Reviews for The Randomness of Life
Guest chapter 194 . 11/8
lol...that wily Russian.
lilidelafield chapter 194 . 11/8
hehe! Love it!
ladyjunia82 chapter 190 . 9/27
My grandpa used that stuff in the sixties, I wonder if it's still for sale
Avirra chapter 190 . 9/27
You know, if that were true, the Brylcreem folks could have made a fortune. Alas, I suspect it had more to do with who the head of hair belonged to than the Brylcreem itself (Although for some reason, I got a strange mental image of Napoleon running out of Brylcreem while out on assignment and having to substitute the only other hair product available in that town - Dippity-Do).
ladyjunia82 chapter 189 . 8/16
Illya sounds like my brother, mosquitoes love him. And I can imagine Napoleon smoking a cigar, he seems like the cigar type
Guest chapter 188 . 8/15
I loved the description of the fog, it felt like something out of a Victorian or Edwardian story. And lucky Napoleon is around to give him a lift
Avirra chapter 187 . 8/3
I don't know about Napoleon, but I think Mark's going to need a aspirin *l*.
dart53 chapter 186 . 7/13
Sweet...sad. Thank you.
girl in the glen chapter 185 . 7/5
Ha! I'd like to have seen that.
Avirra chapter 185 . 7/5
*snicker* A challenge they will both live to regret the next day.
Michiemabelle chapter 184 . 5/17
Well done! This does sum them up, staying true to character.
ShakNali chapter 183 . 5/11
Sadly true. In our area there is a veritable epidemic of opioid addiction and deaths.
Avirra chapter 183 . 5/10
One wonders (or at least, I do) - in a situation like this, would they prefer that THRUSH was behind it to give them someone they could directly blame/hit for it?
laurose chapter 178 . 4/26
Neat drabble, with good dialogue. The opening sentence is good!
Guest chapter 177 . 4/23
Lol... Well they do say that the only way to get rid of a cold is to give it away...
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