Reviews for Under the Island
Cubit2 chapter 30 . 1/28
The muse, the breakfast muse, the saber toothed plot bunny and you make quite the team (with the kind assistance of swifters, of course.) Another good one, Irene Claire.
Elise Deschat chapter 30 . 9/23/2016
Some stories I am glad to read in entirety, this is one, especially once Dano is kidnapped...I hated the villains...loved June, will she be Dano's soulmate?

The narrative was great
Elise Deschat chapter 13 . 9/23/2016
recommend a copy of a PDR...Physicians Desk Reference for future use for authenticity...CDC has some info as well...
WeirdyMcWeirderton chapter 30 . 3/31/2016
I loved this story t he whole way through. Absolutely loved the lightheartedness done in this chapter after everything. And LOVE Steve and Dannys bickering in this chapter so much!
macberly chapter 30 . 1/3/2016
Wow! Wonderful story! Thank you for sharing!
detectivejiju chapter 30 . 8/5/2015
This is the best fan fiction that I have read till date.. Loved it.. I The author never compromised any of the characters of H50, and that was the beauty. Mcdanno relationship was the best... Really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the story.
Long Live BRUCAS chapter 30 . 6/15/2015
Wow! All this b/c of Stan. Poor Danny all he went through. But in the end he came out of it ok.
thewarpedmind1 chapter 30 . 7/17/2014
OMG! Loved this! You are such an amazing writer, I really enjoyed June and you filled my need for Danny whumpege too :)
LucyMb chapter 30 . 6/25/2014
Loved this story. Went through it in one sitting tonight and it just got better as the chapters went by and you got into the swing of the narrative. Thanks for spending such a long time writing it. I know it was written a few years ago but it is still fresh to me. I appreciate that you didn't do a quick story with an injured Danny one minute and fine the next. Injuries, both physical and emotional, take time to heal and those kinds of journeys are the best to read. Adore the hurt/comfort with Steve worrying over Danny. My favorite kind of fiction. Mahalo and look forward to reading your other stories.
Rainey chapter 30 . 10/9/2013
I just came upon this story recently and was not reviewing chapter by chapter, but this was absolutely fantastic! The plot was very exciting, with lots of Danny whump and Steve angst. You are a top-notch fanfiction writer.
julieb716 chapter 1 . 3/30/2013
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huggieHFtsg chapter 30 . 3/3/2013
Awesome story, loved the twist and the end. Loved the ohana parts, especially the Steve and Danny moments.
huggieHFtsg chapter 16 . 3/3/2013
No problem and thank you for fixing it so quickly, it was an awsome chapter and they have all been so far.
huggieHFtsg chapter 15 . 3/3/2013
Found this story and was loving it but when i got to chapter 15 it was a chapter from your other story Fear and it means that i'm missing a part so can't read on, could you please fix it so i can continue reading? as i am really enjoying the story, thank you.
Guest chapter 30 . 12/4/2012
Great story. Enjoyed every chapter!
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