Reviews for Fifty Shades Clarity
vickiel2r chapter 32 . 4/19
Teddy is growing fast, inquisitive and soon he will be asking about his Dad’s savvy business dealings. He also has Ana’s personality that is so different from Christian. Maybe he will help the parents in alleviating their sadness in the lost of Sam.
vickiel2r chapter 31 . 4/18
Christian will be blaming himself to what happened to Ana and their baby, as she became the target of Elena because of him. Elena’s evil intentions also became her last as she met her own destiny, her death.
vickiel2r chapter 30 . 4/18
Inquisitive Kate will get her story since she already know half of it, though this is only for her to keep and she promised. She has a better understanding of Christian now that she knows his back story.
vickiel2r chapter 29 . 4/18
Depression is going to be what they need to remedy to overcome, because it can become a source of more problems in their lives like they don’t have enough already. Stay busy and avoid being alone would help. Company that can cheer them up too.
vickiel2r chapter 28 . 4/18
Baby Sam couldn’t make it, everything that happened were all against his survival, otherwise he would have had a chance if it was just a normal premature delivery. Elena is dead but would she ever kill herself or someone else killed her. People saw her so she did not have an alibi.
vickiel2r chapter 27 . 4/18
Those trip to the bathrooms are always eventful and why does Christian always let her go alone when he knows someone wants her dead. It has to happen, she is in labor and most likely bleeding from the placenta or ruptured uterus, causing severe pain. Christian saw who was behind her who could have pushed her.
vickiel2r chapter 26 . 4/18
Christian has to be prepared for more abstinence from Ana after this pregnancy to at least six weeks.
vickiel2r chapter 25 . 4/18
Elena has lesser opportunity to see Christian if he stops dealing with her personally altogether. He agrees the restraining order is a good start, but does it apply to the whole family. Hopefully it does.
vickiel2r chapter 24 . 4/18
Being more aggressive is necessary for Ana since being a docile wife hardly worked in her favor. Elena needs to be gone and not staying after she was resurrected wherever she was hiding for the past seven years. Christian’s idea of punishing Elena hardly worked for her, in fact she enjoyed it and seems like she is ready for more whipping from him.
vickiel2r chapter 23 . 4/17
The lull in the Grey household with Christian recuperating from his injuries and time for curious Teddy to get daddy’s help educating him Having children will be a handful for Ana and what chance does she have about working for another publishing company hen she has her own she should be more interested in.
vickiel2r chapter 22 . 4/17
Christian has to learn to abstain before he kills himself from too much exertion. Well Ana will just have to be more firm after all she is not the docile Ana anymore. She had learned her lessons from prior experiences and needs to be firmed when needed. The spawns of Christian and Ana are growing up fast.
vickiel2r chapter 21 . 4/17
Christian got beaten up after Ana refused to give in to him about the demands of the captors taking him with them but seems they were allowed safe passage after all. The captors still got plenty for their demands before they released their captives.
Christian will always be Grace’s sweet boy. With his multiple bruises and trauma he should undergo a more thorough check over. He could have internal injury that is not yet apparent.
vickiel2r chapter 20 . 4/17
Maybe Christian was already there sitting watching her sleep or who else could enter her bedroom.
vickiel2r chapter 19 . 4/17
Ana is more akin to the wives affected just like her and it helps to be more personal to contact them. Ana should aspire to know more about the business she half owns instead of wanting to work for somebody else when there is Grey Publishing at her door. She can grow up learning about the Grey companies now and not only during crucial circumstances.
vickiel2r chapter 18 . 4/17
Reminiscing the past to divert their minds from current events that is causing too much anxiety to them.
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