Reviews for New World
sydney chapter 6 . 8/22/2013
Loved the chapter. Keep it up!
Everyone should update stories ASAP. To make sure miobi ff doesn't end.
scoroseforever chapter 5 . 10/11/2012
I'd like it if you brought Nicky in. I'm a diehard Kaylicky fan. I think they have so much more chemistry than KayAus. Please leave Rigo out of this and please don't put Lauren and Carter or Kaylie and Carter together. Please update soon!
beyoncefan chapter 5 . 9/3/2012
I like this story but there are a lot of grammar mistakes and I hate to be that reader that points it out but it's apparent. I think maybe you should get a beta reader to read over this and your next chapters. I really like your story, though! And please please please don't bring Rigo into this.
Carla chapter 4 . 7/26/2012
Haha, thanks, cool that you put it in :D I think it would be realistic for Kaylie to relapse. After all, Marty was the reason her family broke apart, which in turn was one of the reasons for her ED- and now he's right under her nose and she has to trust him as her coach! So yeah, I'd love to read that. Great idea with the reader voting!
Carla chapter 3 . 7/20/2012
Good story. At first, I was like "Why would Kaylie be so upset to see Emily?" And then it clicked- she kissed her boyfriend, the father of Emily's kid! No wonder she's uncomfortable. It would be interesting, if dealing with that triggered Kaylie's ED again, maybe she still feels guilty or sth. I thought you were hinting at a little :) Or the fact that Marty is there! Also like Coach McIntyre's POV! Can't wait to read more.
0lucky13 chapter 1 . 7/20/2012
Thank you all for your reviews! Means a lot!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/20/2012
Love it!
iluvtwilight7 chapter 1 . 7/20/2012
This rocks
Guest chapter 3 . 7/19/2012
Love it! Please finish asap my favorite make it or breàk it story
zabini123 chapter 1 . 7/16/2012
Is the roommate emily?
I was re reading the story and it kinda clicked
beyoncefan chapter 2 . 7/11/2012
I'm not going to ask for a particular couple, although I think the whole world knows that I love Austin and Payson. If anything though please don't add Rigo into this. I can't stand to read a story about him. But good so far!
lilli chapter 1 . 7/10/2012
Please make this payson/sasha
Guest chapter 1 . 7/10/2012
I really like this chapter I hope u put Austin ad kaylie inn it