, and (in my opinion) can finally pull of Albus’ whimsical ways. Thank you for writing this masterpiece. On occasion I stumble on truly wonderful fics and while I do think things could have been better (what in life couldn’t) it is truly one to remember.
nater0730 chapter 1 . 1/9
ThunderDragonXXx chapter 5 . 1/8
Underage sex is a no go for me, im not gonna read this anymore, and I wouldn't recommend this fic to many people
ThunderDragonXXx chapter 4 . 1/8
I've been really enjoying the story up until now, Fleur and Harry flirting, grabbing each others arse it's just a bit unrealistic between a 14 and a 17 year old and it makes me hella uncomfortable. I hope this isn't a permanent feature of the fanfic
jmantsch0702 chapter 6 . 1/4
just a small reality issue in chapter 6 Ice floats in water so bones encased in ice would have a reduced weight underwater and could float upwards not sink down because of the Ice.
Mohammad 'the truth' S chapter 4 . 11/25/2021
when you have sufficient power, you can do whatever you please, without the concern for the pesky repercussions
mtkicks chapter 18 . 11/24/2021
ok this is getting really crappy
im done
mtkicks chapter 8 . 11/24/2021
why tf is he actively searching for someone to sleep with.
this makes him seem like a creep
Fuck Names chapter 1 . 11/14/2021
Oi future me don't read this.
Zaari Vael chapter 6 . 11/6/2021
merfolk are people, not creatures. Harry massacring them as he did is extreme.
Epicboss67 chapter 40 . 10/27/2021
Well that was one hell of a fic! Thank you for actually giving consequences to people's actions, what with Harry aging 30 years. Most people don't do that. I really loved the final fight, that was awesome to read.
Epicboss67 chapter 32 . 10/27/2021
WELP looks like I was right
Epicboss67 chapter 30 . 10/26/2021
I have a feeling that Fleur's dad is going to be the Death Eater that killed Arthur. Just a gut feeling, nothing really backing it right now, besides they are both French males obviously.
Guest chapter 32 . 10/14/2021
I knew he wasn’t going to do anything with fluer, for someone who was so eager to see her, his only real interest seemed to be in the answer to a question he could have put in a letter to begin with and spared everyone the waste of time and effort of actually meeting.
Also why bother make the risky suggestion of having sex on her fathers desk if not trying to get caught, may as well just have the superior comfort and versatility of the bedroom less tidying up to be done afterwords also, and more likely to keep her In the mood.
This could have been set up in much better ways without leading fleur on/betraying her/wasting her romantic interest.
Guest chapter 25 . 10/14/2021
Seems like if Ron had Harry’s power and ability to go with his tactics he’d have probably been able to stroll back unharmed leaving having either forced the attackers to flee, or having put them all down.
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