Reviews for The Randomness of Life
margie-me chapter 113 . 10/8
Oh, how those fans writers like to torture him, especially! Poor IK. 8-(
dart53 chapter 113 . 10/8
That couldn't be...the dreaded...W.R.I.T.E.R.S?!
margie-me chapter 112 . 10/5
Oh, dear. Another good laugh, but not for Illya.
margie-me chapter 111 . 10/1
Looking at how cluttered our lives are now with so much tech, Kuryakin's idea to keep things simple, having what you need to live, is not a bad way to go either.
margie-me chapter 110 . 10/1
Neither Thrushie saw this coming!
margie-me chapter 109 . 9/21
Sounds about right. Napoleon's always borrowing from him, though, so I guess the tally evens out somehow!
margie-me chapter 108 . 9/16
margie-me chapter 107 . 9/11
And there's that dry Kuryakin humor once again. I can see Solo giving him the look!
margie-me chapter 106 . 8/12
As far as eating and enjoying a good, well-prepared meal goes, Hobbit eating habits would certainly suit Illya perfectly! (Love me those Hobbits! Although, I'd be as big as a house if I tried that!)
Agent Jacques chapter 106 . 8/12
Good to see you posting for this series again. I do enjoy it.
margie-me chapter 105 . 8/8
Actually, I always thought he could, but just never has much time on his hands to indulge in such a skill. Nor anyone to share it with very often, having no family (unless you count Napoleon, after a fashion.) The best part of cooking well is having someone you care about enjoy it.
margie-me chapter 104 . 7/18
Only these two! I suppose they were still having fun, after all. Remember playing Twister - never won!
margie-me chapter 102 . 7/14
Oops, missed this one! Quick reflexes are quite a plus! They sure love to compete, too.
margie-me chapter 103 . 7/14
Except for the broken leg, an enjoyably drunk Solo! Hopefully, he won't feel it.
Quilterly chapter 10 . 7/9
I love your Russian joke. So Illya.
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